5 Reasons Why Should You Get Yourself B3 Bomber Jackets

B-3 Bomber Jacket

The bomber jackets were first crafted to provide lightweight yet warm cover to Air Force personnel. If we go through it in chronological order, we can study the modifications the jacket went through the years. In case you are wondering why these jackets are called bombers, they were meant for fighter pilots, and in this blog, we would discuss B3 Bomber Jackets.

The first of these jackets were manufactured in World War I for American Airforce pilots fighting against Germany. The US joined in the battle on the sixth of April 1917. Five months later, the Aviation Clothing Board was established by the US military. WWI was the first time when significant air battle was experienced. Therefore, each aspect of the conditions up in the air was assessed closely. The fact that an entire board was created for it shows us the importance of this specific wear.

At that time fighter planes had cockpits that were mostly open to the elements. Due to this, bomber pilots required goggles and very warm jackets to battle the Northern European climate alongside enemies.

What is a B3 Bomber jacket?

The original B3 Bomber Jacket was designed especially for survival on very high altitudes. The material used in them is a blend of thick sheep wool and sheepskin. The jackets were not meant to be worn in regular cold weather. It was specifically intended to give warmth at an altitude of twenty-five thousand feet. This design also featured a pair of leather straps to secure the collar when needed. But unlike other jackets, B3 does not boast a slim fit or knitted waistband.

Why should you get a B3 Bomber Jackets?

Now that we have explored the B3 Bomber jacket history, we can move on to why you need one. What makes it preferable and worth having more than other jackets. Well, worry not as we have more than one reason to convince you. This garment like genuine Pelle Pelle leather jackets has been around for a century, so it has been passed down generations. It is rare for apparel to survive this long as fashion choices change rapidly. Yet B3 bomber jackets have stood the test of time. Let us discover the reasons behind it.

  • B3 Bomber Jacket is lightweight

The first thing going in favor of a B-3 Flying jacket is how lightweight it is. Which makes it a great option for layering during winter. It has plenty of room to fit a hoodie or a sweater beneath without looking too bulky. Plus, you will not be feeling uncomfortably tight or burdened with the jacket being so light. Wind a nice chunky scarf around your neck and you will be all set to go. Perfect outerwear for a busy day especially when you have to be outdoors a lot. You can do all your errands and keep warm without feeling burdened with a heavy jacket.

  • Dress it up or down

One of the best things about these jackets is they are suitable for all occasions. They are extremely versatile, and you have a lot of choices to pair with them. There are even special versions available like B-3 PUBG bomber jacket for gaming fans. This shows that you can always find a piece in this design which belongs in your closet.

With so many Bomber Jacket types, both men and women can find ways to style them for any occasion. If worn with skinny jeans and boots the jacket can quickly turn into more formal attire. Ladies can also don it over a dress or skirt for fancier occasions. While for daily wear there can be no better companion to it than a hooded shirt.  That with sneakers and a pair of fine makes the ideal outfit that is comfortable and looks great.

  • Durability

Once you have a quality Sheepskin B3 Bomber Jacket, you do not need to worry about replacing it anytime soon. They are unlikely to succumb to much wear and tear for many months or even years. The material used in it is specifically made to withstand time and usage. Therefore, this bomber is the safest best when you are on the lookout for jackets.

  • Looks sporty

Athleisure is the most popular form of style right now after the lockdown. People have been staying at home for such a prolonged period that there was a need for specific wear. As everything else like work and studies was also being done from home, staying in nightclothes wasn’t an option.

Yet something as comfortable yet trendier looking was needed. Here entered a new genre of fashion called athleisure. Clothes that appear stylish in every way but as comfortable as loungewear.

Part of this look also leans on the sporty side as there was also an increased demand for workout wear. Bomber Jackets despite being a relic of the past still look athletically appropriate being made for the military. Thus, you can go for them to recreate the stylish sporty vibe.

  • A worthy investment

Any style from a Fur Collar Bomber Jackets or a simpler B-3 jacket is a valued investment. You get the durability and a timeless clothing piece that is unlikely to fall out of fashion. There are so many outfits you can build around it. And it is the warmest outerwear you can get for your winter wardrobe.

This was the story and benefits behind a classic sheepskin B-3 Bomber Jacket. It has a come a long way from being military wear to becoming a staple in every closet. A jacket like that is sure your money’s worth. You get every feature in it which you look for in ideal apparel. May it be warmth, comfort, attractive appearance, or durability. You get all these attributes in this single garment.

Furthermore, they are also so easy to style. Just play a bit with different textures, colors, and patterns and you will end up with a unique ensemble. And on days you don’t want to put in the effort a t-shirt and jeans combo will still liven it up. We are sure you will be able to make the right choice while purchasing jackets after this guide.



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