3 Benefits of HPE GreenLake

HPE GreenLake

GreenLake is an as-a-service. It includes cloud flexibility to data centers and other locations. Signing up for a GreenLake product enables you to use a complete and preconfigured system from HPE. The system includes necessary software and hardware, which run almost immediately.

From a period it is found, IT teams are trying to fulfill two primary options to implement workloads:

  • Maintain infrastructure primes, incur the costs and overhead troubles
  • Moving workloads to the cloud and losing control over operations & data protection

The third option has recently emerged, a consumptions-based model enabling users to deploy infrastructure on-premises and still enjoy cloud-like benefits. To utilize cloud services at every level, the business software resellers try to fulfill all the needs employing HPE GreenLake, GSA Professional Services Schedules, etc. Below are a few benefits of the tech to help you.

HPE offers several infrastructure packages supporting various types of workloads. The workload packages include storage, backup, database management, big data, private cloud, & high-performance computing.


1. Fast-track Outcomes

The business software resellers can offer you four definite ways to accelerate your revenue streams when you employ the GreenLake model.

  • Gain self-agility: GreenLake Central is an intuitive platform of HPE. The consumption-based tech helps you deploy resources readily.
  • Accessible Pay-per-use facilities: The tech is cost-effective. It cuts the expensive overprovisioning costs and helps you pay only for the services used.
  • Scales up your productivity: It helps you focus on your core business objectives and scale your productivity. On the other hand, it reduces your worries too.
  • Managed services: You get a fully-managed cloud service that offloads your burden of operating IT and free-up resources.

2. Ecosystem Innovation

  • You get an edge to cloud: The consumption-based tech avails you of a range of on-premises cloud services. Consequently, it secures the cloud-native platform.
  • Colocation partners help you gain agility: The colocation partner runs the data centers. They allow you to get a fluent cloud experience, offload running the data center, and defy capital costs.
  • Be ecofriendly: while using this tech efficiently, you even reduce your environmental footprint. You save energy in your data center or colocation provider.
  • Build status: Since corporates like Microsoft and Intel build their roadmap employing this tech, it helps you work with industry leaders.

3. Easy Functioning

  • Easy to choose your workloads: With GreenLake, you get the leverage of selecting from a dozen of cloud services. The cloud service span infrastructure, platforms, and industry-specific workloads.
  • Fast deliveries: The tech software is delivered to edge, data center, or colocation in less than 14 days. HPE helps you receive your order very fast.
  • Transparent pricing: The guided pricing tool enables you to compare prices with other workload scenarios. You can easily estimate and contrast.
  • Lightning-fast tech: The consumption-based technology helps you use time-to-value speed to reach your clients. You can also enjoy workload-optimized blueprints, automated configuration, and secure cloud-native infrastructure.

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