5 Tips to look amazing this holiday season 

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Whether we like it or not, the holiday season is fast approaching which means one thing: a calendar full of festivities, as well as a calendar full of seasonal sartorial conundrums. This is an excellent time to catch up with family and old friends who have returned to town. Looking your best during this time can make a lasting impression for a year. While other people’s perceptions should not govern your life, it is comforting that everyone notices how well you are doing and how good you look. 


Some of us are only a couple of weeks or even a couple of months out of shape. We can look great in weeks if we follow a healthy diet and exercise routine. The following are some pointers to help you look for the upcoming holiday season. 

  1. Don’t skip breakfast. 


Rebecca Rick, M.S., RDN, a sport dietitian at eNRG Performance in Littleton, Colorado, says “saving up for a large holiday meal is one of the biggest mistakes people make.” She says that playing the waiting game ultimately backfires.


Some things you can forget about, such as keeping your house tidy, shaving, and so on. And many of them aren’t even that significant. But, no matter how busy you are, breakfast is something you should not skip. It’s crucial for energy and overall well-being.

Breakfast sets the nutritional tone for the entire day, and you don’t want to put your body in survival mode by extending your overnight fast. You get extra points if you replace your bagel with eggs and your venti latte with a short black. According to one of the studies published in the International Journal of Obesity, doing the former can help reduce your waist by 34% and your body fat by 16%. 

Start your day with a nutritious breakfast, and you’ll not only have enough fuel to get you going, but you’ll also be far more likely to exercise and eat well the rest of the day. 

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  1. Start working out. 


We all had the same goal when we first began to exercise: getting a salacious body and looking good naked. The initial motivation for us to get into a workout regimen comes from watching our favorite athletes or actors on television or wanting to be more attractive to attract a mate. Regardless of your goals, working out regularly and eating healthy is essential for every guy out there, whether they’re looking to lose weight or improve their aesthetics.  If you are concerned about your appearance, then training is a necessity.


Some of us are only some weeks or even a couple of months out of shape. We can look great in weeks if we follow a healthy diet and exercise routine. The most essential thing to remember is to gradually introduce exercise into your routine, as doing so too quickly can result in injury. An injury can derail a workout or weight loss plan more than anything else. If running isn’t your thing, try various other cardio activities. 

Swimming can be an ideal way to return back into shape without putting too much strain on your joints such as various forms of cardio. Find a gym partner with whom you can help hold each other accountable if the gym isn’t where either of you wants to be. Anabolic steroids have also been proven to be of great help in bodybuilding and increasing muscle mass. It’s essential to order now most trusted steroids for the sake of quality and safety. 

A person exercising

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  1. Start Dieting Right Now 


Holidays can be one of the nightmares for people on a diet, but many diets now include a cheat day once a week. Nobody wants to learn about clean eating and diet on Thanksgiving Day, so this could be a perfect fit for the holiday season. An essential thing you can do is avoid eating after a few too many glasses of wine. Eating after consuming alcohol is something that most people have done, but this only adds to the damage done by alcohol. Reduce your drinking and use the holidays as your cheat days, and you’ll look better than ever this holiday season. 


Even though it might seem impossible some days, maintaining a healthy diet is possible without sacrificing any of your favorite foods. The holiday season isn’t too late for starting to look your best. You have to start right away if you want to look better than you have in years! Show up better than you have in years by showing up today!

  1. Dental Care is Key


Nothing beats looking good at a holiday family dinner, especially if your rival cousin or sibling is there. A great smile can light up a room and turn all other attendees green with envy.  The smile of a person can brighten a room, making everybody in it envy you. There are numerous whitening products to choose from, but consulting with a cosmetic dentist can be a great option. Some people simply did not have the financial means to have great teeth earlier in life, but that is no excuse not to fix your teeth now. Another good idea is to have your house cleaned before the holidays, especially if you haven’t had your biannual cleaning yet. 

  1. Keep away from the Buffet 


It’s only natural for people to gather around food. However, if you sit right next to the buffet table or hors d’oeuvre station, your chances of overeating skyrocket. “It’s like sitting in front of the TV with a bag of chips in your lap — you keep reaching for food whether you’re hungry or not,” says Susan Kleiner, Ph.D., R.D., author of The Powerfood Nutrition Plan. The fact that most holiday offerings are high in empty calories aggravates the situation. 

The Bottom Line

You are not doomed to fall off the fitness wagon simply because life becomes, well, busy during the holidays. You can stick to your workout routine and look your best with a little planning and a lot of flexibility. 


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