8 Advices that will Help you Hire Top-notch React Developers

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It is a well-known fact that no matter what you sell, the way you present on the web will make or break your business. However, with first-class web development, you can achieve success in your industry.

Your customers choose your website to understand and create an opinion about your business. Hence, if you want a positive opinion about your brand and business, you need to make an excellent first impression. 

React developers are the right resources to positively impact what your users see and interact with on your website. In 2021, React developers are in high demand. 

If you want web development that helps you succeed, now is the right time to hire top-notch react developers. If you are confused about the process involved in hiring, below are a few pieces of advice that will assist you to hire the best react developers for your business.


React is the most in-demand JavaScript framework for front-end web development. Moreover, it serves as a backbone for many innovative projects and user interfaces. Therefore, many companies leverage these advantages to build high-performance apps. 

React was released in 2013. It was created by Jordan Walke, a software developer working for Facebook. React is also the second most popular web framework among developers, which is behind JQuery.

The primary feature of React is, it allows the creation of interactive apps with a large amount of data. Besides, React is fast, scalable and will enable developers to create components that can be used as skeletons for applications. 

These features allow leading companies like  Apple, PayPal and Netflix to use this framework and build their business successfully. React is now maintained by Facebook along with the developer community. 

Advantages of React

If you are concerned about whether or not React is the right fit for your business, here are a few advantages that will help you make the right decision. React has several benefits from a business owner’s perspective and developer’s point of view. 

Business Owner’s Perspective

Business owners have equally distributed benefits by using React. Below are a few;

  • Popularity – React is the most popular and stable web technology of this era. The growth of React in the past few years makes it a tech that looks to sustain a very long time in the future. 
  • Cost-effective – Business owners want cost-effective solutions. Thus, React is the best tech that is free and offers quick time-to-market.
  • SEO friendly – Google has a hard time reading JavaScript apps. However, with React, the job is made simple and quick. 
  • Excellent user experience – The features like Concurrent Mode, virtual DOM, or React Fiber make React Apps efficient and offers an amazing user experience.
  • Speed and performance – Most leading companies like Instagram and Netflix use React for its robust performance and speed. 
  • Low time-to-market – Time-to-market is a primary concern for start-ups and SMBs. React allows you to build apps faster, release scalable MVPs and then make changes according to feedback.
  • Developers – Although React developers are in high demand, they are easy to hire.

React Developer’s Perspective

Developers make the Apps easy to use for customers. Below are a few benefits that make developers choose to React for their web app development.

  • Easy-to-learn – React is easy to learn the framework. Any developer with the knowledge of JavaScript can learn to React quickly and easily.
  • Concurrent mode – Concurrent mode makes React apps fast and user-friendly. And the reason behind this is, it makes the App adapt to the user’s device capabilities and network speed.
  • Less development time – The availability of reusable components, ready-to-use solutions, and the “Create React App” starter kit reduces the React app development time. Besides, it also offers faster load speed.
  • Large community – If the developer uses React, there is a high probability that the problem faced by them has already been solved by somebody. Thus if you have any complex requirements, you can scale up the development with the support of the significant community.

Importance of React Developers

The market growth of React developers is increasing exponentially. There is no slowdown in sight. The primary reason is everyone knows that React is one of the leading open-source frontend frameworks that can support modern software development.

To handle modern app development with interactive features and robust performance, you need talented developer expertise in React. According to Hacker News Hiring Trend, React reaches 30% of all posts. It means React is the tech that is mentioned commonly by business owners worldwide.

React developers that have a lot of experience and expertise are drawn to top tech companies. Thus now is the right time to invest your time and effort in finding and hiring the best React developer. 

Top 8 Advices to Help you Hire Top-notch React Developers

Hiring React developer is easy peasy. However, hiring top-notch React developers that fits your business is tiresome. Here are a few pieces of advice that will help you make the hiring process easier for you.

  1. Expert in JavaScript

A React developer must be proficient in JavaScript/TypeScript. Besides, they should be aware of functional programming concepts such as higher-order function, etc., dependency injection, MVC, and design patterns.

  1. Experience 

Working experience is a must when you choose your React developers. Most of the developers have good knowledge of all the concepts and fundamentals of React. However, they lack hands-on experience.

Thus, when you hire React developers for your business, ask for at least two years of hands-on experience in JavaScript/TypeScript, HTML5, and CSS3.

  1. Development experience

Development experience is an utmost priority when it comes to app development. Therefore, React developers must have one year of development experience in any front-end framework. Moreover, component knowledge in React, Angular, and Vue.js is preferable too.

  1. Knowledge of development tools

Every React developer needs to be aware of the most common development tools. Primarily, when you hire, you must be focused if your developer has excellent knowledge in Git, ESLint, and Prettier.

  1. Practical experience with REST APIs

There are various ways through which developers consume REST APIs in the applications. However, with practical experience, React developers can work with REST APIs seamlessly. Hence any React developer you hire must have working experience with REST APIs.

  1. Communication 

Communication is most essential during the development process. If an app development has to succeed, stable and responsive communication is a must. Moreover, there must be no language barriers during development.

English is the most commonly used and preferred language around the world. Hence, your React developer must be skillful in communication, mainly in English.

  1. Working experience in responsive web design

Responsive web designs offer a seamless experience for the users. It makes the experience interactive and retains the users within your app. Besides, Responsive web design is the core feature offered by React. Hence, it is a must for your developer to have working experience in responsive web design. 

  1. Experience in CI/CD

CI and CD mean continuous integration and continuous delivery. CI and CD enable app development teams to deliver code changes frequently and reliably. This allows the developers to focus on meeting business requirements, code quality, and security.

A genuine experience in CI/CD is most welcome while you hire your professional web developers.

Wrapping Up:

Do you feel like you now know how to hire React developers for your business? Regardless of the advice mentioned above, keep in mind to prefer what is essential over extravagance. Also, the tech world is highly competitive in 2021. Hence hire the best developers in the world that can offer feature-rich and interactive apps.

To obtain that, you need to get in touch with renowned and reliable companies like Soft Suave. They have ReactJS developers for scalable web development projects and faster front-end solutions. They have the expertise & experience to leverage the exceptional features of ReactJS like code reusability, faster rendering to save 60% on ReactJS development.

Use the above options to build your React team that fits your short and long-term web app needs.


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