9 Hacks To Improve Your Website Speed This Year


In early 2006 Amazon reported that for every 1000 million seconds they improve Website Speed, they realize a 1% increase in revenue. Then Google declared that in order to improve the quality and standard of any organization speeding up the website pages is necessary.

In order to increase the speed of your website, you need to enable compression. Reduce the redirects and minify the CSS, HTML, and Javascript.

Improve the server response time and remove render-blocking javascript. Although website loading unloading time depends on various factors such as the amount of bandwidth in transit, hosting servers, website design, page elements, and many more.

Two seconds is the ideal time of page loading. Below we will discuss how we can improve the website speed this year 2021 in this pandemic.


Increasing the Speed of Time Range of Website

In this present year, we are struggling with various ups and downs in our lives due to Coronavirus. This life-threatening disease has created a panic in the outside world. We are scared of this dangerous virus and are forced to stay inside our house.

Children are also suffering from a huge loss in their careers and studies. Businesses are facing deflation. People are roaming here and there for jobs, employment. Poverty has again become a vital issue all over the world.

In this crisis situation, the online system has supported us to some extent. Through the online system education again is reshaping itself, businesses have again found a life and many people have found their jobs through online services.

Therefore, online facilities are again motivating us to lead a standard life we used to have before the pandemic 2020. Children are also now educating themselves through attending online classes. Teachers are also found to develop their technical skills and are enhancing their profession through online services. Doctors are treating their patients through video conferences.

Businesses are now growing up through online facilities and social media. Work from home has now become the main mode of working procedure. The development of online and digital services again is solving the problem of poverty, and many unemployed persons are getting their jobs just for online facilities.

Therefore, online service is now the main ray of light that is supplying us the hope to dream again. In this regard, the service should be better so that it can reach every profile of people. As we human beings are now totally dependent on online services, therefore, the improvement in website speed is highly needed.

As of high demand, all of us are fetching online services for every kind of work, as of which the speed in various websites pages slows down. In this busy and competitive world, nobody will spare their time waiting to get the page loaded. They will scuttle up and try to shift to another page. Therefore an improvement in the speed for every is highly needed. For example, a client is searching for some important information regarding a company with which she wants to deal.

As a rush, she will spare a minimum of her time to wait for loading up the page. She will wait for a maximum of up to 2 to 3 seconds, then she will move on. Therefore, in order to increase your website reputation speed is the main agenda.

Fast speed matters, especially when it comes to customer service. “In this year 2021, the online systems have improved so as the speed capacity of the websites,” says Dev who is an expert in PassionateRunners

Certain Hacks to Improve the Website Pages are: 

  1. Enabling compression can reduce the size of your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files that are larger than 150 bytes. In case if you are using WordPress, you can select to install WP Smush. It allows you to compress the image automatically. This will reduce the size of your image without losing the visual quality of that image. Compressing various images or other files can improve your website speed capacity and will allow your clients to stay stable to your website only. 
  2. Hosting your media files on a content delivery network can be the best way to speed up your site. With the help of this way, you can also save a minimum of 60% of bandwidth. The content delivery network works by hosting your files across a large network server in the world. If a client is visiting a site from Singapore when actually they are downloading a file from a server that is closest to them. Bandwidth is spread across so many servers, therefore the load directly does not come to one single website. As a result of which the speed per website increases and it makes the clients happier. 
  3. An improved version of web hosting is needed to speed your sites. In this regard, WP Engine’s server response time is 293ms which is a great one. Do not go by price tag as the cheapest servers will supply a cheap quality website with a poor speed limit. WP Engine server is not the cheapest one but it is one of the rarest hosting companies that justifies its price. It provides us the security as well as ensures the workflow which leads us towards improvement in speeding up the website. As a result of which it minimizes the work pressure and headache. “recently installed this web hosting server and trust me I am enjoying excellent speed range facilities” says Akram who is an expert in Best Fertilizers for Citrus Trees
  4. Use a good theme as it is a better strategy to prevent a lot of page speed issues. Prior to 2020, in the digital marketing field, it is really a frustrating fact when a web designer creates a beautiful site but performs terribly badly with poor speed quality.  But in today’s digital market the web designers built WordPress themes with so many bells and whistles that no wonder it takes just a few seconds to load the page. 
  5. Always keep your desktop or laptop updated and clean your database. WordPress optimization is a wonderful plugin that routinely deletes all of the stuff that is irritating your database. If you successfully reduce some of your unnecessary databases it will help to speed up the time. By optimizing several codes you can also increase your page and site speed. You can choose to remove the unused codes or code commenting and formatting in order to improve your website speed. By diminishing the CSS, HTML, or JavaScript you are able to improve your speed of websites and attract several clients. This  2021 is the year of a pandemic where a huge section of people is leading a jobless life. Various online services and companies are providing jobs to these unemployed people. As a result, the demand for several websites increased. So it is very obvious that due to loads of researchers who view different websites simultaneously, the speed automatically decreases at times. 
  6. By reducing your redirects you can speed the time range. As several pages and sites redirect to one another, some visitors might face additional time waiting for the HTTP request-response cycle to complete. In this regard, Screaming  Frog is a great tool to spot these redirects. They crawl the data from websites and increase your speed up of the websites. 
  7. Add Headers Expires to the leverage browsers catching. Expire headers inform the browsers whether to request a specific file from the webserver, or whether to get a new version of your web page from the browser’s cache. These headers speed up the time range of your websites in two ways. Firstly, it reduces the need for the visitor to download the same file again and again. Secondly, it reduces the number of HTTP requests, which at times slow down the speed of certain websites. Adding Expires Headers is a simple and easy process that needs just following certain instructions. 
  8. Installing a caching plugin can be a great and easy process to cut the page loading speed. By doing this you can improve your website speed and manage your clients more smoothly. 
  9. If you improve your server response time then you will be able to improve your website speed. The server response time is affected by the amount of traffic you receive. The resource pages, the software, and the hosting solution you use all affect your server response time. In order to improve the server response time, you should check the performance bottlenecks such as slow routing, slow database queries, lack of adequate memory. All these bottleneck performances should be fixed up properly. 


From the above-mentioned points, it is clear that in order to improve your website speed you should know the above facts. You should identify the problems you are facing while loading a file and then research the solution.

In this well-advanced era where online service is in high demand, you should acquire digital education in order to cope up with this pandemic. Internet users are less tolerant of slow websites than they were before.

Therefore, improvement in this regard is necessary. Do share your comment on how you manage website speed.


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