6 Key Strategies to Increase Virtual Events Impact

Virtual Events

With the new normal rolling our way, the use of virtual events is becoming more preferential and so far has shown affirmative response vividly. Today, businesses are cracking global deals and connecting with millions of potential customers from different parts of the world at different times.

Virtual events require the same planning, promoting, and hosting details just like live physical events. However, for organizing an event virtually there are a few event-specific advertising strategies to deal with to avoid unnecessary digital shuffle and to effortlessly run any event in a visually rich environment. Get an insight about how to promote virtual events in an appealing way to let attendees tune in, sign up, and engage immersively.

But before you head to the strategy part, let us know the meaning of virtual events, the major reason why these events are gaining popularity, and what are the benefits of virtual events to better understand their impacts.

What is a virtual event?

A virtual, online, or digital event is an interactive event that takes place over the internet. Digital gatherings, unlike face-to-face events, are not constrained by a single venue or crowd. Attendees from anywhere in the world can join and take part in the event, as long as they have access to the website or platform on which the event is taking place.

The reasons why this form of events are gaining popularity:

– This gets greater participation from the attendees. it believes they are the protagonists of the virtual act in which they participate and their participation is continuously demanded.

– They offer the feeling to attendees that the event’s organizers are on top of the new trends.

– They make it easier to get more support and then disseminate it. Instead of only one representative from each organization participating, the details presented will help everybody.

– They allow attendees to save money on plane fares, hotels, restaurants, and other expenses associated with attending the event.

– They are less expensive since the data is stored in the virtual world and can be downloaded after the appointment.

– You will learn everything there is to know about our brand, product, or service, and even visit our facilities to meet our employees, test our products, and so on.

– In order to connect with attendees, they take full advantage of the many resources offered by new technologies.

The benefits of virtual events

Following the enforcement of prohibitions on live events as a result of the global pandemic, virtual gatherings have accomplished a lot of attention in 2020. Digital events, on the other hand, often have lower production costs and can be created and displayed much faster than live events. Businesses have been able to continue to reach their customers and partners through virtual experiences even though in-person events are not accessible.

Since there are no restrictions on audience size in a simulated environment, virtual gatherings can accommodate much more people than a live event might. Digital events often eliminate or at least minimize logistical and financial barriers for participants, allowing businesses to extend their audience outside their regional state or country.

6 Key Strategies to deliver impactful Virtual Events


This is a crucial segment of your event as your page defines everything. An event page is a place where people learn about your event thoroughly before signing up. So, to make an attractive page use a simple yet efficient tool to make it stand out, including catchy graphics, engaging images & clips of keynote speakers, workshop leaders & performers attending your event. Embed all the necessary and relevant content like videos, pictures, and other media to avoid people from wandering here & there on the page. Lastly, add all the required details on your landing page so that your visitors don’t have to search it elsewhere, make it a one-stop-shop for information and attendee actions: Time and date of the event, An agenda, Speaker bios, Sponsor information, Sign-up links, Secure payment options include all.


We all are well aware of the fact that incorporating keywords is important to rank your organization’s website or content with the help of search potentials. This is crucial for your virtual events as well. Use effective keyword planning tools like Google Ads to acknowledge the relevant words used often by people. Include those keywords in the content as this is a great way to promote your event.

With a quick Google search, you can cover all of the important keywords. For example, if you want to promote your ‘digital advertising industry conference,’ the first search for these terms and words that sound familiar, and then make a list of The ‘People also ask’ results, Autocompletes, The ‘Searches related to your keywords at the bottom of the first SERP. In addition to these results, you may also find words to include in your virtual promotional copy.


We live in an era of social media marketing, and yet people tend to forget that email marketing is still an efficient strategy for businesses worldwide. Spread a word about your upcoming events by sending out curated email newsletters regarding your new event updates, engagement features, post-event wrap-ups, and more. To raise awareness, provide vibrant images in your email newsletters that convey engagement even in an online format, also don’t forget to add unique discount codes.


Seamlessly market your program by asking your sponsors and partners to exponentially promote your virtual event. This offers a great advantage to all the shareholders. Request that your supporters inform their friends and followers about your case. Provide affiliate and social media page links or any content you publish. Share all the important information such as the latest updates, social media hashtags, and graphics.


All enjoy watching exclusive video material. Create a short video showcasing the event and share it on social networking sites including YouTube and Instagram. According to research, a video of two minutes in duration is the optimal length for interaction. Have speaker’s photos and videos on hand, tag them in the post, and absolutely make sure that they share the post on their social networking sites


Continue to focus on your simulated promotion plans before your case begins. Attendees must be active and enthusiastic, otherwise, they will not attend. No matter how impressive the enrollment figures are, they cannot ensure that they will be transformed into guests on the event day. Grab attendee’s attention by offering:

  • At the conclusion of the day, provide guests with a “hidden giveaway.”
  • Counting off the days/hours/minutes on the event website.
  • Share important posts on social media with the relevant event hashtag to rank on top.


It takes time and patience to promote and schedule good virtual and hybrid events, but the end result is well worth the time and effort. You and your team will be appreciated for a sense of accomplishment if you remain on top of the campaign and follow up with participants. These were a few effective and convenient strategies for your organization to deliver the best and most successful event without any compromise.



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