7 Things You Never Knew About Jaguar Cars


Jaguar is one of the foremost luxury car makers in the world and is renowned for its timeless design with a history in performance on the road and track. Jaguar is an England-based car company that produces some of the most sophisticated luxury sedans, SUVs, sports cars and EVs too. It is also very popularly used among politicians, celebrities and even the Royal Family. The brand started out as the Swallow Sidecar Company and was founded by William Lyons and William Walmsley. There are lots of amusing facts about this British brand, and we list out a few.

1) Best valets ever

To load its cars onto trains and airplanes, Jaguar puts to use some of its best drivers. They are found not wearing seatbelts and have no buckles and avoid wearing sharp objects that could lead to a scratch on the car. Even the exterior of the car is finger print-free since they use an industrial grade car cover.

2) Top-notch paintwork

Before every car is painted, it is dusted with ionized emu feathers since they can hold an electrostatic charge for short periods. In that way, the exposed metal will not attract dust in the middle of final cleaning and the paint booth.

3) An SUV through a loop

Jaguar cars once performed a stunt with their F-Pace SUV, something many did not see coming. The brand celebrated its 80th birthday by setting up a huge, Guinness world record-breaking loop de loop. A stunt professional drove the F-Pace SUV through only to exhibit the car’s performance and light weight.

4) They made the coolest supercar concept

The C-X75 concept looked so cool, it makes us sad to think it never made it to production. It was slated to accelerate quicker than a Bugatti Veyron, come with more all-electric range than a Chevrolet Volt and be more frugal than a Toyota Prius. It also made its debut in the James Bond movie ‘Spectre’ and was driven through the cobble-stoned streets of Rome.

5) Climate testing done the right way

To ensure your Jag can withstand the lowest temperatures, the boffins at Jaguar put a car into a freezer at -40 degrees (F) for 12 hours. Then the car is put through a wind tunnel where it moves on a road at 90mph and then puts up with the frozen wind. And then water jets spays water around.

6) The XJR is special

When it came to the XJR, more than 43000 separate renderings were made, and sure sounds like a lot of hard work and the amount of resources involved to transform those renderings into a 3D-printed model get you thinking about the amount of money and time being saved.

7) NVH levels are tested at 766mph

Just to ensure that there are no rattles or squeaks at high speeds, Jaguar puts its cars through their paces. And so, if you ever feel the need to go really fast, you can do so with confidence. Also, grab the latest info on the new cars, only at autoX.


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