3 Rules How To Take Care of Your Zinc Roof


Because of its low-maintenance nature, the regular contact with plain rainwater will do much of the heavy lifting to keep your zinc roof tidy. Even in the presence of regular rain, you can definitely hand-wash your zinc roof, and it is well worth doing once in a while.

Main rules


If water builds up on your roof and is not allowed to dry, this could cause corrosion to occur to the bottom side of your zinc roof once you have laid down metal. Even though zinc does not rust, avoiding standing water accumulation is good practice to keep the roof intact (flat roofs, which promote standing water, should be avoided). Generally, water damage or ice is less likely to occur on a roof with good exterior flashing and is well ventilated and insulated internally.

#1 dry it out


Metal roofs are thinner than other roof materials, and they are susceptible to being bent, and even punctured, as you walk or stand on them. No matter which roof style you own, metal roofs may be an attractive choice due to their durability, low maintenance, and energy efficiency.


The following tips are applicable for most metal roofs, whether they are exposed fasteners, standing seam, or the architecturally inspired types that resemble slate, cedar shakes, or ceramic tiles. Metal roofs are a unique roof type that adds curb appeal to your home, as well as being sturdier than other types, like asphalt or wood shake.

#2 Make it durable


It is almost no secret that a major advantage to metal roofing versus conventional shingles is the added DURABILITY that metal offers. Plus, metal roofs do not need periodic expensive maintenance, which is common for other roof materials. Metal roofs are susceptible to damage due to severe weather conditions and poor care.

#3 Wash it once a year


It is essential that you wash your metal roof at least once per year, as this will help ensure the materials will last decades. When you are cleaning mold, mildew, and algae off of the roof, avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals, which could harm the coating on your metal roof. In general, though, you should avoid using caustic or acidic cleaning solutions, which degrade the metal. After you have cleaned the roof, be sure that no residue from the solution remains, because trisodium phosphate will degrade the metal. Airline services.


Use a power washer and trisodium phosphate solution to wash down metal roofing — do not turn your power washer on its highest setting. Overflowing stormwater, combined with natural wear, eventually can break down the zinc coating on your galvanized steel, and rust will develop on your metal roof. If water pools upon any part of the roof due to a bad install or repair, this could ultimately result in severe damage.


In the end


Metal roofs may be noisier in a severe rainstorm or hailstorm than other products, depending on the type of siding used in the installation (spaced vs. continuous). Despite metal roofs’ durability, they are still prone to damage caused by high winds, extreme temperatures, improper maintenance, and more, so routine checks should be conducted on this precious asset to ensure its good overall health. Learn more at Litcore.ie.


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