5 Stages of Love Every Relationship Experiences

5 Stages of Love Every Relationship Experiences

Every love life goes a constant cycle through ups and downs, some days you’re madly in love with your partner on other occasions you cannot stand the slightest sight of theirs; still, it remains to be one the essential facets of your life. A relationship is an extensive and long journey; it is a bag filled with mixed emotions most times it is affectionate and adoring, but sometimes it becomes daunting and distressing.

Every relationship goes through these five stages. It differs from couple to couple, depending on how long they stay in one phase. As each relationship is unique and special, it is difficult to comment on every tie; however, this blog tells about the same in a general perspective.

First impression and attraction

The first stage of every relationship is meeting the person you feel attracted to and adoring them. It seems the person is the best thing that ever happened to you and they have no flaws, and you guys are for each other. 

You start liking the person and want them to be with you forever; a bold step of actually asking out the person you like is frightening. To get a positive response, you can make it extra special, buy flowers online and confess them your feelings.

Love blossoms

Flowers are a symbol of love, romance and peace, by confessing your feelings to your lover through flowers you have proved that you genuinely want them in your life. As they reciprocate your love, life seems almost impossible without them. This stage is no less than a fairytale romance where love blossoms in two hearts and they become inseparable.

 It is also known as the fantasy phase as everything seems to be going smooth and perfect. You often tend to ignore any mistakes of your partner and take them out for a movie or dinner. You make them feel extra special by giving them something now and then; women love flowers, and you can strengthen your relationship by getting the flowers. This period usually lasts for a long time until reality sets in.

Disputes and confrontation

Once the fairytale is over, you start to see the flaws of your partner and fight over the tiniest issues possible. You don’t seem to like particular behaviour of your partner, but that doesn’t imply that you’re not more in love. You feel sad and disappointed at your partner and start brawling. 

Communication is critical during this period. Lack of communication and misunderstanding leads to the failure of a relationship. Conflicts arise in every connection it tests who are strong enough to sustain during such challenging times. If your partner seems angry at you all the time, you can either order Flowers bouquet or give them something they like and see their anger vanish within minutes.

Stability and refined love

After a lot of struggles and power battles, you find love in the arms of the same person and are happy and stable with them. We develop a newfound attachment and compassion in the relationship. You grow along with the person, and so does your relationship. To reach this stage of rest and enjoyment, you have to navigate your way out of the struggles your relationship faced in the previous step.

Maturity comes naturally at this phase, and you accept the fact that this is not a fairytale and you have differences and fight occasionally but what matters is that you love them. To keep the spark alive, you must make extra efforts such as dinner dates, gifts and vacations.

Commitment and proposal

By now, you’re sure about the person, and you know you want to spend your entire life with them. You have been together through thick and thin, through the traumatic struggles of relationship and now want to settle down with them for eternity. If you have a vision of marrying your partner then this is the perfect time to go down on one knee with a bouquet of red roses and tell them how they make you feel; tell them that you want to spend your entire life with them.

Love is no fairytale, and it’s natural to lose romantic interest at an early stage. What matters is who sticks around with you through those struggles as someone more exceptional awaits for the ones who have patience; love is deep and beautiful, and only those succeed who can pass through at the stages. It just requires your time, hard work and communication, and it’s worth the effort if you have the right partner alongside in this journey of yours.


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