8 Ball Pool real money Paytm – Best signup and cashback offers to apply

8 ball pool real money Paytm

8 Ball Pool real money Paytm – Best signup and cashback offers to apply

Do you want to earn real money by playing games? Do you want to know about the amazing signup and other bonuses provided by the 8 ball pool game? Here, we will let you know how you can earn the 8 ball pool real money Paytm with the help of different offers. So, let’s dig in! But before that, let us give you a brief about an 8 ball pool game and how you can make the most out of it. 

What is an 8 Ball Pool Game?

8 Ball Pool, as the name suggests is a sub-variety of pool games that comes under the category of cue sports. Pool games have always fascinated people and the 8 ball pool game is the latest version of it. It is an online video game specially made for the android version. It is a multiplayer online game that allows you to play and challenge your friends and opponents from all over the world. It has eight balls and is normally played by two people. It is the best method to refine and polish your skills and abilities and also get a chance to win attractive cash prizes. 

The game offers many challenges and tournament opportunities for players so that they can give their best and become pro players in the game. The game even gives a 3D experience to its players for thrilling and exciting gameplay. The gameplay is very simple and similar to that of a normal pool game with slight differences. The players can earn 8 ball pool real money Paytm by playing and other offers provided by the game. But how is that possible? We will now let you know about the signup and other bonus that will help you earn real money.

Know about the signup and cashback offers

8 ball pool is an interesting and challenging game that allows you to polish and refine your skills and abilities. It is a skill-based multiplayer online game that gives you the chance to challenge your friends and other top opponents to test out your skill and top the leaderboard. You can even earn through 8 ball pool real money Paytm. The cash you win by playing in an 8 ball pool can be withdrawn through Paytm wallet directly. There are many ways by which you can earn real cash. Also, there are coins and tokens which you earn by playing and winning an 8 ball pool. Here are the ways that help you to earn real money through an 8 ball pool.

Sign-up bonus – 8 ball pool provides its players with a sign-up bonus. It is provided to fresh players to sign-up for the game. They directly get the money in their Paytm wallet. 

  • First, you need to download the game, 8 ball pool.
  • Then download the APK and install and open the game.
  • Enter the mobile number and verify it with the OTP to sign-up.
  • Here, you will get the sign-up bonus in your credit wallet which is Rs. 50. 

Other offers 

There are other rewards as well that are provided by an 8 ball pool to its players. These are: 

  • Referral rewards – Referral rewards mean the reward you win when you refer the game to a friend and they play the game. You have to visit the section to earn money. Then you have to invite a friend to earn 8 ball pool real money Paytm and share the referral code with your friends. As your friend will apply the token they will get the money and you also. And each time they play the game you will earn some cash. If you play the game in the popular gaming app Getmega, you will find this process very easy.
  • Earn money by influencing – This method means that you can earn more money by using referral codes provided to you by others. In this case, as you sign up and earn money, move on to the influence and win my money section. Now you need to enter the referral code you have. Here you will receive Rs. 50 as free money in the received wallet. Here you can even log in to Facebook and win Rs 10. You can withdraw Rs 10 minimum at a time.
  • Coins – 8 ball pool provides coins or tokens each time you win the game. You can use the tokens to upgrade items like cue sticks. Upgrading the items will help you have gameplay and experience. You can also earn real money by winning games in an 8 ball pool.


Hence, it is not difficult to earn 8 ball pool real money Paytm. You can easily earn the money and withdraw it. You can play an online 8 ball pool in Getmega, the gaming platform. Play exciting and amazing games and earn money. Also, you can challenge your friends and family members and engage in some exciting zones to take your gaming skills to the next level.


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