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6 Basic Car Care Tips: All you need to know

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As our lives are getting busier and more hectic than ever, almost every
household has a car that meets the demands of every individual of the
family. Tending care of the car falls on our shoulders so that the vehicle
can provide a long-time service to us and can also remain practical in use.
Car Care of any vehicle depends on its type and usage.

Preventive care is always better than risking the car to face any future damage or
breakdowns. Your car will look brand new if you take proper care of it.
The following are some of the basic care tips for your vehicle.

Clean your car

Even though this seems more like common sense than a tip, there are still
many people who do not keep their cars clean. These people don’t realize
that tidying up their car will not only enhance the vehicle’s whole outlook
but it will also prolong its life as well which is extremely beneficial. If the car
isn’t clean, an accumulation of dirt will occur in the chassis and other parts
of the car which will ultimately lead to corrosion and degradation of your

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Although you can take your car to automated car washes, it is better to do
this task yourself because they use stiff brushes on your car which might
leave small scratches. In order to clean your car, try incorporating good car
cleaning products and use a cleaning solution instead of other inferior
liquids. Afterward, dry the car using a soft towel. Cleaning the car isn’t only
restricted to the exterior but interior as well. A major advantage of doing
this is that the sale value of the car will be high if it’s kept in a neat

Keep a keen eye on your car’s battery

The battery of a vehicle is just as essential as an engine or other parts of the
car. If a car has not been in use for a long period of time, chances are that
the battery will stop working. Therefore, if the car is kept in a garage, install
a charger alongside it to maintain the battery. Also, try driving your car at
least once a week especially in the winter season as the batteries have a
higher chance of going flat in cold weather.

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Moreover, do not jump start your car as it leaves a stain on the battery

Keep your car covered

Just how many people do not tend to clean their cars, keeping the car
covered to protect it is another thing which skips the mind of many. Cars
these days admittedly have become more and more resistant to corrosion.
But covering the car and keeping it in a safe place such as a garage will do
no harm. In fact, parking your car in the garage will keep it clean, dry and
safe from all the risks of damage or theft.

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Use the air conditioning

If you don’t use your air conditioner regularly, the system will inevitably leak
the refrigerator gas which is very much harmful. People refrain from using
the air conditioner as it saves up fuel. However, this tactic might instead
cost you more as you can end up with a bill of re-gassing. Try using your
air conditioner in winters as well.

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Try to drive smoothly

Being harsh with the pedals will only do you harm as it increases the fuel
and repair bills. Revving up the engine in an improper manner will build up
carbon deposits which will pollute the valves and other parts of the car.
This will significantly reduce the efficiency of the engine and might also
cause a misfire. On the other hand, if you drive smoothly, it is
comparatively much better for your car and even the environment. If you’re
looking for more ways to save your fuel bill, practice accelerating and
decelerating in a manageable way.

Car Care
More benefits of driving slow and steady are that it reduces the chances of
wear and increase the miles per tank.

Be considerate in buying car parts

People tend to purchase inferior quality parts in order to save some money
which only proves to be a bad idea in the long run. When it comes to the
car parts, originality is the key to value in the future.

Car Care

Using original car parts will actually help in saving money by keeping your car in a fine and stable condition. Give your car the best and your car will give the best
performance in return.

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