4 Warehouse Shelving Designs Of High Storage Capacity


4 Warehouse Shelving Designs Of High Storage Capacity:

Are you setting up your own warehouse and need guidance for proper shelving and its designs? Planning the shelving and racking of your warehouse is important for the display of your shop and to impress your customers. Well-appropriate shelving of the warehouse enhances the storage capacity and your shop will look organized.

In industries, storage racking must be thoroughly planned and permanently fixed because it is used to store heavy machinery. These shelves and racks meet the excellence of Australian standards.

Do you also want some warehouse shelving designs to organize your warehouse storage? In this article, we have a guide for you to choose an appropriate design for your warehouse shelving and racking.

Types of Warehouse Shelving:

Following are the types of warehouse shelving that you can fix in your warehouse for an amazing display of your shop with increased storage capacity.

  1. Longspan Shelving:

At the commercial level, most of the shop owners use longspan shelving for storage purposes. Its storage capacity is very reasonable at a commercial level and can carry high loads. It is made of lightweight materials though but its strength to carry high loads is perfect for your warehouse or commercial. The product is very suitable and fulfills all the requirements of warehouse owners’ storage problems.

Rolled Upright Shelving:

In offices, rolled upright shelves are used in archive rooms and other file holders. These are light to medium shelves specially made for books, files, and lightweight items. If these shelves are planned expertly and fitted into your shop professionally carries less space and a large amount of items can be stored in them. There are a lot more advantages of rolled upright shelving that are not only for warehouses and shops but also for the study rooms and library in your house.

  1. High-Rise Shelves:

If you want more space in the storage room of your warehouse, then high-rise shelving is for you. It is ideal to minimize the space in the store room. So, it takes less space but can carry a high amount of appliances and has a lot of storage capacity. It also helps in reducing warehousing costs. We can store lightweight appliances on high-rise shelves such as fasteners and automotive parts. The best shelving option to store your warehouse appliances can be high-rise shelves.

  1. Metal Industrial Shelving:

Metal industrial shelving is used to organize the small inventory. This system can store a variety of items of different shapes and sizes. Open shelves help in the visibility of products and you can find items easily in them. Closed shelving is also good in that it cannot be contaminated with dust.

  1. Botless Shelving:

Botless shelving is used to carry heavy appliances. It can be settled and fixed without any nuts and bolts. These kinds of racks can be suitable for any kind of warehouse. Botless shelves are used by the majority of the shop owners as they can carry both light and heavy weight appliances of any purpose. They keep these items well organized and can be found easily in them.


Warehouse shelves are of huge significance for the storage of warehouses. They can carry all kinds of items that can be used in a warehouse. It includes heavy machinery but also lightweight files in the archive room. If these appliances are well organized on the shelves, they will be less contaminated with dust and can be found easily. A well-planned structure of shelves is the main requirement of a warehouse owner. That is why in this article we have provided some perfectly designed and experimented with warehouse shelves with high storage capacity.


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