5 Cities to Move to Based on Your Personality Type

City for your Personality

Where Should We Move To Next?

You’re ready for a change, and you’re not afraid of a new adventure. You’ve realized that the city you’re living in isn’t living up to all of your expectations, and you’d like some new scenery and to explore an entirely new place. Perhaps you want to move to a city that matches your personality. 

Start your search here – we’ve compiled a list of five sensational cities around the continental United States that might be perfect relocation options for you. The cool part is they are based entirely on your own distinct personality. Why make a move unless you’re sure you can vibe with your new zone? Consider the following:

Memphis: For the Musical, the Soulful and the Elvis Lovers

Memphis definitely has southern roots through and through from the soulful music playing on every street to the rich tapestry of food offered around town, it may just be the perfect city that matches your personality. There are scores of legendary musical sites either within Memphis itself or a short drive away. Not to mention the endless options for incredible food from food trucks and 5-star restaurants alike! So many talented artists have cut their teeth at the local venues, so if you are into live music with a smattering of amazing BBQ and funky street art, this could be your new place.

Miami: For the Bold, the Beachy, and the Young at Heart

Miami is a classic hotspot for trendy eateries and nightclubs, spectacular beach activities, and high-end fashion. It’s a bustling metropolis with all of the sophistication you could possibly want. However, it’s got an ever-present youthful vibe to it that you can see on every street corner. Miami is most certainly a place that you can be yourself and dress however you feel. Check out everything Miami has to offer! And hey, if you find yourself relocating down here permanently, we have a Miami moving company suggestion that will get the job done to your satisfaction on-time and on-budget.

Philadelphia: For History Buffs, City Slickers and Seekers of Diversity

Philadelphia is the birthplace of the nation, and its importance cannot be understated in our country’s history. There is a hallowed sense once get when they walk around the historic streets and parks. Countless museums and buildings will call your name as you explore your new home. There is also a wide sense of diversity within the City of Brotherhood that many find comforting.

Scottsdale: For Dog Lovers, Outdoorsy Peeps, and Lovers of Heat

If you have pooches and love both the city and the wide vast beauty of the desert, Scottsdale could really warm your heart. With nearly 300 days of sunshine annually, you’ll never have an excuse to skip a walk either. This city has the best of all worlds to keep you busy. There is a charming “town” vibe to it although it is quite a growing and bustling area of the country. The city itself is very walkable and has over 120 dog-friendly restaurants, plus boatloads of dog parks to keep you and your furry friends active.

Minneapolis: For Kind People, Adventurous People and Those Unafraid of Four Seasons

Minneapolis is a highly underrated city that is also nestled within nature. As is much of the state, Minneapolis is surrounded by lakes and rivers and therefore has countless potential trails and cool bridges throughout the metropolis. If food is your passion, there are countless authentic restaurants with cuisine from all over the globe. Minneapolis has a thriving local art scene so bands are constantly coming through town. If art is your thing, there are dozens of museums and hundreds of galleries to check out. The cold weather can be daunting for some, but most Minnesotans find it invigorating. Minneapolis is also super bike and pedestrian-friendly making it easy to get around.

Relocating to a New City

Don’t be afraid if you’re beginning to get a longing for a new adventure in a brand new place, for a city that matches your personality. Just because you were born somewhere or went to college somewhere doesn’t mean you have to live there for the rest of your life! It’s never too late to start over in a fresh situation. It can be invigorating to move to a brand new place. Enjoy the process and happy hunting!


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