5 Attendance Management Mistakes That Affects Productivity

Attendance Management

There are certain HR management software that are necessary for the success of your business, such as an application tracking system, payroll management, attendance management software and so on. Even though having them is still better than abiding by the traditional methods, there are still a lot of common mistakes that can affect the overall productivity.

An attendance tracking system plays a crucial part as it helps avoid issues such as absenteeism and incorrect payroll processing. But even then, it’s still possible for businesses to make mistakes that might hinder a business’ capability to grow. Here are 5 mistakes that a business should avoid with attendance management.

Outdated Tools

If you have an attendance management software, you might already know how essential it is when tracking and managing attendance daily. Traditional methods do not offer the same functionality that one can get with such tools. But if your software is out of date and does not offer the features that are up to date with today’s standard, the software is redundant.

On the other hand, if you do not have a software yet and are searching for one, it is important that you understand what latest features are necessary based on today’s standards. When you are aware of the current trends, it is easy for vendors to fool you and sell you an outdated tool. Hence, consider researching properly before investing in a vendor. Identify what advantages the tool offers you and how it affects your attendance management process.

Tracking on Paper

Unless you have a small business, keeping track of employee attendance using physical papers and files is counterproductive. There is always  a chance that you might lose the documents or they might get damaged overtime. Further, managing files and paperwork is a tiring task, and will negatively affect your HR manager’s productivity in the office.

Therefore, consider switching to a modern HR management too that offers Attendance tracking capabilities and automation. Once these repetitive tasks are automated, your HR department has enough time to develop strategies that help businesses overcome various human resource challenges.

No Rules and Regulation Policies

Only communicating rules to your employees regarding attendance policies is not enough. You need to have it written down and attached to our HR software so it can be accessed by employees at any time. 

If you only rely on word to mouth policy, it is easy for employees to evade issues by exclaiming they do not remember it. It would also be difficult to prove your point since you didn’t place the policy anywhere. Modern attendance software has a dedicated place for such policies, which is why you must have them.


A common issue that a lot of businesses that do not own a proper attendance management software, face is buddy punching and proxy attendance. If you are relying on recording attendance using papers or systems, understand that these can be easily manipulated. 

Buddy punching is a common tactic that employees use to mark attendance for their colleagues, which is almost impossible to track unless you own an attendance system. These modern tools can be integrated with a biometric system that will only accept genuine fingerprints of the employee.

Cluttered Data

Employee attendance data is crucial for any business; if you do not have a system to keep this organized, it is quite easy to make errors and mistakes in the long run. You might be processing incorrect payroll to employees, which can significantly affect growth of your business.

In most companies, the HR department uses a different system to track and record attendance and payroll. Transferring the data from one system to another and then calculating the payroll will lead to mistakes and human errors 90% of the time. Sure these mistakes can be corrected soon after, but that takes more time out of your HR department.

Whereas if you invest in an attendance system, the possibility of mistakes and errors are completely eliminated. These systems are built for precision tracking and often come with integration capabilities.

The HR department can integrate attendance tracking and payroll processing and automate the whole process. This ensures each employee is being paid the right amount of money for the number of hours they worked in the office. And it reduces the burden on your HR managers as well, offering them the time to work on business’s growth instead.


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