5 Must-Have Supplies When Bringing Your New Cat Home


Owning a pet teaches you to be humble, kind, and caring towards those who can’t speak for themselves. When you bring a new pet home, you just don’t randomly bring them inside your personal space. You have to be properly prepared. Do the research about the type of pet you want, buy the necessary supplies that will help you to nurture and nourish your pet in a healthy environment.

So if you have decided to bring home a kitty or a pair of kittens you need to make sure to get some of the important cat supplies prior to their arrival.

So What Possible Thing You Will Need For a Cat?

We have prepared a list of essentials that will help you make a checklist to buy them, so you don’t miss it out.

Cat carrier or crate

When you enter the pet shop, the cat won’t just jump into your arms. You are not the lost love of their life but it soon will become clear that the cat is being cautious when it refuses to come near you.

So the first thing you need to do is to get the cat’s carrier to tuck them inside while you head back home. The carrier needs to have plenty of ventilation and should have easy access for the cat to get in or out. A carrier with a removable mesh door is perfect for traveling too. So when in the car, you can take your cat with you (in the carrier of course). Don’t use the cardboard box because it doesn’t allow ventilation and can spook the cat too. If you want to you can try using the plastic carrier with a locking door. It will be sturdy enough and give just the right accessibility.

Cat collar

What could be the best homecoming present for a cat? Well, one essential item that every cat should own is to have their own cat collars.

You can buy a cat collar online from a genuine pet store and get a flashy or simple or even customized cat collar for your cat. Some people choose to have a small bell attached so that they can know where the cat is while some customize it with the given name.

Also, remember to have an ID tag with the collar at all times. This must include your name, home address, and telephone number. Just make sure that the collar fits around the cat’s neck properly but should not bruise. The best way to check the fitting is to place two fingers between the collar and neck, if the fingers fit it is fine.

Cat food

Now that you have given the presence of the beautiful collar you bought, now think of giving some food. There’s a lot of variety of cat food to choose from. When buying or adopting the cat from the breeder or shelter, always ask them the details. Find out the brand of food cat they were using so that your cat doesn’t get sick with the change in food. At least for the first few weeks, the food shouldn’t change, then consult with the vet prior to bringing your cat and change the diet schedule and make necessary changes (if any required).

Also, do keep in mind the age of your cat too. If you have gotten yourself a senior cat then you need a diet formulated for senior cats and also get a cat dental kit.

Litter box

The best litter box is the self-cleaning litter box. The mechanism rakes the dirty litter after the cat uses it. This is quite a helpful gadget and many of you might appreciate it. Besides this, you can also opt for a hooded litter. It comes with a tall cover design so that cats can have their privacy when hiding their mess.

Although some cats are not used to the idea of enclosed space so they might not use such a litter box at all. For your third option, you can choose a plastic box with kitty litter inside. It is a simple option and a cheaper one but it means regular maintenance.

So do choose one that is easier for you and for your cat to use too.

Calming diffuser

Thinking your cat is being stressed with the new environment? Sometimes vet also recommends using a calming diffuser to keep the pets off from the edge of nervousness. It is completely odorless and gives a sense of calmness to cats by releasing vapor that activates the cat’s calming pheromones.

In fact, this will make cats adjust easier, prevent any stress-related issues like urinating or destructive chewing. Not use it excessively either but until your cat becomes familiar with its surroundings this will make things easier on you both.

There’s a lot more you can always buy for your cats, but it’s smart, to begin with basic cat supplies so that you will feel ready when it’s time to bring home a new cat.


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