8 Mindfulness Exercises That Will Calm You Down Instantly

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When stress starts infecting you from outside in, you might start getting tense, your stomach might get hurt, and you might find yourself completely numb. One of the most relevant actions you can take is to pause, make a proper evaluation of your whole mental state, and wrench yourself out from this heightened state and calm yourself.

The best method is to inhale calmness and exhale stress!

To relieve the stress, your breathing can come to your rescue. When you inhale, imagine that calmness is pervading each cell of your body carried by your breathing. When you start exhaling, try to draw anger and stress out from your body. Repeat it as many times as you can but keep in mind that each of these breathes done with an intention can generate a perceptible change. A 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh will provide you will all beneficial practices to keep your body and mind calm. You can learn and then teach others.

When you are under stress, it makes everything feel urgent, making it hard to decide what to do in the next step. Come out of the swirl by sitting and taking a long full breath, in and out. Then ask yourself what I need the most at present? Whatever answer comes up, repel the urge to dismiss it. Instead, honor it as best as you can at a particular moment. You are asking me to assist you in seeing the things that you need more at the given moment.

Go outside and watch the clouds: Clouds are present all the time, and yet they keep on changing, similar to your thoughts. Watching clouds is one of the best ways to develop some neutrality on the nature of your thoughts. Try to spend at least five minutes watching the clouds and noticing what the shapes of the cloud remind you of and observe if you can detect some movement or alteration in the appearance of the shadows.

Try to focus on what is right: Try to find out three important things that are going right at the present moment. For instance, you are sitting someplace comfortably, the sun is shining bright, and your pet is sitting near you. This is one of the best practices you can do when you think your stress level is rising by figuring out what right in front of you at present helps you keep you grounded at the moment.

Apart from all these, you can also do some mindful practices to calm down your mind:

Whether you are entirely new to meditation or you are trying to find out some best ways to calm your mind, here are few mindful practices you can try:

Alternative nostril breathing:

Try to hold your left nostril down with your left thumb and then inhale using your right nostril. Then close your right nostril using your left index finger. Now hold on the breath. Release your left nostril and try to exhale.

Now when your right nostril is still closed, try inhaling through your left nostril. Again close your left nostril using your thumb so that both nostrils are closed and hold on to the breath. Release your index finger from the right nostril and then exhale. This complete one set. Try to do a minimum of five sets to calm down your mind and generate a sense of ease and relaxation.

One hundred breathe technique:

Close your eyes. Keep your back against the chair, press your feet on the ground, and bring yourself to the present moment. Now initiate breathing using your nostrils and start counting the number of each inhale-exhale.

Feel your tummy with each inhalation and allow the breaths to slow down when you count yourself to a great sense of relaxation. When your counting reaches 100, open up your eyes, fingers, toes, and bow down your head in gratitude for getting the mental peace.

The entire body breathes scan:

Initiate this practice by inhaling your nose, escalating your stomach, and then counting to five. When you start to breathe in, view the soothing warm light filling up your feet and then start exhaling over your lips about five times. While doing this, envisage yourself freeing all tensions you might be carrying there. Repeat the whole process for ankles, knees, and shins to your head. When you finish scanning your entire body, you will feel lighter.

Doing meditation while walking:

Although you can practice at any time, it’s good to find a peaceful place to stroll. It is good to walk barefoot, as it makes you feel more connected to the mother earth.

At first, stand, keeping your spine straight, with shoulders and arms relaxed. Then take a few inhalations and exhalations to breathe in some calm energy and breathe out tension.

Now start slowly going forward and then sync your breathing with steps. Right foot- inhale and left foot-exhale. Utilize all your sense to experience where you are complete.

Your goal should not be arriving at your destination but to feel the whole experience, like the natural feeling of the sun on your face and the soft sound of the wind.

Along with all of these above techniques, some other practices like meditative shower, regular meditation, and proper eating habits help calmer your mind. A 300 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh offers you exercise on most of the mindful practices to calm down your mind.

You can integrate any of these practices into your daily activities to start reaping benefits. It takes only a few minutes to begin with, although you might get tempted to do more once you start.

Doing regular exercise like yoga will help you to keep your body fit. It has shown that people who do regular breathing exercises have good peace of mind.

Meditation and yoga is one exercise that will not only help you in calming your body but also helps you in your daily lifestyle.

There are many ways by which you can learn yoga and meditation. One of which is taking the teacher training course where you will get in-depth knowledge about the subject.





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