9 Reasons Why You Need A Pudu Delivery Robot Right Now


In this era of rapidly evolving technology, it’s no surprise that delivery robots are becoming more and more commonplace. But what you may not know is that one of the best delivery robots out there is the Pudu delivery bots.

What is actually a Pudu Delivery Robot?

Pudu robot is an independently suspended contactless delivery robot. It involves several high-tech technologies such as PUDU SLAM, PUDU SCHEDULER, and PUDU CLOUD, unlike ordinary delivery robots.

It is also designed with advanced sensors, autonomous navigation with barrier alert, disinfection mode, induction anti-slip trays to keep the elements hot and in place. This pudu delivery robot is something you should definitely employ to improve your business performance and customer experience.

In recent years, with the high risks of Covid-19, these contactless robots were made an essential part of service for several commercial sectors and more. Corporate parties, Hospitals, Shopping centres, restaurants, weddings, etc., are a few of them.

Why You Need a Pudu Delivery Robot?

1) To Improve Work Efficiency by 89%:

Yes, you heard it all well. Pudu robots can help elevate your work performance by almost 89%  or even more. How? Because in most businesses, employees need to move around searching for items. With Pudu robots, you can easily get your items delivered right to your workstation within time. Besides, it can also manage your restaurant ordering and serving system.

2) It can make faster deliveries in less time:

Many customers are tired of waiting for their deliveries to arrive. Pudu robots, however, can deliver your food or any other ordered item right at your table/doorstep within the speculated time. Thus, by doing this, pudu delivery bots are cutting off the costs of hiring extra workforces as well.

3) Food is 100% safe with Pudu delivery bots:

With the authentically secured compartments, which can only be accessed with an authentic code, well-sanitized system, and anti-slip trays, these Pudu bots deliver the orders securely to the guests.

4) Saves Time and Energy:

As earlier explained, Pudu robots can help you cut down on extra costs. These Pudu delivery bots consist of high-grade sensors that detect barriers and automatically make detours to avoid collisions. Thus, it helps save energy, time, and effort for your employees.

5) Improves Customer Satisfaction:

Pudu service robots provide a smooth customer experience. Therefore, with the help of QR codes, one can easily take note of the menu, place and receive their order likely, and even pay for it through the POS systems. Besides, it also has a customer feedback panel, where the customers can review their orders in a contactless way.

6) Increases Your Business Revenue:

Yes, that’s right! Pudu delivery bots have been helpful for business parties in significant ways. Pudu robots save costs and increase the revenue of a business. Therefore, businesses that include restaurants, hospitals, and catering services can now expand their income with Pudu robots.

7) Minimizes Errors:

All the details of the orders, including the payments, are stored in the PUDU CLOUD technology. Therefore, you can easily access them in case of any confusion or clarifications in the future. Thus, it carries out the service by minimizing errors and conducting the job efficiently and accurately.

8) Runs for straight 24 hours without re-charging:

Pudu’s latest battery system can run for consecutive 24 hours without recharging. Thye have an extended battery capacity that can work for 10 to 24 hours without significant maintenance.

9) It’s 100% Eco-friendly:

Yes, you read it right! Pudu robots help you reduce your carbon footprint. These delivery bots run on electricity and operate in an eco-friendly manner which is another reason for their popularity.

What more a Pudu Robot can do for you?

With the reasons mentioned above, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that these contactless Delivery robots are the “modern saviours.” So try out pudu robots in your business for a better customer experience and increased revenue. It will help you save money on hiring an extra workforce, which eventually helps cut down costs for your business. This means that now you can expand your business without worrying much about costs.

How to choose the right Pudu robot?

1) The budget:

Yes, of course, it’s the most crucial factor you should consider before buying Pudu robots. As they come in a wide range of prices and packages, you need to be clear about your requirement and then select the one that fits best in your wallet.

2) Time:

After all, your time is precious! To analyze your work timings and don’t forget to opt for the pudu robot, which can manage most of your tasks during these hours.

3) Need for customization:

Apart from the budget and timing, it would help if you also saw whether you want a completely customized Pudu robot or not. Moreover, this depends on if you are looking for a robot that can perform beyond your customer’s expectations!

4) The personality of the robot:

When it comes to adding personality to Pudu robots, it has three traits- being social, cautious, and confident. So consider your requirement and see whether you want a social, attentive or confident robot!

5) The location of your business:

These Pudu delivery bots are manufactured in an automated way, so the location of your place plays a significant role. It should be easily accessible for the robot to carry out its tasks & operations with utmost perfection. Also, you must ensure that it is away from any obstacles or physical barriers.

Also, learn these specifications about Pudu delivery bots

  1. Machine weight: Between 35 to 40 kg
  2. Machine Size: 516 x 500 1288 mm
  3. Speed: 0.5 to 24 m/s (adjustable)
  4. Stray Load per delivery: 10 kg
  5. Battery longevity: 10 to 24 hours (depending on the maintenance)
  6. Material: Aluminium Alloy

Is it Easy to use?

Yes, Pudubots are extremely easy to use. With these robots, you get a user manual that can be used by first-time users to simplify the process. Besides, if you are stressing about your guests, you can assist them in learning the contactless process by providing a quick virtual note before they start dining.

You can also try these tips to help your guests understand the Pudu robot ordering and dining process better.

1) Provide them with a user manual:

Yes, this is the best way to provide your guest’s insight into Pudu’s functionality. Therefore, you can easily explain to them how it works and even help them understand it better by sharing a user manual or quick virtual note with them.

2) Give Instructions via virtual screening:

To cut down any confusion, you should also instruct your guests about the process of self-serve ordering and dining through a quick virtual note or a video. This way, your guests will be able to get a clear picture.

3) Provide them Instructions via the App:

This is another helpful step for your guests as you can instruct them how to order from the Pudu robot by guiding them with the help of its mobile App.

4) Advertise:

To make your guests aware of the Pudu robot, you can use marketing strategies like exploring social media platforms.

5) Connect through feedback:

If you want to gain more knowledge about your customers, try adding them on social media or other platforms. Besides, you can even send them mailers asking for their feedback on the Pudu robot and also the process of ordering and dining.

Where can you use a Pudu delivery robot?

The best part about Pudu robots is that they carry out their operations efficiently. They can be used at various places like-

1) Restaurants, hotels, and catering services.

2) Hospitals/ clinics/ diagnostic centers.

3) Retail Stores & shopping centres.

4) Logistic business or warehouses.

5) Apartments/ homes for deliveries.

6) Educational institutions (schools, colleges, etc.)

7) Banks and financial institutions.

8) Hotels & motels.

9) E-commerce stores or shopping malls.

10) Warehouses/factories & industrial units.

With Pudu Robots, the possibilities are unlimited, and these robots will surely add an extra feather to your business!

How much does a Pudu robot cost?

A Pudu robot costs around $10,000 to buy. Depending on your requirement, you can also take up a Pudu rental package for 6, 12, or 24 months. The prices for renting a food delivery robot are low.

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