7 Best Features of G Suite for Business

G suite
As business transforms offline to online, G suite is becoming one of the topmost solutions for every eCommerce business owner. It’s a worldwide known solution for all kinds of companies. You can call it Google suite, Google Workspace, or G workspace. Google workspace offers a feature-packed email and an easy collaboration with all the employees. Furthermore, it is affordable for small businesses too. Google workspace has many excellent features that benefit a business. This guide will explore the best and valuable features that G Suite offers.

Top Seven Attractive Features Of G Suite

G suite consists of many features that a business must need to operate smoothly. Let’s take a look:

1. Chat

In the G suite, chat is the most popular tool. This feature allows the business owner to let their team message anytime or anywhere. Moreover, it is considered one of the best communication tools with a number of people in a group. It also allows chatting with an individual personally. Steps to chat:
  • Click on the + button
  • Write an email id and send an invitation to chat
  • Then you will be able to chat with that particular person.
It also has a feature of room function – Google chat supports external users with more than 8,000 people. Furthermore, you can easily enjoy Google Chat with an application (available on Play Store and iStore).

2. Office Files

Google suite is perfect for editing or accessing all types of standard office files. Besides, it allows you to share or export files with anyone easily. Common office files are: Google Slides It allows you to make a presentation or slideshow and other features. Well, for accessing the Google slide, you just need an internet connection. Google Sheets The world popular Google spreadsheet is specially designed for visualization or data analysis. Here you can record essential data or fill the sheet as you want to present. All employees can view or edit the sheet just by sharing. Google Docs You might have already read about Google Docs. Gmail Docs is easy to access with good internet connectivity. Now the best part is Google office files are very easy to create and then share with your team or clients just in one click.

3. Gmail

You must be familiar with Gmail in Google Workspace. Most businesses opt for Gmail rather than Outlook because of:
  • The fast speed
  • A comprehensive mailing platform
  • It is an accessible medium to send queries or notify (clients or team members) everyone formally.
Furthermore, you don’t need to pay a penny for using Gmail. It is free and can technically be signed up with any Gmail/Google account. But, with Google workspace, you can enjoy the perks of managing and creating individual user accounts. Also, you will get higher limits of storage (photos, documents, word files, etc.). So, eventually, your team can complete tasks by Gmail without any interruptions. The advantage of Gmail is that it is easy to switch personal emails into business emails. Moreover, Google Workspace’s servers are reliable. It provides a 99.9% guarantee of the security of confidential documents.

4. Google Drive

You can get secure access to cloud-based storage. If you use it for business, get a starter package with 30 GB storage capacity for one user. At the same time, the business Standard pack offers a 2 TB storage capacity for a single user. On the other hand, Business Plus offers a single user 5 TB of storage capacity. It’s your choice to choose as per the requirements of your company. Also, selecting the Business package of G Suite includes 1TB storage for four or less than four users. Google Drive is the most preferred choice for performing collaborative work. It is the best way to organize files or projects.

5. Google Calendar

You have seen a calendar app; Google calendar is a different type of G suite. It is one of the most loved apps, known as a modern calendar. Moreover, here you can get notifications as per your settings. For example, you can set a reminder for any date (birthday, anniversary, appointment, etc.). You will get automatic notification on your phone or email address.

6. Google Meet

Google meet is basically an app that allows you to conduct a virtual meet-up from anywhere in the world. You can access G suite’s Google Meet feature from any computer, phone, or tablet. For instance, if your employees are ‘Working from home,’ you can meet with them through a video call, it is only possible for google workspace. Also, with Google meet, you can conduct virtual meets with many people in your company. Once you make a group, all the members will get a notification at the same time you want to conduct a meeting. It is totally free of cost for office or other work.

7. Vault

Google Vault can be called an eDiscovery and information governance tool. It is a popular tool among people using Google Workspace. Moreover, it is useful for searching, holding, exporting, and retaining Google Workspace information. Vault is usually used for data :
  • Gmail messages
  • Classic Hangouts messages (when history is turned on)
  • Drive files
  • Google Groups messages
  • Google Meet recordings and associated polls logs, Q&A, and chat.
Vault search ability is higher. It enables users to search with file type, user, date, or keyword. Google Vault is specially meant to make an electronic discovery and archiving easier. Furthermore, it has the ability to streamline things such as regulatory investigations and compliance efforts.


So is Google Workspace the right choice for every type of business? The answer is YES. G Suite has high-security tools if you need cloud email services. Furthermore, it is a beneficial and appropriate service for any type of company that depends on communication or technology. In conclusion, we suggest you do not believe in a random service provider; first, complete all your research, then stick to one. Also, here are some major factors when choosing one are cost, services, and reliability. Have you found this write-up useful? If yes, please share your views in the review box. Thank you for reading!


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