4 Tips of Buy Wholesale Kids Swimwear


In the hot summer, paddling in the ocean or having a creative contest on the beach is sure to make babies happy. Water has a magical effect. Summer can relieve the sultry heat in the cells, soothe the baby’s mood, and get rid of the torture of the heat; it can also improve the baby’s cardiopulmonary function and effectively prevent respiratory infections. Then there is an indispensable swimwear suitable for babies. How to choose the right swimwear for children? Based on our many years of experience in wholesale kids swimwear, let us share the experience with you!

Swimwear is an indispensable equipment for children to swim, but choosing the right healthy swimwear requires parents to spend more time. Generally speaking, when choosing a swimwear, you should not only pay attention to the fabric, the size of the swimwear and the elasticity of the clothes, but also the comfort and hygiene of the swimwear, so as not to make the child uncomfortable and hurt the child.

    1. Comfort is the most important

      Unlike adult swimwear, it is most important to choose a well-fitting swimwear for your baby. Too tight or too loose of the kids swimwear is not conducive to the baby’s movement in the water. When choosing a swimwear for your baby. You can stretch the swimming suits many times. If they still return to the original shape, it means that the rebound resilience is good.

      At the same time, with a good feel, it means that it is a better quality swimming suit. In some clothing markets and supermarkets, much swimwear do not indicate the fabric composition. You should try not to buy such swimwear for your baby.

    2. Swimsuits should also be hygienic

      Many people do not pay attention to the hygiene of swimwear. After buying a new swimwear, you must wash it before wearing it. The fiber mesh of the swimwear is very dense and often contains a large number of bacteria, such as dysentery bacillus, influenza virus, Chlamydia trachomatis, and purulent skin bacteria.

      And these usually multiply as humidity increases of bacteria . Therefore, the hygiene of swimwear must not be underestimated and should be cleaned immediately after use.

    3. The material of the swimsuit should be good, and the quality is guaranteed

      When buying swimwear for your child, you must choose high-quality materials. At present, the spandex is the mainly material of swimwear on the market. The international standard for spandex yarn is about 18%. In order to get a better swimwear, it must reach 18% spandex content.

    4. simple style

      Some girls have natural skirts on their swimwear, which can decorate their children like little angels on the water, while baby boys have to dress as Batman, but too many decorations and too complicated will bring burdens to children. In the water and affect human movement. Therefore, the style of the swimwear should be simple. As for the choice of patterns, they can be colorful. Swimwear with cartoon motifs are children’s favorites.

      In addition, you must bring your own swimwear, do not borrow or rent, and do not lend it to others to use, otherwise it is easy to spread diseases. Generally speaking, when choosing a swimwear for a child, the color is mainly bright, so parents can pay attention to whether the child is engaged in dangerous activities or enters a dangerous area.

Pay attention to the following issues:

    1. Must choose the right swimwear for the child

      when most people choose children’s clothing for their children, due to the characteristics of the child’s growth and the comfort of the child when wearing them, most people have the psychology of choosing the size one, but the swimwear involves the function of sports after launching, and the swimwear of the size one is not only children don’t wear close to the body and look good, and swimwear are more likely to be particularly loose due to the buoyancy of water.

      Therefore, when choosing a swimwear, it is better to choose a suitable swimwear for your child. Even if the child grows a little taller and fatter, it can still fit and fit comfortably because of the elasticity of the swimwear.

    2. It is recommended that young children choose split pose

      For younger children who cannot control their urinary urgency, it is better to buy a split style that is easy to put on and take off: choosing Bikini is much more convenient. In addition to being cute, it is also more convenient to put on and take off.

    3. Pay attention to the way you wash your swimwear

      There is also particular attention to the cleaning and maintenance of swimwear. But it’s not just take it off casually and clean it. First of all, before the child wants to change the swimwear, he should use a lot of clean water to wash off the chlorine or salt of the sea water, and then rinse it carefully after the change.

      Secondly, there is no need to use detergent or hot water to clean the swimwear during the washing process. Do not use a washing machine to wash, it is best to scrub gently with your hands, or rinse with clean water. Finally, after the swimwear is cleaned, it should not be wringed out forcefully. Because swimwear are resistant to heat, they should be placed in a cool and dry place to dry naturally.

After reading the above content, do you have experience in choosing children’s swimwear? Then you can choose a swimwear according to the correct and scientific method to make your child healthier and more beautiful. The swimwear styles shown above are all from our wholesale kids swimwear.

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Thank you for reading our article, and sincerely hope that every child wearing our swimwear can release their innocent and lovely nature in the swimming pool, free and happy like a small fish in the sea, and enjoy the beauty like water in childhood Time time! If you have any questions about our swimwear, you can leave your comment below.

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