5 Reasons Why Lighting Is A Vital Component in Media production


Here are 5 reasons why you should reevaluate the importance and significance of lighting. 

Lighting is key when it comes to media production. Most studios rely on lighting instruments and equipment but some have started to rely on natural sunlight.

Whether it’s video production companies in UAE or just photography there is always an option available for international businesses.

Use of lighting in photography

The light bounces differently on different surfaces, whether fluorescent bulbs or natural sunlight. All light can brighten up or change the characteristics of what is coming into the view.

Reasons why lighting is important for media production

1). Brighten up the subject and surrounding

Lighting comes into play in providing a clear sense of depth and density. Lighting can either make or break the short as it directly impacts the brightness of the picture. Don’t be afraid to move around the light to find the perfect angle or positioning.


So try out different angles and light sources to find the perfect fit for your purpose. The light that bounces off objects at long distances can add to the overall picture quality.

2). Illusion of Increased space

As light bounces and scatters, it gives an illusion of a bigger room. This can make a small area look like a large area.


The illusion of space is key in adding to the background whilst keeping the subject in contrast.

3). Better color ratios

If you feel like your pictures don’t have the color saturation that is necessary to make any picture look instantaneously radiant.


Using proper lighting can enable the color spectrum to be displayed with greater saturation and detail.

4). Crispier image

Proper lighting can also increase the sharpness of the image naturally giving ample room to work with the pictures.


Lighting can add greater depth and quality to the overall picture in a matter of seconds.

5). Transformational look with changes

By adjusting the light in terms of warmth and blue light filter the picture can change quite a bit. Leading photographers are constantly trying to find the most befitting color balance to get the best picture.


Refer to the natural light in different areas to get a different picture feel. It’s all about playing around and finding the perfect stillshot.

Verdict on the 5 reasons why lighting is most significant

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