7 Best Free Universities in Europe

Universities in Europe
Universities in Europe

1. The Scuola Normale Superiore

We start our list with the best option for studying in Europe.

This is the highest-rated educational institution in Italy and one of the best in all of Europe. It has three main programs for undergraduate students: liberal arts, natural sciences, and political science. The humanities program offers specializations in topics such as paleography, art history, archeology, modern literature, linguistics, and philosophy. As for the natural sciences, biology, chemistry, and physics are offered.

What is the best thing about all this? This university is one of the free universities in Europe for international students.

That’s it. Surprisingly, the university also covers the cost of housing and meals. If you go to study there, don’t pay a dime.


  • Pisa, Italy

Tuition fees: 

  • Free!

Popular disciplines: humanities and political science

2. The Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies (Italy)

This university has two main programs: experimental and applied sciences and social sciences. Although some courses are taught in English, you need to have a good knowledge of Italian to study here. But it’s worth it!

The university is free and also covers living expenses. This is an ideal option for free education in Europe.


  • Pisa, Italy

Tuition Fee:

  • Free

Popular Subjects: Experimental and Applied Sciences and Social Sciences

3. The Free University of Berlin (Germany)

Studying at this university, you guessed it, is free! You will pay for your housing and food expenses.

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In Berlin, living expenses are around €700 per month, just under $800! This is a pretty good option for such a great university. This university is also one of the cheapest in Europe where teaching is conducted in English. It offers a Bachelor of Arts program.


  • Berlin

Tuition fees: 

  • free

Popular subjects: American Studies

4. The University of Göttingen (Germany)

Germany is the leader among countries where you can study for free. And the University of Göttingen in particular is one of the universities in Europe where international students can get a free education! The institution offers programs in the humanities, sciences, law, and social sciences, some of which are taught in English!

It also houses one of the largest libraries in all of Germany.

The only thing you have to spend is a small administration fee of around €300, only $335 for the whole semester! You will also have to pay for your accommodation. In Göttingen, the cost of living is similar to Berlin, at around €700, or less than $800 per month.


  • Göttingen, Germany

Tuition fee:

  • ~€300 (~$335)

Popular Subjects: Humanities, Science, Law, and Social Sciences

5. RWTH Aachen University (Germany)

The RWTH Aachen University specializes in architecture, resources, and materials science. All undergraduate courses are taught in German, so you will need some knowledge of the language to study.

Although learning German is worth it! This university does not charge tuition fees except for a small number of students and a service fee of approximately €260 or $290 per semester. Living expenses are around €800 or just under $900 per month. Although this is not exactly free education in Europe, still!


  • Aachen, Germany

Tuition fees: 

  • ~€260 (~$290)

Popular disciplines: architecture, resources, and materials science

6. University of Vienna (Austria)

Vienna, Austria is another great place in Europe to study on a budget (compared to the US, England, Canada, etc.). At the University of Vienna, you will have to pay a small processing fee, which is approximately €730 ($815) per semester. There are almost 200 different programs here, many of which are even taught in English.

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The university was founded in 1365 and is one of the oldest. The city of Vienna is famous for its culture and nightlife and will be the perfect place to study.


  • Vienna, Austria

Tuition fee: 

  • ~€730 (~$815) per semester

Popular disciplines: theology, computer science, cultural studies, philosophy

7. Nord University (Norway)

The publicly funded Nord University does not charge tuition fees.

The only catch is that non-EU citizens have to prove they have the means to live for a year in Norway or they won’t be given a visa.

Currently, the cost of living in Norway is about $13,000 per year.

Although this is a little more than the rest of the cities on our list, Nord University is one of the cheapest in Europe, where teaching is conducted in English. Programs taught in English include Circumpolar Studies, 3D Art, Animation, Games and Entertainment Technology, Biology, and English.


  • Bodø, Norway

Tuition fees: 

  • ~€725 or ~$800 per semester

Popular Subjects: Circumpolar Studies, 3D Art, Animation, Games & Entertainment Technology, Biology, and English.



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