6 Reasons Outsourcing IT Support Is a Win-Win

6 Reasons To Outsource IT Support Services
6 Reasons Outsourcing IT Support Is a Win-Win

Technology is continuously changing the face of business. Constantly evolving and adaptive technology renovates the way businesses function, possibly in the areas of sales and marketing. Businesses that expect to compete are in a continuous race to evolve and adopt these technologies before it becomes outdated, and business slips and ends up falling by the edge. There are few ways to guarantee this positioning without feasible IT support, the reason why a business leader should consider outsourcing IT support services through Managed Services.

As businesses are becoming progressively more dependent on technology, the necessity of superior IT services has also grown. This need can overpower many businesses with the difficulties of handling their own IT support. A professional IT services provider allows you to manage the network, services, users, and devices that are essential to a company’s operations in a cost-effective and innovative manner. It ensures that the organization’s network is up-to-date and that its technology delivers smooth operations across all departments, hierarchies, and roles within the company. Let’s check the 6 best reasons to outsource your IT support.

Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your IT Support

1. Decrease Labor Costs

Training and managing a huge in-house IT department is an expensive venture. The simple tech support specialists in the United States were paid an average of $46,420 per annum as per the reports. Systems Analysts, on the other hand, paid upwards of $80,000 annually, with Data and Network Administrators gets approximately the same. Hiring temporary IT support staff often ends in frustration given the limited investment, both financially and mentally. Employing an IT support company committed to providing managed IT support services, alternatively, take along extremely skilled workers at a fraction of the labor-related costs.

2. Provides More Security

Suppose your in-house small IT support team is doing extremely great. And then, suddenly a cyber attack smashes out of nowhere. Instantly, your in-house employees are in over their heads, sinking in more IT issues than they have hands for. Without an adequate amount of IT support manpower, the breach is successful and data is gone. Afterward, there is around a 60% chance your company will under no circumstances recover and will shut down permanently within 6 months. With managed IT support services, access to a large team to handle this disaster is only a phone call away. The bottom line is, you’re far less exposed to cyber attacks as soon as you outsource IT support.

3. No Training or Managing

More in-house IT support employees means more training, staff meetings, personalized coaching, performance tracking or evaluation, etc. Wait, do you even know how to tell an IT support specialist how to do his job? Obviously not or you wouldn’t be employing one in the first place. Will you know whether they’re working efficiently or if it just appears like it? How can you support them to do their job efficiently if you’re not an IT professional yourself? Luckily, you don’t have to be and you don’t have to worry about any of that other stuff either. Just hire an IT company that will take all the worries from you, and is more qualified and experienced to do so. And above all, they will provide online IT support and share performance reports with you to describe precisely what their work is achieving anyway.

4. Recover from disaster

Business data is its most significant resource aside from people. Many companies are ill-equipped to handle cyber attacks, which can cause a business to stop production immediately. Assuming that disaster can strike at any time, a delay in disaster recovery solutions can have terrible consequences. As it’s significant to have the human power and resources promptly available to make swift repairs; something that’s made possible with the help of outside specialists who are familiar with disaster recovery and have backup tools at their disposal. By outsourcing IT support services, a business can free up its valued resources and emphasize what matters. Hiring outside professionals allows businesses to learn, grow, and progress.

5. Deliver uninterrupted flow of service

As technology grows progressively more composite, software and hardware management has become particularly more challenging. With a saturated industry, specifically in sales and marketing, businesses are required to have innovative and advanced hardware and software solutions. They also need end-to-end networking and a constant flow of functionality for the internet. Professional IT support service providers can completely handle such mechanics.

6. Remain focused on core business

Every boss possibly feels that there aren’t sufficient hours in the day to deal with all the challenges. Distributing attention between primary business functions and IT-related concerns limits potential even more. IT support outsourcing helps employees to stay focused on what they are capable of, trained, and paid for.


What is the need for outsourcing IT support? It’s economical, easier, secure, and more dependable than relying on in-house IT support staff. Tier 3 I.T. Solutions is a Edmonton, Alberta based managed IT support services provider company with a team of experienced and professional IT technicians or specialists. The company provides level 3 tech support, cloud storage and backup services, cyber security solutions, server and network support, data backup and disaster recovery services, IT strategy & consultation and IT procurement to small businesses to medium sized business to help them grow their businesses. You can have peace of mind and focus more on the productivity of the business by outsourcing professional managed IT support specialists.

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