5 BEST Tourist Attraction to Visit in Fatehpur

5 BEST Tourist Attraction to Visit in Fatehpur

Fatehpur is a popular tourist destination. Fatehpur is an old town in Rajasthan’s Sikar district that is a key part of the Shekhawati area. Tourists who want to experience a new place and are interested in art and culture go to Fatehpur. Fatehpur, easily accessible along the Delhi-Jaipur route, is home to a variety of palaces and forts decorated with exquisite frescoes. Fatehpur is a great place to visit for a change of pace, Rajasthani friendliness, and a love of art and culture. If you’re checking out for Fatehpur tourist destination an perfect vehicle to ride then you’ll contact our tempo traveller services in jaipur.

Fatehpur’s Nadine Cultural Centre

The Deora family owned this haveli until 1999 when it was purchased by Nadine le Prince, a French artist who refurbished the whole haveli and turned it into a cultural centre. This is a wonderful site to visit if you enjoy art. Nadine organises art exhibitions displaying stunning pieces of contemporary and modern art, with exquisite fresco crafts mostly in the tone of blue.

Fatehpur, Havelis

The majestic Havelis located in the city reflect the regal Nawabs of Rajasthan’s opulent and wealthy lifestyle. Fatehpur, a tiny town in the Shekhawati region’s district of Sikar, has housed various royal families. It is also recognized as Shekhawati’s cultural capital.

During the British period, the Jagannath Singhania Haveli was famed for its brilliant paintings and mesmerising sculptures. It contains a Baithak, which is a five-door chamber designed for ceremonial occasions. Rangeen Kamra, also known as the colourful chamber, includes hand-painted murals representing Krishna and Radha’s lives on the walls. It also functions as a hidden room. Buran is a subterranean safe place that serves as a refuge.

The Saraf Haveli is one of the country’s oldest Havelis. It was built roughly 200 years ago and has long been a popular tourist destination. The haveli’s walls are adorned with magnificent mural oil paintings. The place’s cultural and aesthetic richness is reflected in the nicely carved wooden doors. The Sitaram Kedia Ki Haveli is another palace worth seeing. The haveli was built by Seth Shree Bohitram Kedia and features large gardens and fountains to entice guests. It also has a large library and contemporary bathrooms. The array of volumes in this magnificent library will enthral any book aficionado. The home is open to the public for free tours, where you may marvel at the magnificent paintings and woodwork.

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Visit To Dholi Sati

This temple, dedicated to Sati and one of India’s most renowned, attracts people from all across the nation.

Visit to Bhandarj

Bhandarj, in Rajasthan’s Dausa district, is a charming and ideal area to get away from the city’s hustle and bustle. This is a vivid and colourful site with elaborate stone structures that contrast well. Bhandarej is known for its scenic beauty and beautiful scenery. The diverse flora and wildlife that call this location home add to its allure. The ancient temples from the Mahabharata period are a marvel to behold and will leave you speechless. This location is great for those seeking peace and tranquillity.Bhandarej was once known as Bandravati, and it was a Mahabharata era metropolis. This location has a lot of historical value and holds a lot of historical artefacts.

Visit To Jirawala Parshwanatha

In Jainism, the Jirawala Parshwanatha temple, located on the slopes of Jairaj Hill in Jirawala hamlet, is very important. In the Jain texts, the location is also known as Jirapalli, Jirikavalli, Jairajpalli, and Jiravalli. This must-see spot for travellers on their route to Mount Abu is located in Rajasthan’s Sirohi region, around 50 kilometres from Abu Road. The intricate carvings are thought to come from a 900-year-old temple. It’s no surprise that it has attracted both Jains and non-Jains for decades.The Jirawala Parshwanath temple, which is believed to have been established in 1145 AD, is the oldest and one of the holiest destinations for devotees.

According to legend, the temple was erected following the Lord’s instructions, which were revealed to him in a dream. At the slopes of Jairaj Hill in Jirawala hamlet, the Jirawala Parshwanatha temple bears tremendous significance. According to legend, the temple was erected in response to the Lord’s commands as seen in the dream of one merchant, Shri Amrasa. The 18-cm-high statues of the Lord in Padmasana (lotus) position greet visitors as they enter the Sanctorum.This is the country’s only temple with 108 separate idols of Lord Parshwanatha, the 23rd Jain Tirthankara. ‘Dadaji’ is another name for the Lord. Every year, before the start of the harvest season, villagers go to the temple to pray for prosperity. If you are planning to go on family vacation and looking for tour agency then you can contact best travel agency.


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