8 tips of buying wholesale kids socks


In addition to carefully selecting clothes, trousers, and shoes, the socks that babies wear next to their bodies every day have to make Ma Ma bother. Buying a pair of socks may seem like no big deal, but the socks that suit your heart are not that simple. If purchased improperly, it may cause a huge disaster. There is a lot of news about the socks almost being amputated, because the feet are entangled with the dime from the socks. Considering that this kind of thing is really scary, so you must be careful when choosing socks for your child. For the health of children, mothers should understand how to choose wholesale kids socks. Need to pay attention to the following points:

          1. The mouth of the socks should be loose, and the tube of the socks should be short

            The baby’s legs are not fully developed, so there are basically no ankles, and the lower legs are relatively short and thick. Therefore, the sock tube should not be too long, basically a bit longer than the boat socks. In addition, the opening of the socks should be loose, so you can use your fingers to test whether the socks are tight after the baby-wearing the socks.

            Tip: If you are buying tight-fitting socks, the mother can fill a roll of paper to expand the size of the socks, and then put them on the baby. Usually, they can fully open the socks within 1-2 days.

          2. Cut off the excess thread

            You should turn them around to see if there is any remaining thread after buying the new socks. If there is any thread, cut it off with scissors in time to prevent the thread from tangling the toes and causing poor blood circulation. In addition, if there are holes in the socks, don’t wear them, as your baby’s toes may get stuck in them.
            Tips: You can wear the socks in reverse. This is because the manufacturer will make the surface of the socks very smooth and wireless, so that the baby is safer to wear.

          3. The quality of socks is better

            Older babies may only run around at home wearing socks, which requires the mother to buy some better quality products. For example, you should choose thick socks and short socks, and the seams should be dense and strong. It is best to choose cotton material, cotton will absorb sweat and breath, and it is not easy to wear the skin.
            Tip: Turn the socks upside down when buying, pay attention to the stitching area on the toes, and buy products that do not protrude stitches, otherwise it will make your baby’s feet very uncomfortable.

          4. It is best to be one or two large

            Babies grow very fast, so when buying socks, it is best not to buy fixed-size socks. It is best to add one or two to prevent the baby from easily piercing the socks. In addition, remember to trim your baby’s toenails regularly, which can also prevent the socks from cracking.
            Tip: After the baby wearing the socks, the mother can put down her fingers without feeling tight.

          5. Choose socks according to the season

            There are many types of socks, and the temperature varies from season to season. Baby socks should also be different. In summer, you should choose thinner socks, where breath ability and comfort are the first elements; in winter, you should choose thicker socks, where warmth and elasticity are the first elements.

            Tip: Be sure to pay attention to the material, do not choose socks made of acrylic; they can contain part of Lycra fiber, but the main component must be cotton.

          6. Socks should also be changed regularly

            Baby’s socks should be changed regularly. Generally, they should be replaced when they are found to have no elasticity, thinning of the soles of the feet, thinning of the heel, or damage. In addition, if there are strangulation marks on the baby’s ankle, it means that the socks are too small, and they should be changed to a larger one in time.

          7. Babies who can’t walk also need to wear socks

            If the baby doesn’t wear socks, his feet are easy to catch cold and catch a cold, and he is also easy to kick the feet because of disorderly movement, which may damage the feet. The baby wearing socks can reduce damage and prevent mosquito bites.

          8. Light-colored socks are safer

            The colors of clothes are basically dyed, and the dyes are all chemical substances, which are not good for children’s health. Therefore, when buying socks for your baby, it is best to choose light-colored socks. Yellow and white have the highest safety and can be used as the first choice.

            Tip: It is best to keep the socks fresh in style, and do not buy socks with sharp decorations, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.

        Babies cannot express their discomfort through words, which requires mothers to be extra careful when taking care of their babies, especially those who can walk, have a fast metabolism, exercise a lot, and sweaty feet. Therefore, you need socks that are warm, comfortable, breathable and moisture-absorbing in autumn and winter. The price is best to be more favorable, because the baby’s feet grow fast. Socks can be eliminated quickly, and the best appearance should be able to be fashionable. Finding such socks is not easy.

        However, our wholesale kids socks can really satisfy. Whether it is quality, style or price, we will provide you with the best. Especially in terms of price, our wholesale price is more favorable than retail! For the health of your child, what are you waiting for, please browse the products on our website and choose the fashionable socks for your baby!

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