5 Major Difference Between Cardboard Boxes Vs. Plastic Boxes

cardboard boxes vs plastic boxes

Cardboard boxes included in the most widely used packages in the market. Their manufacturing material is highly famous for its strength, durability, and eco-friendliness. This type of material is also flexible and allows you to alter its shapes and sizes according to your requirements. These boxes also come with multiple printing choices. You’re not restrict to add text on these boxes. You can also imprint some alluring graphical illustrations on them to draw the attention of your customers.

Printing suitable illustrations on them can also help you to target the right audience for your products. Many companies take benefit of these printing options and promote their business by inserting their brand logo on the boxes. These packages also come with appropriate color printing choices that allow you to give them the theme of your choice. You can also laminate these boxes with suitable material to enhance their visual appeal and make them more protective of your products.

Finding the best packages for the products is a matter of great importance for the companies. This is because if the packaging is not suitable, the safety of the items can be compromised. Moreover, appropriate packaging also benefits the business significantly. Cardboard boxes and plastic packages are two of the most significant places in this regard. Both these types of boxes have their pros and cons that must be considered before purchasing. However, many people do not know the difference between these two types of packaging is. The following are five differences between these packages that you must know.

Material difference

Selecting the right material for the product packages is a matter of great importance for the companies. This is because if the material is not suitable, many packaging problems can arise. The manufacturing material of cardboard boxes packaging and plastic packages is not the same:

Cardboard packages

They are manufacture with the help of cardboard material that is originally derived from wood pulp. We know that what are renewable resources and do not deplete the natural elements of our planet. This type of material also benefits the consumers with its multiple customization options. You can easily alter the shapes and size of these boxes according to your requirements.

Plastic packaging 

These packages are mostly manufactured with the help of polythene that is not purely organic. Polythene can be made with the help of many synthetic ways in the factories. The resources used in their manufacturing process are mostly nonrenewable.

Dissimilarity in biodegradability

The biodegradability of the items is an important feature that protects the environment from pollution. If a product is biodegradable, it means that it can be decomposed in the natural environment. Hence, the product does not leave any toxic substance to our surroundings that could pollute it.

Cardboard packages

Custom cardboard boxes are very famous for their biodegradability. This is because these packages made up of an organic material that can be easily decomposed in the natural environment. It also contains less toxic elements that could be hazardous for the biodiversity of our planet.

Plastic packages

Polythene and other types of plastics are not famous for the feature of biodegradability. They remain intact in the environment for a longer duration and cause pollution. Moreover, the toxic elements of these packages also have some hazardous effects on our environment.

Recyclability is not the same

Recyclability has become an important packaging feature these days. This is because if the packages are not recyclable, they may enhance the environmental waste and deplete the natural resources. Therefore, companies prefer to buy recyclable packages instead of regular ones.

Cardboard packages 

Cardboard packaging boxes have earned popularity in the market due to their recyclable features. The manufacturing material can be recycle at a commercial scale and are use for multiple purposes. Most of the boxes that are being used by the product manufacturers and suppliers come from recycled cardboard.

Plastic packages 

Polythene packaging is also made up of recycle material. However, the recycling process of these packages is not as simple as that of cardboard. It is a complex procedure that requires much effort and investment. Moreover, even after paying a good sum, only a small quantity of plastic can be recycled.

Different manufacturing expenditures

Saving the cost is a matter of great importance for every business. This is the reason; product suppliers prefer to pack their items in packages that are not too expensive. Considering this fact, the expenditures on the packaging solutions matters a lot in deciding its demand in the market.

Cardboard packages 

Cardboard boxes wholesale are easy to be manufacture at a large scale. This is because the manufacturing process is not too complex. Moreover, the cost and energy expenditures are also affordable. This is the reason they are taking the lead in the market.

Plastic packages 

Polythene bag and other types of plastic packaging are not easy to be manufacture on a large scale. Manufacturers have to pay a good cost to finish the manufacturing process. Moreover, the energy required in this process also reduces the nonrenewable energy resources and promotes pollution.

Product protection varies

Protecting items suitably is a matter of great importance for the manufacturers as well as suppliers. This is because if the customers get damage products delivered at their place, they can go dissatisfy with your services. Therefore, the durability of the packaging is considered an important feature.

Cardboard packages 

These boxes are highly famous for their strength and durability. Their manufacturing material can provide good protection to the products that can be enclosed in them. This is the reason; They can be use for the shipping of fragile items, suitably.

Plastic packages 

These packages also considered to be strong and durable. However, the durability of these boxes varies considering the type of material that is use. You can find the diversity in the quality of these packages in the market. Therefore, protecting features also vary.

Cardboard boxes and plastic packages are growing industries of the packaging world. However, the difference between these two types of packages makes them distinctive in the market. The material of these two types of packaging is not the same. One of them uses sustainable cardboard; on the other hand, plastic packages are mostly made up of polythene. The biodegradability of both packaging types is different. Therefore, the ability to protect the products that are pack in them also shows dissimilarity. These differences must be consider by the buyers while selecting the best packaging solution for the products.


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