5 Mistakes to Avoid During the Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh

5 Mistakes to Avoid During the Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh

You have finally chosen to undergo the yoga teacher training Rishikesh to move ahead in your yoga journey. First of all, Congratulations on choosing a path that will give you the skills to unlock true potential and also help others do the same. However, you should know that becoming a yoga teacher training is no walk in the park.

Apart from learning the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of yoga you also have to avoid mistakes that can ruin your entire experience of the yoga teacher training. These mistakes can disrupt your ability to pay attention during the yoga teacher training and negatively impact your understanding of this sacred art.

With that said, the yoga gurus in Rishikesh have come up with five major mistakes you should avoid at all costs at the time of yoga teacher training.

5 Mistakes to Avoid During the Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Given below are the five mistakes you should avoid during the YTT Rishikesh.

1. Comparing With Others

There is nothing worse you can do to negatively impact your yoga practice than trying to compare your practice with others in the class. You might have an urge to open your eyes during a yoga practice session and check whether the person next to you is performing an asana to perfection or not.

Learning and teaching yoga is not a competition but a way of life. The yoga teacher training gives you a lifestyle that improves your physical, mental and spiritual health. Nothing can affect learning this art as badly as comparing yourself with others during the practice session.

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2. Straining Yourself

A major mistake you should avoid during the YTT Rishikesh is straining your body to perform a yoga asana or sit in a particular posture despite feeling uncomfortable. All it does is increase the risk of a serious yoga injury which will negatively impact your ability to accomplish the training without hassle.

In other words, do not ignore the warning signs your body gives when you are performing a yoga asana that is not that easy to perform.

3. Ignoring Warm-Up and Cool Down Sessions

In the excitement to learn everything about yoga during the certified yoga teacher training you often start to enter the yoga session without a proper warm-up. Warm-up exercises prepare your body to fulfill the demands of the rigorous yoga teacher training regimen.

A proper warm-up before the training improves blood circulation in your body and loosens up the tense muscles. Similarly, a cooldown helps your body assimilate the day’s training without much fuss.

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4. Unfocused Mind

A major benefit of doing the yoga teacher training Rishikesh is it keeps your mind focused on the present moment instead of being stuck in the past or future. However, at times you do lose focus which is not at all the right thing to do during the yoga practice.

In short, the more distracted your mind is during the yoga teacher training the harder it will become for you to grab the concepts of this ancient art. You should close your eyes, concentrate on the bodily sensations, and do a good stretching before starting with the training session. Also, taking a deep breath helps your mind focus on the present moment.

5. Forgetting to Breath

Not following the proper breathing technique or forgetting to breathe altogether are the worst two mistakes you can commit during yoga teacher training. You should pay attention to breathing during each asana. Moreover, you can also count each breath to help you master this simple yet effective component of yoga practice.


The YTT Rishikesh offers you a chance to not just practice this ancient art but also help others unlock their full potential. It is important you not commit the five mistakes mentioned above to extract maximum benefits from the yoga teacher training.

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