6 Best Board Games To Have Fun Without Leaving Your House In 2022


6 Best Board Games To Have Fun Without Leaving Your House In 2022

Raising kids can be more challenging than one can think, but things can be a bit easier with the fun board games in front of you. An expensive way to entertain yourself, board games are a great way to spend quality time with your family or friends. With the pandemic taking new turns, one has to find new ways of keeping themselves occupied. Check out these six best board games to have fun without leaving your house in 2022


The classic crossword game out there that is fun to play with family and friends, Scrabble is one board game that people of all age groups can play. You have to gather your letters, land upon a random word, and get a triple-word score for your outstanding performance. This game chisels your vocabulary, trains you for the ultimate spelling bee, and wins every contest. In addition, the game allows you to have a tough competition with your opponent and give them a tough time with your skills.

Scrabble can be played online and offline, and the triple-word squares are the best part of the game. A strategic and educational board game, Scrabble boosts children’s vocabulary and is a great way to teach different words while having fun.


Carrom has been one of the best board games for people of all ages from time immemorial. Four players can play the game, and one can download Carrom game and play it either online or offline. The game depends on the maximum number of tokens pocketed by a player. The Queen puck is the ultimate golden ticket to your path of winning the game. You can play it over tea time or at parties too. Online Carrom has brought more people together and can be played to win several rewards and cash prizes. The online Ludo platforms and apps also provide several themes that enhance your gaming experience. You can choose to play either freestyle or in classic mode.

Chinese Checkers

Invented in Germany in 1892, Chinese Checkers is one of the best board games that you can play with your family and friends. The set is available in natural wooden and plastic pegs and looks visually appealing. The game reflects extraordinary craftsmanship and makes the players realize this importance across regions. You can play this game with five other players and have an exciting time over some thrilling and frantic games that will brighten any occasion.

Whether it is a family picnic or a robust party, Chinese Checkers can be your go-to game for every celebration. The game involves lesser rules and is relatively easy to understand and play. Once you get the hang of Chinese Checkers, it might never leave your side!

Game of Life

Play as your life depends on it is the motto for winning, and as the name suggests, Game of Life is another exciting board game that will keep you on edge throughout the game. If your life is full of ups and downs, this game is the best option for you. You will come across various twists and turns, and your position from Start will determine your winning to Retirement. To ensure your place in the game, be ready to come across unexpected hurdles in the middle of the game. The game is life-like, and you can experience everything from career, family, dream vacations, and other milestones in life. The game ends when everyone reaches the Retirement zone, and the player who has the maximum money wins the game. In the end, people pay all their debts and add their gains and losses.

The Game of Life is the most thrilling and might keep you busy for a long time and keep you excited every time you play the game. The game consists of fun-filled surprises, and players come across fun twists, and your characters will experience the whole game. This game is apt for older kids and adults alike and needs patience and includes making real-life decisions, enjoying vacations, making special moments with your family and friends, and having a great time after dinner or in a family party or other joyous occasions.


One of the most popular board games since time immemorial, Monopoly is a fast-dealing property game where you can buy, sell and scheme to amplify your riches. People in real estate will love Monopoly, and this is the game that helps you know more about the tactics of buying and selling properties. Moreover, people might perceive it as a serious game; however, it consists of Tyrannosaurus Rex, Rubber Ducky, and Penguins that add to the game’s fun. You have to roll the dice, and your token will be good to go. There will be an ultimate winner in this game, and it can feel real.

This game will chisel your cognitive and negotiating skills and develop your personality. You will learn about the basics of life and will be much more prepared to face upcoming challenges in life. The game also promotes self-preservation and sportsmanship.


What better than a thrilling murder mystery? You must have seen or read several murder mysteries, but have you heard about a board game with six suspects and one murderer. The game is full of adventures and mysteries, and one has to find who’s responsible for murdering Mr. Boddy of Tudor Mansion. The players have to guess who, what and where of the game, and the person to guess everything correctly wins the game. The game comes up with several twists and turns and is a great family game, and is best to be played at night. While the dark knight rises, the game will maximize your excitement and amplify the suspense with guessing and unpredictable twists. If your family members are into puzzles and guessing, then this is a must-play game to enjoy with your family.


These are some of the best board games you can play and have lots of fun without leaving your house in 2022. While the new year has set upon you, get ready to enjoy your time with several merriments and these board games.


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