25 of the Best Family-Fun Activities


Everyone needs time to unwind, and recreation is always more fun when the whole family can participate actively. Check out these pastimes that parents and kids can enjoy together.

1. Ride Bikes

Children love to cycle and engage their imagination while rushing through a park or the woods. The whole crew benefits from the exercise and enjoys the beauty of nature. Make sure everyone has water and helmets to stay safe and hydrated.

2. Start a Family Band

Video-sharing sites make mastering the basics of any instrument more accessible than ever. Pick a popular song you all love and practice it together. You could even learn how to harmonize your singing for another musical layer to your jam sessions.

3. Investigate Your Family Tree

Help the kids appreciate their roots while indulging in arts and crafts. Have the children draw the tree outline. Then gain more details about your family in the newly released 1950 census records and add branches to your tree. Look up news stories and act out the headlines of the time. Interview older family members in a mock newsroom and record the video as a heartwarming memory.

4. Camp Out in the Backyard

If you’re not super adventurous, a basic tent and sleeping bags in the backyard can be enough to enjoy a woodsy experience. Grab the flashlights for scary stories and roast marshmallows in the fire pit.

5. Build a Treehouse 

Constructing a treehouse will create lifelong memories, especially if you’re not the DIY type and make some stumbles along the way. Start basic and laugh at your mistakes. Upgrade materials and expand the structure as the kids grow.

6. Explore National Parks

Tour the nation’s beauty by creating a list of the national parks you want to visit and the experiences you want to enjoy. Pick up annual passes for full access.

7.Create a Time Capsule

Capture a particular moment in time with current items and open the container up at a predetermined later date. Use an airtight capsule to protect the contents and insert things that summarize your life.

8. Work on a Puzzle

See if you can conquer the most intricate jigsaw puzzle you can find. Track your progress with photos to stay encouraged. If you want a unique challenge, try a 3D puzzle.

9. Conduct a Science Experiment

Go online to find tests you can perform with items in the home. Research ideas together and let the kids think up some wild concepts. The children can expand their minds while getting a hands-on education.

10. Have a Game Night Extravaganza

Have a family game night that lasts into the wee hours of the morning. Pull out the board games, cards, and other activities. Head to the dollar store and supermarket to pick up prizes for contest winners or make certificates with bonuses like extra device and TV time, snacks, or skipping chores.

11. Learn To Juggle

Start with three handkerchiefs or balloons and gradually work your way up to multiple items. Juggling is shown to improve balance and exercise your brain.

12. Craft Family Portraits

Give imagination and creativity free rein as each member offers their take on a family portrait. Don’t worry about looking professional. Grab some paper and utensils and start drawing. Allow the kids to select unique mediums for expression, like charcoal, condiments, and fabrics.

13. Create a New Game

Make something unique to your family unit with a game you design yourselves. Use cardboard and markers to draw up a new board game. Or you could change the rules to activities like charades, tag, or baseball to invent a competition with a twist.

14. Make Ice Cream

Few treats capture the hearts of young and old like a scoop of ice cream. Look up the ingredients and go shopping together for them. Try to create new flavor combos with your favorite fruit and toppings.

15. Put on a Magic Show

Grab a book from the library or search online for illusions that can astound the young ones. You might challenge them afterward to learn tricks themselves to impress each other.

16. Hold a Creative Writing Session

Let everyone pick writing prompts out of a box to write their best story. Add another element by having them choose the storytelling technique. One may have to write a mystery novel, while another must draft the script for a love story.

17. Play a Collaborative Writing or Drawing Game

Try a collaborative writing exercise traditionally known as an exquisite corpse. (You can change the name to one more kid-friendly.) One person writes a sentence and folds the page so that only one word or phrase is visible to the following individual. That person writes a sentence based on the word and leaves only a word from their sentence for the subsequent person. Continue as long as you want, and read the surprising and hilarious results when ready. You can also play the game by drawing objects and folding the page to conceal portions as each member adds their contribution.

18. Turn Chores Into Games

Cleaning has to get done, so why not make it fun? Set time limits to see who can finish cleaning their rooms the fastest. Reward the winner and give prizes to the runners-up. Work together on interior decorating and see who can come up with the most creative ideas.

19. Go to the Bowling Alley

Bowling has been an all-ages activity for decades. Have a family tournament and help the younger kids by putting up lane bumpers. Head to the arcade afterward to enjoy other games.

20. Create Vision Boards Together

Teach your kids the power of goal-setting with vision boards. Draw or create a collage of the dreams you want to achieve. Nothing is off the table, and the activity gives you insight into your children’s desires and aspirations.

21. Tour a Historical Site

Bring history to life with a tour of a notable area. Search for locations with reenactments and period characters to demonstrate the events of yesteryear. Interactive elements let the family share in the scene. View videos about the landmarks ahead of time to drum up excitement and save images and maps for an onsite treasure hunt.

22. Start a Vlog or Blog

Record your experiences and share them with the world with a blog or vlog. Starting a website is inexpensive and easy, and you may be able to make a little money from the attention if you gain popularity.

23. Take Up Knitting

Knitting has been shown to have mental health benefits and opens a new door to creativity. Knit garments and accessories for your outfits and design items for each other for cherished mementos.

25. Pick Fruit at a Local Farm

Encourage healthy eating habits and more outdoor activity by heading to a farm for some fresh fruit. You also get the chance for a brief biology lesson about how things grow. The inviting atmosphere may lead to you making some new friends.

25. Enjoy a Sports Game

Even family members who aren’t fanatics can enjoy a day at the ballpark or arena. Get some tasty treats while watching the game and take home souvenirs. If the stadium is more than a couple of hours away, make a weekend trip out of the occasion and see other sights in town.

Don’t leave your fun to chance. Gather the family and plan your next exciting activity for carefree bonding.

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