8 Reasons Why Certification is Better Than A Diploma or Degree Courses

why certification is better than a diploma

If you’re seeking to expand your expertise in the IT field, there are three routes to follow: certificates, diplomas and degrees. These options have benefits; however, they’re not the same. People usually ask Why certification is better than a diploma or degree program for this reason.

You should have a perception in mind and understand the advantages of each choice before you take the leap. You should consider where you are at in your career and how much time you’ll have to dedicate to your studies, and the field you would like to be in.

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Find out the distinction between IT certifications, diplomas and degrees and discover which one is better to pursue IT careers.

The Difference Between Degree, Certification And Diploma Courses

Before taking a major decision, having an in-depth knowledge of the distinction between a degree, certificate or diploma will assist you in determining a plan for your next step.

Certification course

The primary distinction between a diploma, degree and certificate program is the duration. The typical duration of a certificate course is one year or six months but there are certificates that last from 1.5 up to two years.

Certification is the flexible, cost-effective and fast way to enhance your IT skills and make you prepare for the professional world. This is one of the main reasons why certification is better than a diploma or degree. 

Diploma courses

A diploma program can be a year-long or semester pattern. A majority of the time, it is a Diploma in Engineering yearly pattern that will last for three years. The diploma, which follows semester patterns, usually lasts four years. 

It includes three years focused on studies and one year being dedicated to an internship in the industrial sector. It is the least chosen way of studying by students nowadays. 

Degree Courses

The length of a degree course in India typically is three to five years. In India, you need to spend three years for a bachelor’s degree and additional two more years for further pursuing a master program. For B.Tech and engineering courses, you need to spend fou years to get a degree in your hand. 

Moreover, an MBBS degree usually involves five years of study in a medical college. Though it is the most effective way to decorate your resume with big universities and college names, it takes more time to make a person skilled and prepare for a job role. 

Why Certification Is Better Than A Diploma ?

If you’re looking for a junior-level job and are looking to swiftly become a part of a team of professional people, certification could be the right choice. A basic certification can allow you to get your skills up and running quickly and efficiently.

Certifications can also be a great way to obtain highly sought-after job capabilities after you’ve pursued the degree. They will allow you to show your understanding of new technologies and aid you rise up the ladder more quickly in the field you are working in.

Certification Is Practical And  Skill-Based

The one thing that is different between a professional and someone who is just graduating is the level of experience. It’s also the most effective way to improve your skills and, more importantly, to apply the knowledge you’ve learned from your studies. 

Certification programs are focused on teaching techniques and their use in the real world. This is also sought-after by employers since skills are what create value for companies, especially in the IT sector. The concepts are learned quickly and are absorbed over time.

It Takes Less Time to Obtain It

You will for sure figure out now why certification is better than a diploma. 

Because the certification courses and programs are specific, it typically takes less time to get the certificate than a degree or diploma. If you’re hoping to begin working as soon as you can, pursue an IT certification course to get a certificate that provides you a job quickly. 

Even the most advanced courses do not last longer than a year. You can complete a certification course in six months; however, some certification courses take one to 1.5 years to complete.

You Can Make Great Money

A few years back, someone who has an academic degree could earn more; however, they will need to rise up the ladder or obtain an advanced degree. Diploma or degree courses take a lot of time and money. While certification takes less time, it also allows you to earn great money at your first job. 

Additionally, you’re expected to earn more when you acquire more experience and expertise in a particular industry. In the current job market, starting earnings of both diploma and certification holders are the same in almost every industry.

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It’s Less Expensive To Opt For A Certification Course

A significant factor that hinders individuals from taking courses for a degree or diploma is the expense of tuition fees. The majority of people with lower financial capacity rely on scholarships to go to university. A certification course is shorter, costs less and, even better. 

Certification Courses Demand Less Qualification

Before you can pursue a degree, you need to meet certain requirements. Many people are left on the outside. The certification is achievable and doesn’t hinder numerous individuals. 

You can take some certification courses even after matric class; however, most of the students pursue certification courses after passing ten plus two examinations. Moreover, it does not matter which stream you completed your past education. This is one of the top reasons why certification is better than a diploma or degree.  

Can Get An Interview Call Quickly

Technical jobs today are in great numbers compared to “office” positions. Employers are looking for people with practical expertise rather than only theoretical understanding. This is the prime reason that people with degrees usually find difficulty getting a job, especially in the case of those with no experience.

The technical aspect taught in certification courses makes students ready for the workforce. The rising demand for individuals with technical abilities has made it even easier to find work.

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Diploma Courses Can Be Adapted To Your Needs

Certification courses demand fewer classes and training hours than an undergraduate degree. It allows students who are working to enroll in part-time certification programs. 

A certification program isn’t as stress-inducing as the degree that is more difficult because it is more extensive and has more theoretical subjects to study and master.

Certification Prepares You To Compete In An Interview

This is the last reason in your search for why certification is better than a diploma. 

Many people who select certification are taught in the technical and practical aspects of a course while diplomas or degrees are more academic. 

Degree holders have fewer chances than people with certification because certification holders gain huge expertise in their field. 


We hope you have got an idea on why certification is better than a diploma. The option of pursuing a certification course instead of the diploma or degree program is the best option for certain. 

It will give you an advantage when looking for a job before you get a solid knowledge. Today’s degree is an indulgence, but it is also necessary. It all depends on the individual’s preference. 


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