3D virtual reality tour Houses in UAE


Having a high-quality 3D virtual reality tour of your house is an important part of your marketing strategy. Virtual reality technology allows you to share your home with others through a 360-degree view. To start creating a virtual tour, you will need to scan the house using the right software. Kamal360 is a Matterport services partner that creates survey-grade 360-degree virtual reality tours. The software also allows you to tag products and add media. When you’re finished, you’ll be able to navigate your tour with the help of a Matterport VR app.



With the Kamal360 Virtual Scan House in the UAE, real estate developers can give prospective buyers an immersive look at their property. A Matterport scan of a property starts with a whiplash-y zoom into the property. The resulting virtual tour is reminiscent of the opening credits of the 1960s show “Mad Men.” The camera then zooms in on the new Creekside 18 twin towers and their lush waterfront setting. A similarity to Google Street View exists between the two programs. Both programs use circular places to “stand” or move around in the property.

Majlis Digital Scanning Solutions

The digital walkthroughs of 3D models produced by Majlis Digital Scanning Solutions are immersive and interactive. They give customers, stakeholders, and audience a unique experience when experiencing a home. Majlis Digital Scanning Solutions offers a variety of specialized solutions, including 3D virtual reality tour in UAE and virtual tour services for hotels and resorts. They provide digital experiences to both consumers and business partners that are tailored to meet specific needs.

Majlis Digital Scanning Solutions 360 virtual scan houses in UAE use the latest photographic equipment to stitch 360 images into one seamless experience. This innovative service enables users to navigate the house using a mouse or a finger. Using this technology, Majlis Virtual Tour creates an automated showcase tour. They also allow for embedding of content to enhance the experience. The result is a professional showcase tour that is a must for any real estate project.


There are many benefits of using a 3D scanning service to show your home. These tours can give prospective buyers a more detailed view of the house, and let them inspect the entire area at their leisure. These services are ideal for developers who want to show their model to prospective buyers in an innovative manner. They can be an extremely helpful tool when selling a home. The cost of a Matterport scan is $350.

Dubai Matterport

A Matterport 3D virtual tour is a great way to showcase a house to prospective buyers. A Matterport 3D tour includes features such as a dollhouse view, floorplan view, and measurements tool. It allows you to customize the virtual tour to include information such as web links and contact information. It can be shared via a Sharable Link with the help of a browser. These tours are ideal for property marketing and are highly effective in driving more inquiries.

Matterport services are available to customers in the North United Arab Emirates. The area covered includes Ajman, Sharjah, and Jebel Ali. Other cities where Matterport scans are available include Umm al-Quwain, Abu Dhabi, and Ras Al Khaimah. In addition to the city of Dubai, Matterport services are available throughout the United Arab Emirates, including Sharjah, Jebel Ali, and Ajman.


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