6 Signs He can’t marry you?

6 Telltale Signs He'll never marry you

There’s no reason to panic if you’ve been dating for more than six months and haven’t received a proposal, but if it’s been years without a ring, you could be right in thinking, “Will he ever marry me?” If you’re beginning to doubt the relationship and are concerned that he never marry you, keep an eye out for the following signs:

1: He does not further the connection.

When men are interested in love marriage, they will take advantage of any opportunity to further the relationship. For example, after a year or so of dating, it is normal to move in together.

If his lease expires and he moves in with a roommate or gets a new place instead of utilizing the chance to get a place with you, it might be an indication that he isn’t interested in moving the relationship forward. Or perhaps you’ve been together for a long time but have never gone on vacation together. If he isn’t taking these measures with you, it’s a very clear clue that he isn’t interested.

2: He downplays the importance of your connection.

If you’ve been dating for months and he tells others you’re not serious, or if he refuses to acknowledge your relationship in public, this is one of the clear signals he doesn’t want to marry you. It implies that he is not proud of the relationship, and if he thinks this way, he will not publicly declare his love for you by marrying you.

3: You’ve never met his family.

If he has made a point of presenting you to his family and appears to be concerned about what they think, this is an indication that he wants to marry you. It is uncommon for a guy to marry without first presenting his prospective bride to his family, so if you have been dating for a long time and haven’t met the family, marriage is most likely out of the question.

4: When you inquire about the future, he becomes defensive.

In a long-term relationship, discussing future plans is natural. If he feels furious or defensive when you bring up your future together, it indicates that he is torn about it. It most likely signifies that he is aware of it.

5: You’ve been together for a long time with no signs of a proposal.

If you’ve been together for so long that you’re wondering, “Will he ever propose?” This is a sign that he is not into you.

6: He emotionally separates himself from you.

When a man sincerely loves a woman and wants her to be a lasting part of his life, he will allow her to be near to him. A guy who is prepared to be vulnerable with you envisions a future with you; thus, if he is erecting barriers and emotionally separating himself from you, he does not see you as wife material.

If you’re wondering why men don’t want to marry, it’s because some like the independence of the bachelor lifestyle. If he is still acting like a college student, going to bars, drinking, and flirting with other women, this is one of the indicators he does not want to marry you. He may spend all of his time with males or choose to spend most of his time with single folks who aren’t in committed relationships. For more information, you can also contact our world famous astrologer or you can also contact on our page dainikastrology.


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