5 Simple Hacks to Boost your Internet Speed

Boost your Internet Speed

Internet is our everyday requirement and we need a fast internet connection for a better focus on our work and education. You might be struggling to get proper signals. We pay a good sum every month for an internet connection and sometimes you are not even aware that you are not getting the speed you are paying for. There can be several reasons for slow internet speed, you might be using more devices with your connection then the compatibility limit, you might be using hardware that requires more signals. Several reasons can cause your internet speed to slow down then How to Boost your Internet Speed.

In our busy routines, it becomes difficult to keep a check on the small stuff and we don’t consider small things that can affect the speed of our internet because for us the trivial matters can impact our internet signal strength. Moreover, if you have a fiber optic internet connection like Windstream Internet that offers kinetic internet service there will be very few chances of slow internet speeds but exceptions are always possible.

We are mentioning 5 simple hacks that we tend to ignore usually. But before mentioning the 5 hacks there is one step that we need to take first and it is mentioned below.

Use Speed Test App or Online Website:

You might even not be aware of the internet speed that you are getting or even if you know that you can never be sure about the speeds. You can run an internet speed test and check the speed that you are getting. You just need to type speed testing app and you will find online apps that you can use easily but before running a speed test, ideally, you should turn off all the things that require intensive data like online games or video streaming, once you pause it all, you will get accurate results that way. You can run a speed test twice to make sure that you are getting the right kind of speed and if not you can report it to the customer service department.

Now, let’s move towards some simple and easy hacks to Boost your Internet Speed.

Reboot your router

Well, the most common hack that we all do with most of our electronics is that we refresh it, once it gets refreshed it starts working fine. Sometimes there can be a problem with the signals and once you refresh it or reboot it by holding the black button for a while it will start working fine. At times the router can heat up too and that also leaves an impact on your internet signals and refreshing your router helps that.

Get a good Wi-Fi extender

As the name suggests a Wi-Fi extender is used to provide good signals of your Wi-Fi connection throughout your home, with a good Wi-Fi extender will help you to get amazing signals and it also gives you a chance to choose your internet speed to max, there are different options you can choose from or shop for a Wi-Fi extender through Amazon Netgear Nighthawk X4 AC2200 Wi-Fi Range to Boost your Internet Speed.

Extender (EX7300) is one of the top extenders. If you invest in one, you will get amazing signals all-around your home.

Turn off the unwanted Apps

Most of the time you are not even aware of the apps that keep on running on your phone. We think that if we are not using a certain App for the moment it will not consume your internet data but that is not the case. Always turn off the apps and close them; if you are not using them because they use internet signals and it will affect the speed of your internet. Just keep a closer look on your mobile phones and we recommend you to turn off the Wi-Fi of your mobile phone because that way you won’t have to worry about turning off your Apps all the time.


Put your router away from radioactive rays

Most of the electronics can emit radioactive rays that will create a hindrance to your internet Wi-Fi signals. If you have kept your router closer to your kitchen just have a look if it is closer to a microwave oven if that is the case, change the position of your router and see if the speed of your internet improves.

Choose the compatible internet speeds

Well, the most basic thing is that you need to choose the right kind of internet speed. If you have 100 Mbps speed; then you can connect up to 5 or 6 devices at the same time. You can search online if you want and use the same amount of devices at the same time. You should turn off the ones which you don’t need at that moment and you will witness to yourself your internet signals will get better.

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