5 Ways Preschool Malaysia Benefits Your Child

Preschool Malaysia

Sending your child to a child care centre that focuses on child development and early childhood education is a wonderful choice. (Preschool Malaysia)


Early childhood education has been shown to be one of the most effective strategies to help your kid develop the social, emotional, and cognitive abilities needed to succeed in primary school and beyond.


Here are a few ways that child development and early childhood education can help your child now and in the future.


Early childhood education has numerous advantages.


1. They’ll form positive behaviours.

Children benefit from daily routines because they feel safe and secure. They’re also an excellent approach to instil good behaviours in children, such as cleaning their teeth and washing their hands. Children are more likely to be calm, content, and develop excellent sleeping patterns if they know what to expect each day. This early childhood development and early schooling would eventually enable kids to take responsibility of daily duties such as dressing and packing their bags.


Childcare is an excellent way to help your child establish a schedule. Educators understand the skills your kid needs to develop and employ a variety of approaches to assist them in doing so in a secure and regulated setting. This not only helps your child prepare for kindergarten, but it also makes family life easier, allowing you to spend less time trying to coax your child into cooperating and more time enjoying one other’s company.


2. They’ll improve their literacy and numeracy abilities.

The cornerstone for a child’s education is literacy and numeracy abilities, but it’s more than simply reading, writing, and counting. Listening to stories, talking about pictures, and sketching shapes on paper help children develop literacy abilities. They practise numeracy skills through singing and playing music, or by pouring sand into various-sized containers.


Your child’s pre-school literacy and numeracy skills affect his or her academic success later in life. Children who attend daycare for three years or more perform better on year four reading and numeracy tests1, and 18 months of preschool had a greater impact on literacy and numeracy at age 11 than all six years of primary school1.


3. They’ll learn to deal with their emotions.

Childcare allows your child to develop social skills, which will aid them in forming good interactions with others. Early childhood care helps youngsters engage with others, share and take turns, listen, communicate, and become self-sufficient. As your child gets older, he or she will use friendships to shape self-identity and destiny.


Childcare also aids in the development of emotional resilience in your child. Children who start childcare at ages 2-3 are more attentive and better at managing their emotions, according to studies. Studies show that parents whose children attend childcare build social, emotional, and even financial relationships with other families.


4. They’ll have a bright future.

Did you know that early childhood education has long-term benefits? A 30-year U.S. study found that adults who received a high-quality early childhood education from ages 0 to 5 were more likely to be employed and graduate from college.


Social, emotional, and academic success depend on early-life skills. Children who don’t attend nursery or early childhood education are 50% more likely to have developmental issues in school.


5. They’ll acquire a passion for learning that will last a lifetime.

High-quality childcare will keep your child safe while you work and inspire a lifelong love of learning. Early childhood education provides social and cognitive experiences that help children develop independence and a positive learning attitude. These abilities aid your child’s transition to primary school and contribute to his or her scholastic success4.


Consider sending your child to a childcare centre that provides high-quality early childhood development teaching in a fun, caring, and supportive environment.


Is your child enrolled in an early childhood education programme? What other advantages do they see in going to childcare every day?


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