7 Tips for Successful Art Marketing 

A person standing and displaying his art work

Being an artist is not an easy job. Even the most incredible artist can sometimes get stuck in a rut with their creative ideas. Coming up with new and innovative ideas to captivate your audience can be a considerable challenge. A sheer piece of art can enthrall you to the core and leave you in a state of reverence. However, it has always been more challenging to sell art than to create one. 

You can read tons of theoretical articles about marketing, but they don’t make much sense for your art career. When there are artists who have been in the trenches, tested the theories, and come out successful, it’s nice to hear their advice. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind about marketing art is that it takes time to create enough of a following to generate a living income. Most “overnight successes” spent years establishing themselves.

A person standing and displaying his art work

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Art marketing is one of the prime challenges that artists face in today’s time. For any artist, the ways of marketing their art need to be planned besides producing it. You need to know how to make your art stand out in the market. It would be best if you pushed yourself to explore new and ground-breaking strategies to make your business rise, as using the same techniques and strategies day-in and day-out can become dull and monotonous and might derail your art fans. 

2020 has given us all a roller-coaster ride throughout the whole year. It has been responsible for many canceled or delayed events and exhibitions and has resulted in a significant setback for artists worldwide, along with the rest of the population. So, how can you get back in the race in 2022? That’s when these marketing strategies and techniques come into play. 

Enlisted here are some of the ways and tips through which you can reach out to your existing and growing network and re-engage your art customers a little more quickly.

  1. Identify your Target Audience

Identifying your target audience might sound complicated. But knowing who your target audience is is just as important. Remember to look out for the right audience every time you create a masterpiece because only the interested ones will go for a purchase. So, try hard to know the taste of each of your potential buyers. You do not need to always limit yourself just to that handful of viewers, but they are where you start; while you do not need to focus on them exclusively. The remaining lot might have some shared interest. You should market your art to them as well. 

  1. Expand your Art Market

Building a network outside your market is relatively significant. Getting yourself involved in a different community and business groups will tremendously help you achieve your set goals. Become friends with people who can turn out to be your potential buyer someday. People tend to buy art from people they know in person. They might not be someone who collects art for real, but they will support their friends to show their support. The odds of making sales somewhat improves your chances of making sales and broadens the network.

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  1. Giveaway

Holding a giveaway for your potential customers is an ideal way to get them excited all over again. Your customers know, love, understand your work and organizing a free chance to win one of your creative artworks is a great way to catch up with your existing network of networks. Choose a painting that will enliven people enough to enter the competition. Because, inevitably, you will not give away your most expensive piece in which you have spent years creating. Once you have decided the winner, promote the news on the artist blog, newsletter, or social media platforms to experience the real brand value. 

  1. Stream a Live Video or create Demos

Live streaming is a viable option for people who want to showcase their artwork while engaging with their fans through platforms such as Twitch and YouTube Live Streaming, to name a few. Try recording live when you are working on your next creation. Your viewers would love to see how you create your art. Let them know when you’ll be on and share anything from your inspiration to your techniques while you wow fans with your artistic flair. If live-streaming sounds too intense, try sharing shorter videos to demonstrate your work. 

  1. Express it in Words

People like to know what inspires and motivates an artist to create such huge masterworks. Being able to express and define your art in the form of words can do nothing but help a lot in your art career. People tend to purchase artworks with which they can relate and connect. Moreover, describing or illuminating your art to your viewers plays a vital role in sales and viewership. You should also have an idea on how to write good product descriptions and increase your outreach.

  1. Bring in Funds 

Try asking for your followers’ support in a fun way. Raising a medium of funds is a challenge. Avoid ruining it due to a shortage of ideas or a resourceful medium. Bring in funds through a creative way, maybe by using a subscription service where followers can receive artwork or other items from you in return for weekly/monthly funding. Also, you can choose to use the funding for supporting a social cause occasionally. 

A person looking at artwork

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  1. Surprise with Show Invites

Surprise your followers by sending them exclusive show invites to your art shows before opening them to the general public. This gesture will surely flatter your followers about being invited for an exclusive preview while you earn the benefits of having an engrossed audience. 


Being talented and creative is not enough. You need to take charge of your career as an artist and market your art more than ever. Stand out of the crowd with unique ideas. Learn every day and give yourself the freedom and time to explore new genres. Embrace change and engage with your fans to reinstate your business.


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