5 Best Ideas of Online Wedding Safa for Groom | Pagri for 2021

Peach Printed Safa With Brooch - Safa for Groom
Image Source- popin designer

As we all know wedding season is about to come in 2021. The time has come to book online wedding Safa for groom or pagri. Also, the right time to book groom Safa if you choose to rent a wedding Safa for groom online.

One can understand the excitement of the wedding. Of course, that D day for a person whether its groom or bride. And, what we look around in our society the excitement gets started much before the date.

People use to start preparation of wedding long before the wedding date. There is two major reasons behind it. Firstly, the excitement for the wedding. And, secondly, a wedding is almost like a festival in Indian society. It almost takes 5-7 days.

A large number of people gather like friends and relatives. Now, these are some tasks which need to be done long before the date like, booking of venue, booking of the band, booking of catering service and most of all booking of dress or shopping of wedding dress.

Importance of planning for dresses in wedding

In any Indian wedding, the functions go on for almost 7-8 days. You need to plan your dressing for all functions perfectly. And, many times when you have functions twice in a day. In such situations, you need to plan your designer dresses according to timing too.

There are many combinations which give you the best appearance in daylight but not in electrical lights. This means if you have functions at different timings you need to plan your dressing according to time. There are combinations that enhance your look the most in the evening or night.

And a wedding dress needs many things to arrange to complete an Indian wedding dress. Now if we talk about a bridal dress, Lehenga, Choli, Odhni, artificial accessories, gold jewelry, makeup and many more are the major things to achieve a perfect bridal costume.

And, when we talk about the groom’s wedding dress, again, there are many parts of it, which add glory to the groom’s wedding dress. Like, sherwani, pajama, suit, tuxedo shoe and most of all the wedding Safa for the groom.

What is Here about Online Wedding Safa for Groom

Here we will cover the wedding Safa. Usually, people start their wedding shopping 4-5 months before the wedding day. And, that is because they don’t want any haste mistake. Also, they get time to change their dressing plan if it is required.

So, if you search online you will find many online stores with a good collection of grooms Safa. Herr will cover some of the trending grooms Safa with beautiful designs. Which will help you in your upcoming shopping for Safa.

This article with helping you in saving your time and money too. Generally, people don’t buy Safa for weddings. They prefer to go to the wedding Safa on rent. And there are many online stores which offer wedding Safa on rent for the groom as well as for Barati.

So here you will get the chance to check out some of the designer traditional groom Safa which are available online wedding Safa for the groom but on rent.

Top trendy Groom Safa

  • Baby pink with Cream Groom Safa

Peach Printed Safa With Brooch - Safa for Groom

So here is the first design for groom Safa. It is made of Designer embroidered Baby pink color and matching beautifully with simple cream fabric. First of all, this combination of Cream and Baby pink it’s the best attraction of this Safa.

The Beautiful gold color brooch with golden Moti mala on the right side gives a royal touch to it. So, as there three colors in it. Which gives toy many options to match with your wedding dress. A cream color sherwani or baby pink pajama or suit will look fabulous with this Safa.

Rent – 500Rs only

  • Peach Printed Safa With Brooch

Peach Printed Safa With Brooch - Safa for Groom

This beautiful peach color Safa looks very much modern. If you have a wedding theme like Bollywood movies shows these days, this peach color Groom Safa will go perfectly match with the theme. This peach color fabric has a beautiful design over it with eye-catching orange and green.

 Now just imagine How beautiful it would look if you wear a matching tuxedo or sherwani with it. One can say that this design is slightly on the modern side. I am sure this peach color wedding Safa for the groom will be chosen for many grooms in 2021.

Also, the shining gold broch mixes very beautifully with the combination of peach green, and orange.

Rent – 500Rs only

  • Maroon Satin Peshwai Wedding Safa with Brooch

Maroon Satin Peshwai Wedding Safa with Brooch online wedding safa for groom

Here Comes the next attractive design for online wedding Safa which is called Peshwai wedding Safa. It is very famous in Marathi culture. Where this Peshwai is related to the great royal Marathi Empire History. And Marathi groom loves to wear this traditional design at the wedding.

Now Look at its design. It comes in beautiful maroon color. Which is one of the major colors preferred in Indian weddings. Which comes after red.  Now, it has a good combination of golden and maroon colors. And the beautiful brooch comes in golden color with eye-catching pearls. This is a Maharashtrian trend of pearl Latkan on the right side.

Rent – 1000Rs only


Safa takes the top position for your fashionable appearance. And, if it is about the special wedding day, you can’t take chance. As every single pare of the eye would be on you. And, most importantly memories for this day will stay with you for your whole life.

Match the best with your partner on your special day with perfect Safa matching to your wedding dress. Look, it’s a true saying that a perfect matching of wearing gives you visible confidence.

A Wedding Safa for the groom is a symbol of pride, confidence, and the feeling of the king. Safa which matches best with your personality and your dressing brings a glow to your appearance on the wedding day. And, also it stays from years and years in your memory.

So, these were some top selected designs available online as wedding Safa for Groom to buy or to rent. All these Groom Safa are selected from the Wedding Safa collection from Popin Designer. Which is a famous online store for wedding items on rent.

You can visit Popin designer to rent a wedding dress for both groom and bride. And, also available for those who are about to attend any function. Popin Designer comes with a full range of wedding dresses, accessories, and many more.


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