8 Casual and Stylish Men’s Cardigans


In recent years, cardigans have become a must-have fashion item for men in winter and autumn. Cardigans are usually made with buttons or without buttons. In the spring and autumn seasons, the weather is relatively cool. Many online stores have begun to sell various styles of wholesale men’s cardigans. Whether worn with a top or a pair of slacks, a cardigan is stylish. The cardigan is very suitable for wearing in spring and autumn. Cardigans with lazy attributes don’t need much decoration, you can easily wear them with a luxurious and high-level sense! Today, I would like to recommend you 8 high-quality cardigans for men.

Cardigan with Buttons

1.Hooded Men’s Cardigans

In the autumn and winter season, how can there be no cardigans in the coffee color series in the men’s wardrobe? Coffee-colored clothes are a must-have color in the autumn and winter wardrobe. This cardigan is designed with color blocks, which are very comfortable and fashionable. This stylish and casual hooded cardigan is a must-have for men’s daily travel. The buttons of the cardigan have dark brown flared buttons. And the fabric is a cotton blend and crochet fabric, a very elastic fabric there are two bags on both sides of the clothes, not only for decoration but also for keeping warm. In the autumn and winter seasons, you can wear a fashionable style by simply matching plain tops inside.

2.Fake Two Pieces Knit Men’s Cardigans

In our usual leisure and entertainment, a simple cardigan is the best. Not only is it suitable for any occasion, but it will not look bloated to wear in autumn and winter. This cardigan has a versatile and stylish design, a very comfortable and concise style. There will be a simple sense of luxury to wear. The fabric is an acrylic jersey, which is a weft jersey woven with acrylic yarn. Its characteristics are good elasticity, soft hand feeling, good dyeing performance, bright color, and not easy to fade. It has a good warmth retention effect in autumn and winter, easy to wash and quick-drying when washing, and does not deform after washing. It’s a versatile sweater that won’t be deformed no matter how you wear it. This model is available in three colors: blue, red, and purple. Blue is very versatile for everyday wear, and red can be worn during Christmas, which has a festive feel. Purple is suitable for men who like street style. Men can choose according to their preferences. You can refer to the official website size code when purchasing.

 Fake Two Pieces Mesh Patchwork Buttoned Knit Cardigan

3. Drop Shoulder Knit Men’s Cardigans

Among the cardigan styles, the dropped shoulder cardigan is very suitable for small men. This model is made of Crochet, Polyester fabric, warm and versatile, and high, with a certain degree of elasticity, and will not be tight. The design of the dropped shoulder style has a high visual effect. When wearing, the collar eversion is very natural and vertical, giving it a lazy and advanced feeling. There is also a row of exquisite buttons, which will make the whole person very tasteful. Usually wear this kind of shoulder-drop style cardigan, wearing a plain bottoming shirt and a thin denim jacket, it is very fashionable. It will not look bloated to wear in autumn and winter. It is a match for daily commuting. The maximum size of the following cardigan is 5XL. For details, please refer to the official website size table.

 Drop Shoulder Pocket Buttoned Ribbed Knit Sweater Cardigan

4. Stand Collar Crochet Men’s Cardigans

Some men like to wear a cardigan under a jacket. In fact, it is also very nice to wear a cardigan directly as a jacket. Wearing a cardigan with a good shape is as good as a gentleman wearing a western casual jacket. It also has a retro feel. Of course, trousers should be worn well. Wide-leg trousers or trousers are good. This stand-up collar Crochet Cardigan. The fabric is made of polyester fiber fabric, which has a certain degree of elasticity. Make the whole cardigan look very good. And the design of the stand-up collar can keep out the wind in autumn and winter, which is very warm. Wear this men’s cardigan to show off the elegance of men.

 Single Breasted Stand Collar Crochet Cardigan

Cardigan with no Buttons

5. Tricolor Panel Knitting Men’s Cardigans

Buttoned cardigans and buttonless cardigans are two very different styles. The buttonless cardigan gives people a fresh and elegant feeling. The simple buttonless cardigan, whether it is matched with a vest or a shirt, is a very western and generous sign. This buttonless cardigan is a style very suitable for fall. The fabric is a combination of Ersey, Polyester, Spandex. Composed of three different colors. It is a casual and fashionable cardigan for men. For purchase, please refer to the official website size table for details.

 Men Tricolor Panel Knitting Cardigan

6.Color Blocking Striped Men’s Cardigans

Stripe elements can be seen in almost any fashion item. And a cardigan with a striped design is not only stylish but also comfortable to wear. And the stripe elements have a visually slimming effect. No matter how many clothes you wear, you won’t look bloated. This is a cardigan with a unique design and a contrasting color. Men who want to buy a design cardigan may wish to try this one. The maximum size is XXL, you can go to the official website to refer to the size table.

 Men's Color Blocking Striped Knitted Cardigan

7.Slant Pocket Long Men’s Cardigans

Among the cardigan styles, taller men can choose a long cardigan. It will be very stylish to wear. The following cardigan, with plain colors, will look advanced and simple. There are twill pockets on both sides, and the pockets can usually hold some small objects without sagging. This is not only suitable for autumn and winter, but also very suitable for the coming spring. The following maximum size is 3xl, which men can buy according to their body shape.

8. Geometric Pattern Knitting Men’s Cardigans

All kinds of geometric pattern cardigans can always bring endless fun. Rich or simple geometric patterns make the cardigan look three-dimensional, lively, concise, or full of charm. In winter, some street hipsters pair stylish geometric cardigans with stylish boots for a fun, trendy fashion that is pleasing to the eye. The following geometric pattern cardigan, using black and white classic contrast color matching, looks very individual. Wearing a black top and a pair of black pants to match this jacket is very fashionable. When you wear it with some simple accessories, it will make you look more manly.

 Color Blocking Geometric Pattern Knitting Cardigan

Cardigans may be the most versatile and comfortable clothes in autumn and winter. Cardigans are perfect for any casual occasion. You can’t go wrong with a cardigan All of the above styles can be purchased at Xmen Go, a wholesale men’s cardigans online store. In this season, wear your own style. Hope you like the above content. Want to see more about men’s wear and sharing, please continue to pay attention to us. Thank you for reading.

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