8 Best WordPress Quiz Plugins to Boost User Engagement

WordPress Quiz plugins

Are you curious to know how quizzes on your website can help you increase user engagement and how you can take a quiz on your WordPress website? Looking for the best WordPress quiz plugins you should try?

In this article, you’ll get a comprehensive review of the best free WordPress quiz plugins for your website.

All you need to do is install these plugins into your website, attract visitors, and boost conversion rates. Yet, those who do business on WordPress sites are lucky to have access to an inclusive variety of free quizzes and plugins.

You can quickly build and add quizzes to your WordPress site using quiz plugins. The following WordPress quiz plugins will help you quickly make visually ironic and responsive quizzes ideal for mobile interface. The upcoming list of some great quizzes’ plugins, which you can embed in your WP site for free to increase visitor engagement. Also, you can check more tools to  increase visitor engagement

Why Use a Quiz Plugin?

Quizzes can be an exciting and influential part of your marketing plan. Visitors are habituated to play and try their luck for prizes. Generally speaking, humans have a habit of being narcissistic, and quizzes affect this mindset. If you insert the quiz as part of a page highlighting feature or blog post on your WordPress site, you will have an eye-catching stratagem that will increase additional traffic in your way.

The questionnaire also takes advantage of human desires to share and compare their facets with others. This is why quizzes are a significant factor in advanced marketing!

With the best WordPress quiz plugin, you can implement this marketing approach to get surprisingly good outcomes. The quiz is incredibly shared. Therefore, users will not only stay on your website and interact with the quiz but they will also public their results with a link to your website and increase more traffic to your website.

#1 WP Quiz

WP Quiz is one more highly-rated plugin that can efficiently produce and add thought-provoking quizzes to your website. You can upgrade images to questions and answers, enable visitors to resume quizzes, display results after finish time, and more. The plugin has custom options to modify the progress bar color, animatronics upshot, typeface color, and background color.

To create your email list, you can ask users to enter their email addresses earlier, starting a quiz or getting results. You can set up the scroll and social sharing buttons automatically. Now monetize your website by restricting users from paying and checking their results. You can also entail users to log in or build an account to view their marks, which is excellent for viewing results, random Q&A, countdowns, and display ads.

#2 Viral Quiz Builder

Viral Quiz Builder allows you to create BuzzFeed-style questionnaires that can also capture potential customers. The plugin also comprises an enhanced results box for email subscriptions to get more email subscribers from your questionnaire. Or, if you want to increase your social media share, you can ask users to share quizzes to get their outcomes.

There are multiple types of questionnaires available. You can choose the order of random questions. The plugin supports whacking the questionnaire results behind the content box, such as an email box or sharing on social networks, forcing users to subscribe or share their publications before seeing the results.

You can also use the “Browser Refresh” function to create multi-page quizzes, which will grow page views on your website. At some point, the plugin plans to enhance a countdown clock, leaderboard, more quiz categories, and improved analysis.

#3 myCred Wp-Pro-Quiz

myCred is a points management plugin that enables you to build points and reward systems for quizzes, WordPress, and WooCommerce websites. It is an excellent choice for setting up a loyalty points and reward system for quizzes and user engagement.

myCred WP-Pro Quiz is a FREE add-on for WordPress that enables you to reward users with points-based perks whenever they participate in a quiz. Reward quiz participants with points, badges etc.

#4 Quiz and Survey Master

Quiz and Survey Master is the most straightforward WordPress quiz plugin that can create appealing content to increase traffic and boost user engagement. From quizzes, trivia quizzes, consumer satisfaction surveys to worker surveys, everything is backed up. This plugin is the eventual marketing choice for your website.

You can collect responses using multiple question categories and multiple-choice, various answers, drop-down menus, text boxes, numbers, etc. Fast and easy setup reviews to manage customer comments, plan activities, legalize ideas, and more. Set up quizzes to quickly test user information, organize certification exams, and more.

#5 Quiz Cat</h3

Quizzes are the best tool to upsurge participation and produce optional leads. The conversion test leads many people to trust that the quizzes help to grow their conversion rate. This plugin can easily change the game’s rules on your website with its exceptional and attractive login page. When you are done, you can also choose to customize the message that appears at the end of each article to make it more interesting. You can use this application to create an unlimited number of quizzes, and you can even ask any number of questions in each quiz.

Quiz Cat is a must-have for those who want to add quizzes to your website as one of the most accessible plugins. However, the most attractive part of all this is that it mixes all the answers from your quiz, making the audience less dreary. Since Quiz Cat is a WordPress plugin, it is simple to download, you can search for it in the WordPress plugin directory, and the installation method is the same as other plugins.

#6 LearnPress

LearnPress is one of the most famous and freemium learning management system (LMS) plugins. As well as plateful for organizing courses, registration process, and providing credentials and badges. Each course syllabus can be completed through courses and quizzes. These lessons can be ordered through a user-friendly interface. It is ideal for indolent people. You can easily design a complete course, edit and keep it. You can also transfer courses and import them to another website that LearnPress powers.

These quizzes include a wide range of questions and multiple answers, and true/false papers. LearnPress also provides an advanced random test plugin, which reorganizes the questions into quizzes. In this way, students will get diverse questions from their peers or retake the test if required.

#7 Riddle

Riddle is an exclusive quiz hosting facility that captures potential customers when users take part in quizzes. Moreover, Riddle can easily create and imply ten kinds of questionnaires, lists, reviews, and ballots on your website quickly. In addition, to count quizzes, this plugin can also empower you to add surveys and lists on your posts or webpages. Imageries and videos can also be used for your contest, and images can also be edited.

The plugin enables the capture of the target audience from numerous channels, including Aweber, MailChimp through Zaiper. The integrated function allows you to filter pictures from Facebook, Instagram, and Google pictures and embed them directly into your questionnaire. You can add leaderboards to your quiz and maintain interesting quiz competitions without complex programming.

#8 Thrive Quiz Builder

Thrive Quiz Builder is picture-perfect for individuals who want to produce perfect theme quizzes. For many others, taking a quiz or poll on a blog or business website is a postscript. They are more attentive to rewarding orders, building blog posts, and emerging sites. A setup system is also provided. When some content is incorrectly configured or missing items, you will be notified when installing.

Quizzes are an effective way to engender traffic to your website. They are an excellent choice for readers to stay lengthier on the site and interact with it. Every participant has numbers, the questions they answered, and what they shared on social media. Compared with simple articles, quizzes usually generate more shares on social media.

In addition to correct/incorrect questionnaire types, the plugin can also generate individual and open questionnaires. Building a viewer on your website is much more harmless than letting space on social media. Thrive Quiz Builder has a medal maker function to create consumer badges so users can share on social media accounts.

Wrapping Up!

The world is full of swarming blogging, and everyone needs to stand out from it. For this, we need a follower and loyal user group. Though, creating a loyal user base is not easy. Once you jump in getting consistent traffic for your website, you must begin the nutritional procedure. It takes some time to train users and convert them into bookworms and ultimately loyal fans.

Most of these WordPress quiz plugins stated in the list also have a poll option to collect visitor feedback through online surveys. However, if you want to implement surveys on your website, you can also use an ardent WordPress survey plugin. When you formulate questionnaires for visitors, you incline to set yourself apart. The more appropriate the quiz in your content, the greater the chance of generating reliable visitors.


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