9 best street food in India everyone must try

street food in India

If you want to try the best street food in India, there are many delicious recipes. In addition, Indian street foods are famous globally for their diversity, taste, flavour, variety, and accessibility in several cities.

There are multiple food items famous in several cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bangalore, to name a few. For example, favourite recipes like Daulat ki chaat, chhole bhature, Pav bhaji, Kathi rolls, and misal pav.

India tops the charts in the street food category. Street foods are primarily food and beverages sold on the streets by hawkers and vendors in portable stalls or carts. India has got more delicious recipes to offer apart from aloo chaat and tikkis.

Every state or area has its speciality, whether it is India’s south, north, east, or west. In addition, they are made with a mixture of exotic Indian spices and ingredients. Moreover, Indian street food is one of its unique kind.

Apart from Indians, many foreign travellers like Indian street foods. Suppose you like and are a die-hard fan of the street food of India. Also, if you cannot resist the urge of digging into roadside delights, we list out famous Indian street foods.

List Of The Popular And The Best Street Food In India

  • Dabeli

Dabeli is an exciting blend of softness and crunch in a single bite. It is known to have originated in the Kutch region of Gujarat. When you enter Gujarat, you will see big streets and narrow lanes packed with Dabeli stalls.

This delicious recipe is prepared by stuffing potato mixture using Indian spices in buttered pavs grilled on pans. However, a special Dabeli masala goes into making this delight, along with tamarind and garlic chutney.

You need to add a thing to give an extra crunch to the dish. Instead, you can mix small portions of sev-gathiya, and juicy pomegranate seeds are sprinkled over the recipe.

Moreover, this street food of India is liked by locals and is primarily found in Maharashtra.

  • Daulat Ki Chaat

Daulat ki chaat is the best street food, which is only available during the winter months. However, if you wish to enjoy this cuisine, you would have to wait for the winter season.

This fine and delicate dessert are known by various names in different cities. This dish has multiple names like malayo in Varanasi, Daulat ki chaat in Delhi, nimish in Lucknow, and malai Makhan in Kanpur.

The creamy and frothy texture of it is derived by whisking sweetened milk for hours. Afterwards, it is kept overnight in the open to soak in the dew. Furthermore, the garnishing of malai, pistachio, khoya, and powdered sugar give this delight a mildly sweet taste.

  • Chhole Bhature

This Punjabi street food has taken foodaholics by storm. Suppose you are craving soulful food; chhole bhature fits in like a puzzle for you. In addition, many people like the combination of puffy hot bhaturas with spicy and creamy chhole. 

However, you will find an excess of street stalls offering this delightful dish in Punjab. You can pair it with a tall glass of chilled lassi and make the most of this delicacy.

  • Misal Pav

You must try this recipe while travelling through Maharashtra. Indeed, misal pav is a flavourful spicy curry liked by many people across the nation. It is made with moth bean sprouts and a blend of spices. In addition, this street delicacy is topped with chivda, chopped coriander, sev, green chilli, and more, 

Suppose you want to enjoy the authentic flavours of this spicy and thick curry. Then, it is best to pair it with buttered and toasted pavs. Moreover, you can try this Maharashtrian street food once, and it is sure to leave you craving more.

  • Pani Puri

This one street food has multiple names. Yes, we are talking about gol gappas. However, in a diverse country like India, each state has its signature speciality. Indeed, some people call it Pani Puris and Gol Gappas. In some states, it is called Puchkas, Gup Chup, or even Paani Ke Patashe, in parts of Uttar Pradesh. 

It is a delicious street-side delicacy, which kids and adults like similarly.  In the Eastern part of Uttar Pradesh, this light street snack is also referred to as Phulki. Furthermore, the joy of chewing on crispy atta or suji puris is a different thing. 

Indeed, you can fill the sooji puris with tangy water, chickpeas, mashed potato and a blend of spices.

  • Pav Bhaji

Pav bhaji is a favourite street food of many for all the good reasons. Indeed, pav bhaji is popular street food in the state of Maharashtra. In addition, this street food is spicy, flavourful, and the hot bhaji is served with butter-filled pavs.

Similarly, this street food is liked by locals and tourists at the same time. Moreover, the perfect combination of veggies with exotic masala spices makes this delightful dish different from the rest.

The generous portions of tomato and onion slices are served and add a delicious flavour to the entire dish. Also, you can squeeze a little lemon juice on the bhaji to add a citrus taste.

  • Samosa

Samosas are one of the best-known Indian street foods across the country. But, you must taste the real thing of this recipe when you are travelling across India. They primarily contain savoury fillings like veg and are accompanied by onions, chutney and yoghurt. 

However, you can also enjoy the sweet versions of this classic Indian snack.

  • Ghugni Chaat

It is a typically Bengali snack that has spread throughout the rest of the country. Ghugni Chaat is made by cooking peas with plenty of fragrant spices and serving them with a squeeze of lemon. 

The best place to find this snack is in Kolkata, so you can enjoy it when you are passing through. It is another snack to add to the long list of foods to try while you are there.

  • Dosa

This street food is beloved amongst the people of the South. But for some reason, it is more found in Indian restaurants outside of the country. However, dosas are a type of pancake that probably originated in Tamil Nadu.

With any pancake, you can serve them with a wide range of toppings, either sweet or savoury. In addition, they are ideal for breakfast or as an afternoon snack.

Which is the best street food in India in the South region?

Although, you find a variety of street foods in the South region of India. Those varieties include Dal Vada, Idli Sambhar, Dosas, Paddu, Appam, and more. But the popular and the best street food in India in the South region is Dosas. However, you can find this dish as street food in the Southern part of India.

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