6 Free Apps to Start Playing Chess


6 Free Apps to Start Playing Chess

If you think chess is boring, you just don’t know how to play it. But it can be as entertaining as PC games or slots from tonybet.co.uk/casino. And these 6 user-friendly apps are great to start learning chess. 


In the app, you can play against the computer or another user in online mode. A nice touch is the ability to set the level of difficulty of the game yourself, invite your friends, choose your version of the game, and export the game to PNG. The main bonus is freedom from ads in the app.

Chess Guess

The app is put together as a course on the basics of chess analysis. During the game, you won’t just learn the history of chess and meet the great champions, but you’ll also regularly test your knowledge by completing tasks. You will be presented with 400 commented games and over 2542 tasks, for example the right move of a great chess maestro.

Play Magnus

The app is named after world chess champion Magnus Carlsen and has customizable difficulty levels. It is set up to play at 19 different levels based on Magnus Carlsen’s abilities at any given age. You can hear various famous Magnus quotes in the app, as well as win a chance to play against Carlsen in person.

Chess King

This collection of chess training courses will teach you tactics, strategy, openings, middlegames, endgames, and so on. The courses are divided into levels of training from beginner to professional, and the program acts as a coach who sets tasks and helps in solving them, giving hints, explanations, and even showing refutation of erroneous moves that you can make.

Follow Chess

Watch live games of top international chess tournaments, study the moves of top players, and learn from their example. The app will appeal if you follow what’s happening in the world of chess. You can watch games from major international tournaments in real time and analyze the game with its built-in functions.

CT-ART 4.0

The app is designed in the format of a training course on tactics and was developed on the basis of a book by Grandmaster Maxim Blokh. All positions are perfectly aligned and placed in a special order, which contributes to the maximum learning effect. The app is designed for chess players from the 3rd category up to Candidate Master.


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