9 Epic Things to do in Miami

9 Epic Things to do in Miami
9 Epic Things to do in Miami

American Airlines reservations – Miami is an exotic and tropical city situated in the southwestern part of Florida. Being the third most populous city of the United States, it is home to gorgeous beaches, incredible museums, animal reserves, national parks, designer shops, entertainment venues, and beautiful tourist attractions across the place. The sunny weather and vibrant beach culture is the reason why people spend their summer holidays in Miami. 

The city’s impeccable beauty and irresistible charm have been winning the hearts of people for ages, and therefore, it has to be on your travel bucket list. Its dazzling glamour and charming aura make it famous worldwide, which is why the city doesn’t need any introduction. The ideal time to explore Miami is between November to March. 

Spend quite a few days in the tropical city and explore its exquisite beauty and charm. Here are the few best and popular things to do in Miami.


Explore the Miami Beach 

Miami is all about its white sand beaches surrounded by large palm trees, turquoise water, and large crowds and people watching is the popular activity to do here. It is located on the barrier island and connects to plenty of bridges. The beach also features numerous white-sand beaches, amazing entertainment venues, and neighboring towns. In addition, there is South Beach and the Art Deco Historic District surrounded by impressive buildings built between 1930 and 1940. It is quite an expensive tourist attraction, and it features plenty of fancy restaurants, hotels, shops, resorts, and sunbathing areas. 

Another popular highlight of best beaches to visit in Miami, Florida is Ocean Drive; it is a segment of roads and home to some beautiful art and culture buildings. If you plan to spend a day here, you will find several top-rated luxurious and pocket-friendly hotels in the best location, including 1 Hotel, EPIC Hotel, The Setai, etc. 


Go to the Famous Jungle Island in Miami 

The Jungle Island is one of best beaches to visit in Miami, Florida, popular and notable tourist attractions, situated on Watson Island, also known as Parrot Jungle. In 1946, Winston Churchill also visited the site. It is easily accessible and only a few minutes away from South Beach and Downtown Miami. Moreover, it offers an opportunity to see and interact with jungle creatures and introduce visitors to endless adventure and a lot of discovery. 

Jungle Island is a wildlife habitat, botanical garden, and bird sanctuary featuring exotic birds, including parrots. You will spot giant animals like tortoises, alligators, tigers, baboons, monkeys, and orangutans. Moreover, more than 2000 variants of exotic plants in the garden include bananas, orchids, bromeliads, and heliconias. One of the interesting things to do here is interacting with animals, and the best part is you may choose to cuddle with pink flamingos, capybara, sloths, lemurs, etc.


Stroll through the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens 

The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is well-known for its impressive treasures and charming architecture, artworks, grounds, and tourist attractions. The site features 34 beautiful rooms built in the renaissance style and adorned with European furniture, dating back to the 15th to the 19th century. 

There are around 1100 craftsmen who were brought over from Europe for the landmark-like National Historic site covering 28 acres of land. In addition, beautiful gardens and grounds have beautiful Italian and French fountains, swimming pools, and sculptures. It is the most picturesque site, and if you are a photographer, you will find plenty of opportunities to click the greatest shots in the ten acres of gardens. The Formal Gardens look kind of similar to the mesmerizing layout of France’s Versailles. You can buy the entry tickets from its official site and pay a visit to the top creation of Miami. 


Discover the Little Havana and Calle Ocho

The Cuban district of Miami is considered the little Havana and popular tourist attraction in Miami, featuring extraordinary cultural scenes. The vibrant culture of food and nightlife is so famous here, and people are seen socializing in the open spaces throughout the day. There are unique food shops and restaurants down the streets, always lit up with Latin music. 

Calle Ocho is the central attraction running through the district, home to a certain activity and Cuban figures. People-watching is a popular activity, and besides, the area offers endless entertainment, fun, and the best Cuban cuisine. If you come here in March, you may be lucky enough to be part of the Cuban celebration culture event known as the Calle Ocho Festival. It is the largest event happening globally, and if you love Latin American music and Caribbean food, you must explore the site. 


Wander around the Art Deco District 

The Art Deco District is the top-rated attraction, widely appreciated for its impeccable architecture, which now dominates the exquisite appearance of the South Beach neighborhood. The impressive buildings designed and colored in pastel shades catch the attention of the visitors from very far. Moreover, there is a range of hotels, restaurants, main streets, and resorts built along with the site. 

Ocean Drive and Collins Avenue are the two significant streets throughout the art district. Visitors can choose to stay in one of the hotels and the Art Deco building and enjoy the best stay of their life. Some of the best options to consider are luxurious Delano South Beach or National Hotel Miami Beach. Make American Airlines reservations from the official site and explore the tropical places in Miami for the best sightseeing tours.


Go to the Everglades National Park 

Everglades National Park is one of Florida’s unique and top-rated natural reserves, covering around 1.5 million acres of land. It is home to plenty of jungle creatures, including alligators, snakes, crocodiles, and bird species. The site is easily accessible, and it may take a few minutes from Miami to commute to the national park. There are plenty of visitor centers, walking trails, and boardwalks for wildlife-watching activities here. 

The Anhinga Trail is a notable and quite famous walking trail, starting from the Royal Palm Visitor Center. However, it is less than a mile in length; however, it takes you through the terrain where you may spot alligators and other animal creatures. If you want to experience the exquisite beauty of the Everglades, you can go on an airboat tour and explore the breathtaking scenes of nature. One can consider the Miami Everglades Airboat Adventure with Transport half-day tour, which offers transportation from the inn to the park. 

Meet the animals in Zoo Miami 

Zoo Miami is a famous and beautiful wildlife reserve in Miami and home to more than 3000 animals and 40 different endangered species. The wild animals here are kept in groups with other species who would live peacefully with each other and make a living together. One of the best things to do in the zoo is feeding giraffes along with other creatures. Kids really get amazed when they see a tall animal eating with human hands while reaching down with their long necks. 

Being the only zoo in the United States situated in a subtropical climate, it features more than 1000 species of plants and trees and a massive collection of beautiful orchids. Moreover, the site offers endless opportunities for entertainment and fun, especially for the kids. They can play at the recreational spots near the zoo and splash water in the themed or adventure parks. 


Roam around the Wynwood Walls Street Art 

If you want to witness the incredible sights of Miami, wander around the Wynwood Walls Street Art. Tony Goldman first brought it in 2009, and since then, it has changed its name in the world of street art from North America and other parts of the world. The warehouse walls were transformed into colorful and magnificent pieces of art that majorly attract visitors’ eyes and persuade them to visit the site once. Moreover, you can also sign up for online guided tours and discover interesting things and places within the city.    

Since the establishment of the colorful walls of street art, more than 80,000 square feet of wall space has been extended and adorned with beautiful paintings and unique art pieces. The site is open for public visits, and there are no charges for entry, and it would take you around seven hours to take the complete tour of the place. 


Appreciate the beauty of the Deering Estate at Cutler 

The Charles Deering is a stunning estate spreading over 44 acres of land and considered a reserve for featuring the coastal tropical hammocks, mangroves, tropical forests, coastal dune islands, and salt marshes. It is home to the Richmond Cottage, which once also served as a hotel and a beautiful historical building built between 1896 to 1922, along with an American Indian burial ground built in the 1500s. Because of its extraordinary beauty and irresistible charm, the site is also listed in the National Register of Historic Places. 

The art collector Charles Deering collected great works done by the Old Masters along with his brother James. He used to paint the pieces all by himself and exhibit them on display. There is the Art Village found at the estate, and it became a notable cultural center since then and also featured a number of famous art and artists programs and events. Make Southwest Airlines reservations in advance and make the best memories and live the best moments of your life in Miami.


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