7 Picnic Spots in Ooty for an Ideal Time


7 Picnic Spots in Ooty for an Ideal Time

This place is famous for its tea, chocolates and handicrafts. Ooty is the perfect place to plan your weekend or holiday because of its many destinations and other amenities. You can make your stay longer with the aromas, streets and serenity. However, if you are planning a family trip, it is a good idea to plan for a picnic. Book Taxi Service In Jodhpur To Go For OOty.

Tamil Nadu is the home of tea and visitors from all parts of the globe travel there to enjoy a cup of tea.

Picnics are a great way to bring people together for food, conversation, and fun. Hence. If you just want to find the best spot, that’s all there is. The only thing you have to do at the destination of lush green Tea Gardens is to enjoy some tea and biscuits.


These are the top spots to keep in mind when planning a luxury trip to Ooty.

Government Botanical Garden



A garden is the perfect place for a picnic. A picnic with lush foliage and beautiful flowers is the best. The 55-acre garden is located on the Doddabetta Peak’s lower slopes. It was created in 1840 and covers more than 170 acres.

The garden contains a wide variety of flowers, ferns and bonsai as well as shrubs and trees. It also has a unique cork-tree (the only one in India) as well as a fossil tree trunk that is 20 million years old. It is a popular picnic spot because of its lush vegetation and stunning views.


Avalanche Lake



This is the spot that might be the most important on this list. This lake’s encapsulated charm can make you giddy with its beauty. It is not an avalanche that gave it its name. The lake got its name by accident in 1823.

This beautiful lake is surrounded with tall mountains, waterfalls, and deep forests. It makes for a stunning scene. The natural beauty of the area makes it a great spot for walking, hiking, horseback riding and fishing. You can either sit down and enjoy the view or build a tent to cook the fish caught here.


Kamraj Sagar Dam



Although you might not think it is the best spot for picnics it can be the perfect base for any relaxing picnic. Sandynallah Reservoir is also known by the Kamraj Sagar Dam. You might find many people enjoying lunch, playing cards or just relaxing by the lake on any given day.

The reservoir is a popular spot for fishing because it is home to many marine animals. The area is rich in animals and vegetation, making it a popular spot for nature lovers. Birdwatchers can have fun here as they might see many species.

The turquoise water and mountains in the background create a magical setting that is worth taking photos of.


Doddabetta Peak



Our favourite thing about the countryside is its lush green hills. The place looks amazing because it is a combination of green and blue. The view is complete with villages and towns. Betta is a mountain and Dodda in Badaga means enormous. This makes it the perfect title for the highest peak of the Nilgiris at 2637m above sea level.

Choose Car Hire In Jaipur The famous picnic spot is a popular destination for photographers. The summit is flat so you can sit down and enjoy the views, as well as the company of your picnic friends. You can also enjoy photography, birdwatching and trekking at this location.

The summit has a telescope that provides panoramic views of the entire hill station.


Ooty Lake



It is a must-see lake that bears the exact name. You will be amazed at the beauty of this lake as you explore it. Ooty lake, with its turquoise waters, and green forest surrounding it, is an amazing sight. John Sullivan, an 1824 fisherman, created this artificial lake that is approximately 200 years old. This lake is a must-see in Ooty, and it is perfect for family vacations.


Ooty is the most popular destination of South India with its coffee and tea plantation, pleasant weather, cool breeze, and a toy train ride that takes you amidst nature and offers a spectacular view of the scenery. Situated in Tamil Nadu, this place leaves you with an enthralling experience at the end of your vacation.

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