When Microsoft Word has ceased working or Microsoft Word not opening to opening to get a record on Windows 10/8/7, do not worry. You may use methods on this webpage to solve Microsoft Word has ceased working dilemma and utilize EaseUS file retrieval software to fix and recover deleted Word documents easily.
These tips apply to Microsoft Word for Office 365, Word 2019, Word 2016, Word 2010, Word 2007Word for Mac.
There are eight approaches incomplete for Microsoft Office Word has ceased working and Word document retrieval and repair. These approaches may also be implemented to mend similar problems on other Office programs, for example, Excel, PowerPoint, etc..
Issue: Microsoft Word Has Stopped Working 2016/2013/2010/2007
With the rising popularity of Microsoft Office, its software like Word has gained global consumers’ favor. On the other hand, the more customers there are, the more difficulties you will find. “Microsoft Office Word has ceased working” is among the top-rated worried questions for many users.
Ordinarily, if a Microsoft word ceased working mistake shows up, you’ve got two available choices to undertake: test on the internet for a solution or shut to the app. When you decide to close the program, you might run into the issue that Microsoft term not opening.
If you’re also confronting Microsoft term not functioning dilemma in Microsoft Office Word 2016, 2013, 2010, or 2007, then keep reading and assess the supplied solutions below. Based upon your situation, the answer could differ. We expect one will do the job for you.
8 Useful Fixes for Microsoft Word Has Stopped Working Error in Windows 10/8/7
After Microsoft Word stopped functioning, await the app to process and do to do your best to conserve the editing record. If you have waited for a lengthy period with no advancement, click on”Close to the app” on the pop-up window and adhere to the approaches to repair the matter efficiently.
Repair 1. Disable Add-ins in Safe Mode
Some incompatible add-ins might lead to Word ceased working mistake with Office programs. A fast method to learn is by launching the Office program in Safe Mode and disabling the add-ins.
Measure 1. Press Windows + R keys and kind: winword.exe /a and hit Enter to start MS Word in Safe Mode without plugins. Or it is also possible to use winword /secure to begin Word in Safe Mode. In the event the Office Word can’t be found in Safe Mode, then the issue is not with add-ins. Consider fixing Office or uninstalling and reinstalling it rather.
Measure 2. When Word starts in Safe Mode, fix the issue by disabling the program add-ins and COM add-ins. Click on”File” >”Options” >”Add-Ins”.
Measure 3. Click”Manage” in the base and choose COM Add-ins, click”Proceed” to assess the problematic ones, and click on”OK” to validate. Some out-dated add-ins are more likely to create difficulties. Uncheck those add-ins first if they’re in your listing: Abbyy FineReader, PowerWord, and Dragon Naturally Speaking.
Repair 2. Repair Office 2016/2013/2010/2007
Based on skilled customers, if Microsoft Office contains mistakes, it might prevent users from launching a Word or edit any documents. Following that, you’ll find the Microsoft term has ceased working or Microsoft term not opening mistake.
The program would immediately shut down nothing that you would like to make a new record or keep editing a document. The direct answer to this dilemma is to fix Office installation using all the below steps:
Measure 1. Back in Windows 10, 8, or 7, open Control Panel, click”Programs and Features” and click on”Microsoft Office”.
Measure 2. Find and select your Microsoft Office, and click on”Change” from the menu.
Measure 3. On the window, then click”Repair” and then”Proceed”.
Measure 4. Allow the fix to finish and restart your PC.
Once the repair procedure finishes, start your Word software to check whether the error appears.
Repair 3. Install Newest Windows Update or Office Update
When your Office version or Windows program is out of date, Microsoft Office Word might quit working and maybe crashes. Here are the steps to set up the Most Recent upgrades of Windows or Microsoft Office:
# 1. Install Latest Windows Update
Measure 1. Press Windows + I open Windows Settings.
Measure 2. Click on”Update & Security” and choose”Check for updates” below Windows Update.
Measure 3. When a brand new Windows upgrade window pops up, then click”Install Now” and follow the directions to set up the available upgrade.
# 2. Install Microsoft Office Update
For Office 2013 and newer variants:
Measure 1. Open an Office program – Excel or Word, click”File”.
Measure 2. Click “Account” > “Product Information” > “Update Options” .
Measure 3. Click on”Enable Update” and then choose”Update Now”.
Notice: When the Permit Update button isn’t available, it usually means that the automatic upgrade feature is allowed.
For Office 2010 or old variants:
Measure 1. Open an Office program – Excel or Word, click”File” >”Assist”.
Measure 2. Click on the”Check for Upgrades” or”Install Updates” option.
Follow the directions to finish the Procedure. Next, you are able to re-open a Word file or make a new Word document.
Repair 4. Add Word Document into Another Document
Microsoft Word has ceased working mistake can occasionally happen while attempting to open your previously stored files. In cases like this, you can try integrating your file into a different file to correct the matter. Can it be by following these steps:
Measure 1. Run Microsoft Office Word, and create a blank new file.
Measure 2. Click on”Insert” in the very best ribbon menu, then click”Text”.
Measure 3. Click on”Object” and choose” Text from File”.
Measure 4. Pick the target Word file that’s unopenable or not functioning, and click on”Insert”.
Measure 5. Examine the record content and store it as a new file on your computer.
Repair 5. Eliminate or Update Old Printer Drivers
Your printer drivers may interfere with Office and trigger Microsoft Word has ceased working mistake to arise. So, sometimes it’s possible to fix this issue by simply removing or upgrading the default. To do that, follow these steps:
Measure 1. Open Device Manager, also find your own printer.
Measure 2. Right-click in your own printer drivers and choose”Uninstall” or”Update drivers”.
Measure 3. Uninstall or upgrade the older printer drivers.
For Organizing driver – click on”OK” and restart PC.
For upgrading the driver – click on”Search mechanically for upgraded driver applications” and follow the instruction to complete the procedure, and restart the PC. Or, you may download a comparative driver shape your printer site and then install it on your computer.
Repair 6. Eliminate or Delete Word Registry Keys
Many users have reported that Microsoft Word has ceased working mistake can appear because of problems with your registry. There’s a key in the registry that stores frequently used options in Word. Should you delete the key, Word rebuilds it the next time you start Word using the default settings, so fixing the issue.
Measure 1. Bring up Registry Editor by typing Regedit in the search bar and hit Enter.
Measure 2. Click on”Yes” to start Registry and follow along the way to find the Word alternatives crucial: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Word\Alternatives.
Measure 3. Find and click on the key, and choose”Export”.
Measure 4. Save Options crucial as”Wddata. reg” and store it on your Desktop.
Measure 5. Return to Registry Editor and find the Options key, and then delete it in the menu.
Measure 6. Exit Registry Editor.
Following this, restart your Word and also assess whether the issue is solved. If the issue still persists, run the Wddata.reg on your Desktop to revive the deleted crucially.
Repair 7. Alter the Normal.dot International Template File
Microsoft Word stores formatting and macros in an international template document. If the global template file is corrupt, you are going to find the Microsoft word ceased working error message. To fix the issue, you have to rename the Normal. dot file.
Notice: Modifying the global template file will drop some customization features, like styles, macros, etc.. To maintain previous configurations, you can replicate the customization from one global template into another with the Organizer. Do the following to substitute the Normal. dot file.
Measure 1. Press Windows + X and then choose”Command Prompt (Admin)”. Sign in when the application requires administrator consent.
Measure 2. Input the command below and hit Enter:
Measure 3. Await the command to complete and leave Command Prompt.
Following this, restart your Word program to check whether it’s possible to use it to edit files or make new files.
Repair 8. Uninstall and Reinstall MS Office
Notice: This repair might cause your activation crucial shortly following the reinstallation of MS Office. Be certain your activation key may be used twice before taking the below steps.
Measure 1. Maintain your MS Office activation key and then store it into a different protected apparatus.
Measure 2. Open Control Panel, click”Application and Attributes”, then find and choose Microsoft Office.
Measure 3. Click on”Uninstall” from the menu.
Measure 4. Re-install Microsoft Office on your PC and trigger it with your own serial key.
In case your old crucial fails to trigger the recently installed MS Office, please contact the Microsoft support staff for assistance:
Reasons For Microsoft Word Has Stopped Working Error
Except for locating the ideal solutions to fix the Microsoft workplace has ceased working mistake on Windows PC, it is highly crucial to be aware of the motives that lead to your Word error. Listed below are the main reasons:
The office variant is not compatible with the current OS on your computer.
Word is currently out of date.
The device driver is out of date.
Word Add-in Matter.
Word document dilemma.
How To Recover Lost or Unsaved Word Records
Another large problem that worries users is that the missing or unsaved Word document when Word stopped functioning. If you are editing a Word file once it occurs, you are very likely to lose files that have not been stored. Inside this part, you can discover how to regain unsaved Word files with helpful tips. What is more, a renowned file retrieval software is introduced to assist you to repair and recover lost Word files in the easiest approach.
How to Recover Unsaved Word Records
In the event that you lost unsaved Word files because of a Word accident, Word not responding word ceased functioning, Word keeps freezing, or other Word issues, there are 3 ways that you recover unsaved Word files in Windows 10. Link to the webpage to find details.
Repair 1. Recover from Temporary Files
Repair 2. Recover from AutoRecover
Repair 3. Utilize Document Recovery
To get a Mac user, check this link to view the way to recover an unsaved Word file on Mac.
How to Recover Lost/Corrupted Word Document with File Recovery Software
When the Word has ceased working mistake results in file corruption or whether you’ve deleted any critical Word files and will need to get them EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a fantastic selection. This program won’t only help you recover lost documents but also help you mend damaged files during the retrieval procedure.
Download EaseUS file retrieval tool to recoup corrupted or lost Word file on HDD, USB flash drive, external hard disk drive, and much more in just 3 easy steps.
Download for PC
Measure 1. Opt for the term file location.
Can you understand where you lost files? Opt for the hard disk or a particular folder and click on the San button. When it’s on a USB flash drive or SD card, then take yet another step to link it to your PC.
Measure 2. Scan all lost information.
The program will begin instantly scan all of the lost information on the chosen drive, and you’re going to see an increasing number of data showing up at the scanning results. Following the scanning, use the fastest approach to the desired Word files by selecting”Records” in the drop-down listing at”Filter”.
Measure 3. Select Word documents and recover.
You are permitted to preview a Word document if you’ve got the Microsoft Word program installed on your PC. Last, pick the desired files and click”Recover”.
Useful Recommendations to Back Up And Shield Word Document
If you’re interested in a trusted approach to mend the “Word has ceased working” mistake, solutions contained in the aforementioned two parts are able to aid you.
In case you would rather have a broader plan to safeguard your precious Word files, remain here. Two dependable Word backup tips can be found here for you to test:
# 1. Empower Auto-Save Feature in Word
Applies to: Back up and rescue editing Word file.
Measure 1. Open MS Word program and generate a new document, click on”File” >”Choice”.
Measure 2. Click”Save” and assess the under 2 boxes:
“Save AutoRecover data every * munites” (put a time to get autosave – each two or five minutes will be great )
“Maintain the last autosaved version if I shut saving”
Measure 3. Click on”OK” to validate.
# 2. Back-Up Word Document with File Backup Software
Applies to: back-up stored Word document on the regional drive.
Reputable file backup software such as EaseUS Todo Backup can help you efficiently back up important files such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. on a local drive easily.
The rear up will probably be a lifesaver to instantly bring your difficult word back as soon as you lose it because of unknown factors.
Follow and download below 3 measures to securely back up your Word document effortlessly:
Step 1: Launch EaseUS Todo Backup applications and choose”Document Backup”,”Disk/partition Backup” or”System Backup” for distinct backup purpose.
Step 2: Pick the machine, disk, files, or programs you would like to back up. Then pick a destination in which you need to store the backup file.
Step 3: Click”Proceed” to begin the data backup procedure.


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