5 Common Challenges Faced by Software Developers

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`This era is marked as the era of technology. It is inevitable for any nation; any country to develop or even exist without the help of Information Technology in app development. More and more countries are focusing on equipping their people with IT knowledge to excel in the world. However, the information technology industry is not just vast; it is highly complex and continuously changing. Software development is continuously changing and becoming more complex. Changing market environment, consumer behaviors, technology trends, and other such complexities are the reasons software developers have to remain on their toes all the time. In a dynamic and competitive environment like this, no software developer can remain on top if he/she remains stuck with the old ways. This has put a huge amount of pressure on software developers. They are continuously struggling to keep themselves updated with the new assets and resources. In this article, we have discussed 5 common challenges faced by software developers. It is important to understand the challenges faced by software developers because once problem areas are identified, we can strive towards the resolution of these problems. Eradication of these issues can help enhance efficiency and productivity in the project, and also add to the reliability of your product.

Let’s take a look at those challenges to understand them and to get rid of them.

1.      Rapid technology advancement

With each new technological advancement, we get excited. Reason: it is going to bring more ease and comfort into our lives. However, all such technological advancements come with their own share of challenges in app development. Every new day brings something new in the world of technology. With new resources on the horizon, every industry wants to imbed that new asset into manufacturing their product. There is immense pressure on software developers to leverage new trends in the up-gradation and innovation of products. They have to acquire new knowledge, skill set, and training to get comfortable with new advancements. Since advancements and research are being done at a fast pace, developers can never sit and relax thinking that they have become experts now. To keep themselves abreast with new knowledge and to polish an acquired skill, developers often find themselves caught in work even after office hours.

2.      Increasing customer demands

Customer demands are dynamic. They keep changing rapidly. As customers are getting smarter, that has left huge pressure on all enterprises to change their way of doing business. With immense competition among businesses and increasing demands from customers, business owners find themselves challenged to fulfill customer requirements. The same is the case with the IT industry. The purpose of most software projects is to design and develop conceptual tools and products that can meet customer demands. Software developers have to get to the bottom of any new feature offered by businesses. They have to understand its inspiration and motivation. They must know which human need a particular product or feature satisfies. A clear understanding of the inspiration will allow them to develop a product on the same lines. This will help them make a product that addresses customers’ needs, and also cultivate the brand’s goodwill with its users.

3.      Time limitations

With so much competition in the IT industry, all businesses strive to be the first ones to inculcate new technology in their products. This puts software developers in a difficult situation where they have to not just learn the new advancements and include them in their products, but also have to be vigilant about the time limit and constraints. Their timelines are scanty. The situation aggravates if they are working with clients living in another time zone. This means their schedule becomes even more challenging. The whole time restriction and tight schedules take their toll on the well-being of software engineers and developers. The impacts are seen as reduced efficiency, poor performance, delayed projects, poor quality products, and increased budgets.

4.      Limited infrastructure/resources

Many competent and knowledgeable software developers cannot perform optimally because of the lack of resources or IT infrastructure required to perform their job effectively. Considering their talent and expertise, they are unable to fully tap their potential and creativity because of the unavailability of required resources. This could be the absence of high-performance software development tools, high-quality computing platforms, poor data storage architectures or bad networks, slow connectivity for app development, and so on. These issues can affect the overall performance of developers, and bring down their performance.

5.      Conflicts with other teams

Conflicts are an inevitable part of every setup and business organization. It is quite normal to witness interpersonal conflicts between the design team, development team, testing, and quality assurance team, and other involved parties. The reason behind conflict between various teams could be personality clashes, different mindsets, working under high pressure, ambiguity in job roles, and unrealistic goals. The conflicts between employees and different teams must be resolved effectively and in a timely manner so that the whole project is not jeopardized. A smooth functioning team will lead to better product development.

Final Thoughts

Software engineers of different domains face different problems in their respective fields. More and more software development teams are now shifting towards turn-key solutions. These solutions are built once and deployed whenever there is a need for such programs, with custom alterations, of course. Such deployments, i-e applications that run across numerous platforms, can lead to complications. The complexity of such issues increases many folds due to integration with different programs and handling support throughout the application’s lifecycle. Software developers also find themselves in a difficult situation of working on a tight schedule and on limited budgets in app development.

To make the whole process of software development efficient and quick, it is important to assess and evaluate the underlying challenges that affect the performance of software engineers. Identification of problem areas can help in the eradication of these issues, hence improving the overall performance of the system.

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