7 Technical SEO Tips to Boost Website Organic Traffic


Getting a top position on search engines and earning thousands of dollars in a month is like a dream. Now It can be possible by using the right technical SEO tips and tools to boost organic traffic and get top position on SERPs..

Having a website is not enough if you’re dreaming of establishing a brand name like Amazon, eBay, etc. For that, you need to put in more extra effort.

If you’re doing everything right, have an attractive website, engaging content, but your website is not ranking in search engines despite all of these? Remember, your competitors are doing much more than that.

They are practicing technical SEO strategies to rank on SERPs. But, now you don’t have to worry. We will tell you the seven best SEO tips to boost your website ranking and attract more organic traffic.

Best SEO Tips to boost organic traffic:

SEO is the backbone of digital marketing. Many small and giant business owners are using SEO techniques to climb the ladder of success. SEO not only helps to improve ranking on search engines but also popular for boosting website organic traffic. It is reported that a total 53% of website traffic comes from organic search. This shows that more and more people are searching businesses online from their devices. And if your website is not getting enough organic traffic, you need to improve your SEO strategies.

In this post, we highlighted the top 7 technical SEO tips that will help you to get more organic traffic on your website.

#1: Focus on giving the best user experience

Your website will get more and more organic traffic if your visitors love to browse your website. The interaction between humans and technology has changed. People are now becoming specific for their searches. They browse the internet to find the answers to their questions, surf the internet to shop, find solutions, etc. But if they find your website complex to understand, not compatible with their devices, they will leave your website, which may increase your website’s bounce rate. To improve the user experience, you have to practice the right SEO strategy and make a balance between desirability and usefulness. And for that, you need to optimize your web pages, update meta tags, optimize images, and make your website user-friendly.

Why do you need to pay special attention to your website? Your customers are going to land on your website first from where they are going to perceive your brand and services. Optimizing a website will help meet user requirements. It will make your website interactive and balanced. With the help of that, you can successfully gain their attention to your website and provide the best user experience to your visitors.

#2: Content Marketing is the key

If you want to let people visit your website, then provide them with solutions to their problems. You can do that by posting problem-solving content, answering their search queries and recommendations on your website. People’s engagement on your website entirely depends on well-optimized readable content. Quality content is the most effective way to reach your target audience and generate more leads. Content marketing by using the most focused keywords will let people find your website and can lead to better results in search engines.

But many people ask how to write engaging content for websites to gain their attention. Here we have the answer:

Research: Find the latest blogs and articles and search what people love to read. You can also search trending topics to create your own content.

Use attractive headlines: A headline will tell whether the visitor is going to read it or not. So, it is important to write attention-grabbing headlines and subheadings.

Keep it short and crisp: People love to read short and attention-grabbing sentences. Avoid using phrases and jargon. Try to write short paragraphs of 3-4 sentences and a maximum of 5-6 sentences in one paragraph.

Have a call-to-action: Try to include call-to-action sentences at the end of the article or blog, for example: Visit our website if you want this dress in your wardrobe!. Including such sentences in your blog or article will inspire people to take action.

Write audience-specific content: Always remember, you’re writing for your audience. So, keep your target audience in your mind. Focus on their age group, area of interest, habits, needs, etc.

#3: Create quality backlinks

Creating backlinks is the best way to gain organic traffic on your website. Link building helps increase domain authority and page authorities, which contribute to search result rankings. Creating backlinks on valuable pages and high authority websites complement your website too. In addition, backlinks from different websites help drive referral traffic to your website. In another way, let’s understand this: suppose your website is a headquarter in one city, and backlinks are the regional offices providing outlets in different cities. You will be benefited from your headquarter and all other regional offices.

SEO experts create quality backlinks to rank their website, attract more organic traffic, and increase the site’s authority. This strategy is also in trend to boost website organic traffic in 2021. If you also want to welcome more traffic on your website, consult SEO Melbourne and know how they do that.

#4: Remove broken links

Broken links act as a gutter in your website. It may affect your whole website performance. Broken links restrict your website from crawling on google pages and create a bad user experience. Broken links make your website vulnerable and also affect the reputation of your business. If people land on a broken page or find broken links in your website, they will leave your website immediately and never visit again. In addition, it will impact your website traffic and ranking on SERPs.So, it is crucial to identify those broken links and fix them before it’s too late.

But how could I do that? You can take help from various SEO tools, run your website URL in their search bar, it will show all the broken links in your website. Then, detect those broken links and fix them with the right one.

#5: Focus on both On-page and Off-page SEO

As we all know that Google constantly updates and modifies its algorithm. So, we also need to update our strategies to rank on its search engine pages. Now focusing on only one side is not enough if you want to stand out from your competitors. SEO is the combination of both On-page and Off-page. To rank on Google and attract more traffic, you need to work on both. On-page optimization includes content, keyword optimization, title tags, alt text, URL structure, schema markup, interlinking, device friendliness, etc., whereas Off-page optimization includes backlink building, local SEO, social media marketing, content promotions, guest post, etc. These SEO strategies make your website user-friendly, increase your website performance, help online business promotion, and improve the quality of your website. And all these factors will automatically improve your website position on SERPs and help you get more organic traffic.

#6: Optimize Voice Search

“Hello, Google” is now becoming a new trend. According to research, 55% of people use voice search on their smartphones to ask questions and search their queries. Technology is progressing rapidly with time, and to match that speed, we need to upgrade our SEO strategies. Google is upgrading itself to completely transforming its searches into voice search to give more accurate and fast results. If Voice search is not part of your SEO strategies, then this is something you really shouldn’t ignore. List of SEO strategies you should adapt to optimize your site for voice search.

Focus on long-tail keywords: Voice searches are focused on long-tail keywords. This is because while speaking, we use more words to make the search more specific than typing. So, using long-tail keywords make it handy to optimize your site for voice search.

Answer their questions: Generally, people use “Why’, What, Where, How, When, while searching online through voice. Therefore, giving answers to such questions will make your site more conversational, and people love to visit your website to find more answers.

Make it more conversational: Unlike text, voice search is more informal, so responding in that way develops a sense of understanding and builds a strong connection between you and visitors.

Speed optimization: To give better results, you also need to work on speed optimization. Because in voice search, people expect instant results, and if your website is not fast enough, it may cost you losing valuable traffic on your website.

#7: Analyze your website performance

If you really want to gain more organic traffic on your website, you should know how your website is doing. Website performance, I mean its current data. Analyzing your website data, including its performance, conversion rate, ranking, website traffic, user preference, etc., will help improve and develop effective SEO strategies.

You can’t fire in the dark, but by knowing your audience’s behavior and recording website performance, you can hit the target in the dark too. Your website performance also helps you to generate new strategies to increase conversion rates. Experts recommend using Google Analytics to analyze your website performance, or you can also hire an SEO expert who can help optimize and gain more traffic on your website.

Final thought

This was just a perk of SEO. Technical SEO is much deeper than that. To gain more organic traffic, you need to upgrade your knowledge to the next level because Search Engine Optimization is way beyond our expectations. It’s better to rely on SEO experts to maximize your organic research.


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