5 Things to Keep in Mind During Computer-Based IELTS Exam

ielts computer baesd exam
IELTS Computer Based exam

IELTS Computer-Based Exam

For almost three decades, IELTS has traditionally been conducted as a paper test. However, with the advent of computer technology and the growing trend of teaching and testing, IELTS has now introduced the IELTS computer test, commonly known as CBT. If you are going to give IELTS exam online then 5 things to keep in mind during IELTS computer-based exam. In addition to the existing paper-based test, computer-based IELTS was first introduced in Australia in December 2017.

Computer-based IELTS exam and Paper-based IELTS exam totally depend on aspirants. That by which approach they want to give the test.

Computer-Based IELTS Exam: Connections and Benefits


The IELTS test remains the same in both CBT and PBT. The test format, question types, assessment criteria, and level of difficulty are all similar to the IELTS paper test. The only difference, but in addition, is that the previous candidate could take the IELTS test on paper, but now they have the opportunity to take it on a computer as well.


The key advantage of computer IELTS is that multiple sessions are available per day and results are delivered faster (usually within 3-5 days). The trend of computer IELTS, especially during this pandemic, has received a good response. Candidates around the world find this more conducive, as it also helps maintain norms of social exclusion. There are limited seats and more date options with up to 7 days a week and about 3 times a day! Most likely, the future will be one in which computer IELTS and paper IELTS will complement each other as equally relevant and important testing methodologies.

Computer-Based IELTS Exam

Here are some FAQs related to the Computer-based IELTS exam.

  1. Which mechanisms of the exam come under a Computer-based test(CBT)?
  2. How much time will it take for me to get my marks if I take the CBT?
  3. Can a computer-based IELTS exam affect my performance?
  4. How does the Computer-based IELTS exam work?
  5. How computer-based IELTS exams can be beneficial for aspirants?

All the answers to these FAQs are mentioned below:

Which Mechanisms of the Exam Come Under Computer-Based Test(CBT)?

Like paper IELTS, listening, reading, and writing modules are taken in the IELTS computer-based test. This includes the type of questions asked, format, time, as well as characters. Also, the IELTS Speaking exam will remain unchanged and will face a human test. The human test assesses the components of writing and speaking. The only difference is that IELTS Speaking is conducted during a week of testing day on the PBT, while the same day is conducted on the Computer Based Test.

How Much Time Will it Take for Me to Get My Marks If I Take the CBT?

The exam results will available within approximately 3-5 working days.

Can a Computer-Based IELTS Exam Affect My Performance?

No. Like anything new, getting a computer-based IELTS takes a little time. However, it does not interfere with the results in any way. In fact, according to several reviews, candidates find Computer Based Test more convenient than paper-based IELTS. In addition, the entire test format, questions, and assessment criteria for both are the same, so it does not affect the passing of the IELTS test in any way. Only your presentation will conclude your marks.

How Does the Computer-based IELTS Exam Work?

One significant change in Computer Based Test is that test centers are significantly less crowded. Everything else remains the same, including the test procedure, Listening, Reading, Writing, and finally speaking. As mentioned earlier, the human evaluator performs the part of the conversation. The speech test will also be held on the same day as other tests.

The IELTS paper test in the listening module gives an additional 10 minutes to record the answers, while the IELTS on the computer gives 2 minutes to check the answers. Each examinee is provided with a computer booth and a headset for the listening component.

Working on Computer-Based IELTS Exam

When you click on ‘Start Test’ on the preview screen, it will lead you to questions. At the top of the screen is a clock that shows you how much time is left until the other items start. When you have ten to five minutes left to take a reading and writing test, the clock turns red and flashes. When the test is completed, the timer will stop automatically. Instructions for each section are located in the box at the top of the screen. The scroll bar below can be used to move from one question to another.

Alternatively, you can click on the number to go directly to the question. You can use the back arrow to move to the last question. If you are unsure whether a specific answer is correct, you can click this answer number on the line below, review it, and return to the current question. The answers can be reviewed and changed at any time before the end of the test. You can highlight text, take notes, and select text. All answers are saved automatically and you don’t have to press “Enter” or search for the “Save” option.

How Computer-Based IELTS Exams Can be Beneficial for Aspirants?

Intuitively, the most important advantages of CBT are expected to be in the IELTS writing component. Writing is actually easier and faster than writing answers. There are also more opportunities to edit and restructure sentences at any given time. There is no fear of hatching, arrows, and even an unfortunate line. Plus, the number of words appears on the screen, and no one has to manually count all the words.

With Computer IELTS, you can take IELTS with a small group of other people, which is a significant change from PBT. Smaller groups are usually considered better because they are less noisy and therefore easier to focus on as an examiner and don’t get distracted.

Conclusion and References

The IELTS computer test provides additional opportunities for candidates. Thus, it was very important for us to introduce you to the CBT and briefly tell you how to take the IELTS test on a computer. This way, you will be aware of the basics before continuing the practice. Once you know that taking the test on a computer and on paper will not affect your success and scores on IELTS, you can take advantage of its advantages, but first, start by getting a few IELTS practice tests on the computer.

Thus, we have discussed the choice to give a test. But for the test, we have to first prepare for the IELTS exam. So, if you don’t want to attend any coaching then you can study online as well. IELTS coaching in Jaipur provides you with the best study approach to prepare for IELTS. You can check the IELTS coaching in Jaipur fee of online classes on our official website.


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