6 Expert’s Tips on How to Develop Secure Web Apps

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Web Apps have become a great tool for businesses to deliver their services globally. However, there’s a gradual increase in cyber security threats which in turn increases important financial and personal data getting leaked.

Hence, implementing strong, vigorous security measures during development is mandatory. This web security must be included throughout the design, development, and coding phases to streamline efforts, production costs, and time to market. Initially, let us see why web Apps are significant.

Why Web Application is Important in 2021?

Web apps are software that runs on a web server. A user can access them through a web browser and an active internet connective. Besides, Web Apps are the core tech tools of a business. They help you achieve your goals quickly and swiftly.  

Web app development has become a challenge in 2021. However, you can build successful web apps only if you collaborate with skillful developers from the best web app development company like Soft Suave. Below are the top three reasons why web application is vital in 2021.  

  • Use Numerous Platform:-

Web apps work on all the platforms like desktops, tablets, and other mobile devices. However, you need to have a robust browser. Furthermore, business owners need not focus on any specific platform. Instead, they will release it on a common platform, and customers will use it according to their feasibility and business requirement.  

  • Competitive Edge:-

Web applications give you a competitive edge in the market. It acts as an essential tool to serve the customers. Besides, as web apps can be used in any browser, it is a powerful tool for carrying out business activities from any place, anytime.  

  • Advanced Customer Support:-

Web apps pave the way to offer remarkable customer support. They can be the most reliable and first point of contact between customers and business owners. Moreover, as customer support is the most concerning factor in 2021, business owners are ready to invest any amount of money towards good web app development. 

Build Highly Secured Web Apps with these 6 Proven Tips

Content management systems, database administration tools, and SaaS applications are the most common targets when a web App attack occurs. Besides, the lack of input sanitization and escape is the primary vulnerability that has the ability to manipulate the web App’s source code.

  • Utilize a cyber security framework:-

Adopting a cyber security framework allows us to manage enterprise risks more efficiently. It is a decisive approach that starts with detailed research on security risks. Besides, it includes activities like developing a cyber incident response plan with fitting App security checklists. However, cyber security is a bit complex and requires the work of experts with enough experience. Hence, getting help from a trusted web app development company can be a better choice. This way you can ensure your application is free of any threats. 

  • Create a threat model:-

This is one of the easiest ways to tackle security concerns where we can create a threat model with a motive to identify incoming threats. 

Constructing an efficient threat empowers us to  

  • Know which information assets have the high probability to get targeted for a security attack
  • Determine the vulnerabilities
  • Learn more about potential attack vectors

Apart from these, this threat model has the capability to evolve over time alongside the application and gather more data. To create a threat model, there are three major steps,

      • Identifying your information assets
      • Identifying incoming threats
      • Prioritize vulnerabilities/risks
  • Performing security exercises:-

This is one of the proven methods to identify and know if your web App suffers from any security vulnerabilities. In other words, this is a way to examine if your sensitive information is safe. This is the more advanced stage after penetration testing. However, penetration testing is a kind of spot-checks, whereas, performing mock attacks is more accurate and comprehensive.

In mock attacks, you can perform continuous security exercises with red team vs. blue team campaigns. During this mock attack, the red team (maybe an external organization) would try to challenge your security on a continuous basis by way of phishing, social engineering, DDoS attacks. On the other hand, the blue team (local team) has the task to stop those attempts/attacks. This helps to keep the application prepared for an attack and maintain general security awareness. Moreover, it has the advantage to keep your dedicated security team prepared for real attacks and be more protective.

  • Manage Your Containers:-

Containers have a self-contained OS environment and are segmented by web App design. This lowers the risk and offers security advantages. Moreover, these containers are flexible, easy to build, test, and deploy across multiple environments throughout the SDLC.  

However, to secure the container usage throughout the CI/CD pipeline, we have to run automated scans.

  • Follow solid software development practices:-

For secured software development, we can accommodate practices that assist us to make fewer errors while writing code. Besides, practices that help to detect and eliminate errors earlier will also be useful. For this, it is essential to know and understand about potential security problems like,

  • SQL injections
  • cross-site scripting (XSS)
  • cross-site resource forgery (CSRF)

Additionally, having knowledge about secure coding techniques will be helpful.

  • Install an advanced DevOps pipeline:-

An automated DevOps pipeline helps to ship updates faster, accelerate software releases, and simplify future system modifications. On top of that, it has the power to automate everything in the web App development lifecycle right from code, design to production. Plus, it enhances, team collaboration and aid to gain deeper insights into operating system issues.

Polishing off

Developing a secure web App that prevents different security threats is necessary and shouldn’t be skipped. Failing this may cause some serious damage to a business, for instance, information theft, damaged client relationships, revoked licenses, and legal proceedings.

In short, end-users would feel unsafe to use the App in the first place. Therefore, partnering with Soft Suave who can implement the best security measures is crucial. They can effectively define a plan to find vulnerabilities, set priorities, and fix those vulnerabilities to stop attack attempts. Get this 30-min free consultation and start your web App development.


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