7 reasons why New Zealand is the winter paradise

New Zealand
New Zealand

7 reasons why New Zealand is the winter paradise

New Zealand
New Zealand

If you are planning to travel to New Zealand, you may have heard of Queenstown, which is known as the “Adventure Capital” of New Zealand. Anyone who is a little bit “savvy in New Zealand” may inform you that this is the place you only need to visit. They are correct.

This city is special all year round, but there are good reasons to prove the best condition in a particular season. Queenstown has the spirit of winter, which is not available in other parts of the country.

More precisely, Queenstown is not only the adventure capital of New Zealand, it is also a “winter wonderland”. Alas, we introduce to you seven reasons why Queenstown is an ideal winter wonderland on the Pacific Ocean.


World famous ski resort

The obvious reason why Queenstown is the first choice in winter is the ski resort. In terms of choice, you will be at a loss-rest assured, don’t miss the quality.

In less than 20 minutes from the city, you will be at the foot of Crown Peak, and within 35 o’clock, The Remarkables is the nickname you deserve. If these two impressive areas are not enough, Wanaka is only an hour away (the location of the equally outstanding Cardrona and Treble Cone areas).

All of these have jaw-dropping views (more on that later) and ideal conditions for access to the slopes. As far as the snow season is concerned, the skiing time in Queenstown is quite long, and the opportunity to ski and board the boat lasts until September. The snow itself? Plump, dry, and fluffy-as it should be.

Drifting in the soft powder can Flynas make you truly satisfied! The fields in Queenstown have a variety of topography, so although there are some learners to choose from, there are many for intermediate and experienced people.


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What’s more, the facilities at Coronet and The Remarkables fields are state of the art. The chairlifts are comfortable and numerous with the lift pass-scanning all automated. Queues move smoothly, quickly, and without confusion – so you can spend more time carving up the trail and less waiting in line.

If the season happens to be particularly short on snow – the snow guns are ready to get the trails up to scratch! After a few runs you’ll probably find yourself a bit peckish, so make sure to stop in at any of the fabulous restaurants and cafes on offer.

Once you’ve carved up the slopes of this Winter Wonderland, you’ll wonder why you’d do it anywhere else.


Night skiing

If there is not enough time to repair snow during the day, why not use the night?

The special thing about Coronet Peak is that it offers something that no other area in New Zealand has: night skiing.

If you are not lucky enough to go skiing at night, then this is something you must not miss! Yes, the experience is completely different and cannot be compared to regular old-fashioned skiing-when the stars and moon shine brightly on you, you will quickly realize. All in all, this is definitely magic.

Floodlights only illuminate the main trails, bringing new and exciting elements to typical running sports. It just means that when you go to a ski resort, things become very interesting. You might think that it sounds terrible, but as the unknown floods in, people will feel a sense of peace.

When you don’t think much about the future, you let go-there will be no such excitement in a day.

Another, perhaps more obvious benefit of night skiing is space sharing. Although its popularity has increased, at night, the number of dead bodies on the slope has decreased significantly, so everyone’s pie is bigger (more space on the slope).

If you want to turn wider without feeling discomfort, then it is suitable for night skiing.

Essentially, night skiing is something you must try, and “Crown Peak” is the [only] ski resort! Just make sure you add an extra layer and bring hot chocolate to the journey.



Although the ski resort itself is amazing, it is not what makes Queenstown so prominent on the international map. It’s safe to say that the city’s iconic reputation is due to the breathtaking scenery that can be seen almost everywhere.

Queenstown is located on the shore of Lake Wakatipu, which itself is located in the Otago Mountains. Because of the colorful scenery of Otago, everything can be seen everywhere, whether it is jagged mountains or deep blue lakes.

Of course, there are jagged mountains and deep blue lakes in every season, but winter turns them into truly spectacular things. Snow covers the peaks, and in the best winter, the city itself is also covered. It’s not uncommon for the town to look like it popped out of a fairy tale.



If you spend a day on a hillside, or even spend a day in the fresh winter air, then it goes without saying that delicious hot meals are necessary.

Fortunately, Queenstown is a hot spot in the food world because it has the best of both worlds. It knows that there are a large number of travelers who spend money on small things, and they just want to do things quickly and easily, but the number of rich people is also increasing.

Famous chefs are opening some impressive restaurants, so those with better tastes are also welcome. The list of options is endless, so here are a few great places…

If you belong to the former group, we suggest you go to the iconic Vogburg. This has become a cliché-you can find Fogburg mentioned in almost every guide in Queenstown. Don’t let this scare you. Burgers are juicy, juicy, fresh, big… should we continue? There are many options, so choose wisely! Hot Tip

1: Please make sure you call in advance to order so that you have the opportunity to pick up the car from the side window. Queues are messy most of the day, so you will be grateful for planning ahead! Hot Tip 2: Take your Hamburg lakeside or go to the beautiful green village around the corner (just beware of curious ducks).

If you have more dough to spend, please reserve a table at Rata. Since opening in 2012, this restaurant has been receiving rave reviews, thanks to its founder Josh Emmett (New Zealand Michelin-starred chef).

The decoration is tasteful, but more importantly, so is the food. As far as the menu is concerned, look forward to NZ’s best products: tender kiwi lamb and beef, or freshly caught fish. perfect!




“Activity” may be a vague title, but this is for good reason. Queenstown (up and down the hill) is full of things to do, which range from exciting to more relaxing. There are many products to choose from throughout the year, but some are absolutely essential in winter.

For those who want to make their heart beat, Queenstown has mastered the art of injecting a surge of adrenaline. You may find this dose of adrenaline, and when it falls from the sky, or quickly descends on the roof of a gravity-driven small car, or whizzes by a few inches of the canyon wall by a jet boat.

You may also find it when your head jumps off the bridge above and is buckled underwater. No matter what you do, you will almost hold your breath.

Again, these can be done in any season, but winter adds a charming element to the experience. When snow covers the scenery below, skydiving is magical. Riding a sightseeing helicopter over “Excellence” should be almost entirely a winter activity.

If you still like your heart rhythm, we suggest you take a dip in the comfortable waters of the hot springs. It is very satisfying to lie in the hot tub when the snowdrifts fall on the ground around you. You can even visit at night, as shown in the picture above, it is definitely a magical moment.


Because it brings the world together


As you have already seen, Queenstown is a magnificent place. Because the world is still catching up with this fact, for another reason, this makes this city a better place.

Queenstown has a lively tourist population and a multitude of cultures. This is something to celebrate. The world gathers together to appreciate the beauty of this extraordinary place. This is a beautiful thing. If you want a destination that welcomes everyone, look no further.

It is almost guaranteed that if you are willing to make friends in Queenstown, you will do it-and it will never be more real than winter.

When it snows, everyone has the same idea: go up the hillside. Skiing alone is fun, skiing with a group of enthusiastic and friendly strangers is even better – Queenstown is a good choice.


Queenstown Winter Festival

To truly prove that Queenstown welcomes winter like any other place, the city holds an annual festival to celebrate the beginning of the snow season.

In 2017, the 3-day music festival will be held from June 22nd to 25th and will provide entertainment, games, food and one of the most impressive fireworks displays. The above is the 2015 performance, 2016 is also incredible.

It is not only local residents and tourists who are involved. Companies from all over New Zealand participated in competitive activities, such as mountain bike competitions in the snow, derby dog ​​competitions, dodgeballs and so on.

Because it’s fun and the winter in Queenstown is definitely worth celebrating, so make sure you attend the 2017 Winter Music Festival in Queenstown. Check for cheap airline tickets to New Zealand


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