5 Amazing Ways to Incorporate Pantone’s Colour of The Year Into Your Home Interior


New year, new colour, new home!

Every year, the famous colour company Pantone selects a colour of the year that serves as an inspiration to different trends in society, culture, travel, and more. Before 2019 ends, Pantone announced that the colour of the year 2020 is going to be a timeless and enduring Classic Blue that indicates the quintessential tone of the sky at dusk. 

Even at the height of a fresh new year, we already started seeing a whole bunch of classic blues in societal trends for beauty, wardrobe, and (of course) home interior designs. Turns out that a simple yet rich classic blue is every interior designer’s favourite because of its versatility. So, maybe everyone should brace themselves to see a whole lot of classic blue throughout the year. 


Many of us believe that in the spirit of hitting the reset button to welcome newness comes the instinct for some home refreshes too. We all love updating our homes by incorporating the colour of the year in order to bring luck and a fresh start to every corner of the house. So, if you’re ready to make a major change at home, keep reading to get a few inspirational ideas, from bold and classic blue kitchen islands to are rugs in flashy, elegant hue. 

Classic Blue for an Eye-Catching Accent Wall 

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to incorporate classic blue into your living space is by swiping on a fresh coat of paint to accent a significant wall space. Whether you’re painting an accent wall in the bedroom, living space, or kitchen, adding a new colour to your accent walls is a cheap and commitment-free way to create a minimalist yet eye-catching change. You can try out using the colour on the entire walls if you want to achieve a rich look, but for a bedroom or a living space, we would suggest painting an accent wall instead.  


Classic Blue for a Bathroom Vanity

A vanity table or cabinetry deserves a crowning spotlight as you step into the bathroom. A classic blue-painted vanity provides a rich accent that gently breaks the dullness and simplicity of a solid-white room. Or you can add glamour to it by placing a vanity mirror in a lighter shade that compliments with the cabinetry. Just take advantage of this neutral colour that you can use in a variety of ways.  


Classic Blue for Kitchen Islands

Any space can benefit from a classic blue popup that spices up the entire room. Kitchen islands can make a great pop-up centrepiece when you coat them with classic blue paint. Make the most of its versatility by topping your kitchen island with marble and granite. The Western Sydney home builders, for sure, know how to pull it off. Don’t forget to paint your bar stools with something that highly complements to the island. 


Classic Blue for an Area Rug

A classic blue area rug can pull together any studio-type or open-concept space. We always suggest that when someone is inspired by one single colour, he must place it in the centre of everything so that the rest of the room becomes saved from chaos.   


Classic Blue and Other Coordinating Hues

Just because you want to focus on making the colour of the year pop up, it doesn’t mean you can’t make it work with other vibrant hues. Everyone shouldn’t be afraid of mixing rich shades. This living space incorporates a wide range of colours, with the classic blue sofa that works well with the colourful pillows, stools, and other ornaments.    


Classic Blue in the Form of Pillows

We all love the idea of spicing up our sofas with vivid throw pillows, the same that goes in our bedrooms. Designers are saying that classic blue can brighten a room in the form of pillows, especially against a leather headboard.   


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