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Metal Wall Clock

Can you think of a day without keeping track of time? Everything runs at its schedule, and that is how things are managed. The evolution of wall clocks was the greatest ever discovery. For decades humans kept track of time through sundials and hourglass. However, as technology started picking up, varied types of wall clocks were invented. Of all, metal wall clocks are indubitably different and look beautiful. Before we find different metal wall clocks on WallMantra, check out its benefits:

Benefits of Metal Wall Clocks

  • Durable- Unlike wooden and glass, metal wall clocks are known for toughness. The material used stays intact for years and requires no further maintenance. Even if you hang it at compact places, there’s no risk of breakage. Also, the quality of the majority of metal wall clocks is excellent. The internal machinery runs successfully by changing the batteries frequently. 
  • Versatile- Versatility is the essence of metal wall clocks. From the innumerable designs available in the market, a major proportion constitutes metal. One significant reason behind this is the sturdiness of the product. Metals can be formed into innumerable shapes effortlessly. Whereas the other materials like glass and plastic are comparatively delicate.
  • Decorative Appeal- Metal Wall Clocks stand a class apart. They look striking when mounted in dwellings. By covering the bare walls effortlessly, they leave a lasting charm. In addition, the colours of metal wall clocks contrast with almost every theme. While wall clocks made of plastic look gloomy, wooden harmonize with the vintage theme. The endless possibility of effortless contrasting makes them most preferred.

If you are planning to buy a metal wall clock, read along with the following types for a perfect deal:

Black Metal Minimalist Metal Wall Clock

If you love sober décor, this piece can be the perfect addition. Made of black metal, this round wall clock makes the onlookers gaze. Its minimalistic pattern goes beautifully with contemporary décor. Also, hanging it on a wall-defined background can enhance its beauty significantly.    


Size- 24 inches

Shape- Round

Large Floral Metal Wall Clock

Metal wall arts have become significantly prominent for a few years. This piece has a wall clock engraved in flowers. It serves a dual purpose: decoration, and functional appeal. The irregular shaped flower in black and gold contrast well with neutral backgrounds. Allocate a complete wall to ths piece, and see how your living room transforms. Not only it is ideal for the living room, but bedrooms as well. Also, the resilient metal used in its making gives a glossy finish.

Size- 24 inches

Shape- Irregular

Big Engraved Numbering Metal Wall Clock

Subtle things always deliver elegance. It is the collection of little things that make a house beautiful. This simple engraved metal wall clock looks striking on white walls. Also, it lifts every room and confers a unique feature. While making your space look organized, it has a perfect finishing. It looks stunning in the bedroom and the living area.

Size- 24 inches

Shape- Round

Black Metal Spiral Chic Wall Décor

It is a quirky and cool piece from the collection of WallMantra. The spiral design lures the audience and looks considerably beautiful. Providing a unique look, it has a resilient metal finish. The red and black combination perfectly suits neutral-coloured walls. Also, it goes well with interiors that have contemporary décor. Try hanging it in the living, or your study, for matchless elegance.

Size- 24 inches

Shape- Round

Elegant Golden Flower Metal Wall Clock

More than a time-keeping device, this metal wall clock is submerged in golden hues. The intricately manufactured golden flower in the middle reflects minimalism with style. Also, the sharp edges are perfectly finished and look like an artist’s masterpiece. The colour and design ideally go well with dark backgrounds.

Size- 24 inches

Shape- Round

Classic Black Metal Wall Clock

This black metal wall clock works smoothly with changeable batteries. Its subtle design allows sophistication and classiness in the surroundings. Painted with black colour, it looks stunning on white or pale walls. Also, it adds a stylish feel to all areas where it is used. Besides a hassle-free installation, it requires no additional assembly.

Size- 24 inches

Shape- Round

Vintage Black Round Metal Wall Clock

This stylish antique wall clock is aesthetically pleasing. Its silent mechanism and delicate design make a perfect choice for your dwellings. Also, the elegance of this piece is class apart. It looks perfect on a cleanly painted wall and sets aside all other décor forms.

Size- 24 inches


Add a vintage timepiece to a timeless black and white colour scheme

This modern living room features a stylish metallic wall clock that has large Roman numerals and lends it a vintage feel. The contrast of the black metal against a white paneled wall is strikingly elegant. It creates a beautiful focal point for this living room.

Modern Style and Ethnic Accents can be married

Look no further if you’re looking for an idea to make a large wall clock in your living room. This stunning timepiece can be used as wall decor. This wall clock is finished in wood and matches the modern, sophisticated wooden interiors of this living room. This clock’s Indian counterpart is the wall art and lattice partition. This beautiful set is adorned with hand-embroidered cushion covers and a lampshade.

Personalize your Living Room Wall Clock With Family Pics

This one is fun! A personalized feature wall can be created with beautifully textured wallpaper and matching photo frames. This wall is ideal for large living rooms with plenty of space. It can be made more meaningful by placing pictures that show the progression of your family and your life.

A wall clock can be easily updated to make your home more fashionable and modern. A wall clock is more popular than any other art piece and will be viewed over and again. It should enhance the visual appeal every time you look at it.


The list above of 7 metal wall clocks is the best collection on WallMantra. While keeping you updated on time, it makes your home look stunning. 


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