2021 Top 5 Text Recruiting Platforms


If you are running a recruiting strategy, using text messages can improve your chances of connecting with the best talents, give you a competitive edge and strengthen your brand in general. 


Text recruiting gets you a high response rate with many other benefits. Using text recruiting platforms increases your chance of interacting with job seekers while offering the candidate experience they need. Using sms texting service to reach out to job seekers who visited your employees’ website and failed to complete the application is how you can use the platforms.


Choosing a recruiting firm to work with you and help you meet your recruiting goals is not easy. Here is a detailed list of some of the top text recruiting platforms in 2021.


This text recruiting service is part of a bigger conversational recruiting platform that also offers to recruit FAQbot, chatbox, online chat, and virtual career fairs. Brazen’s text recruiting service is one of the most sought after because it has many positive results. For example, over 75% of candidates who had the option to move their conversations from the chatbox to SMS chose to do so. With different communication methods, candidates can select the possibility that they see fit to communicate with future employers.


Brazen continues to improve its platforms. They recently added a sequencing feature that enables employers to predict behaviors. For example, if you send a prospecting employee a thank you message and they do not reply, the platform can automatically send a text to encourage a response. More features mean more efficiency.

Texrecruit/ iCIMS.

Texrecruit is one of the oldest industry players that was bought by iCIMS in 2018. However, the platform still works the same way with very few changes done. Textrecruit is part of a larger communicating platform that includes an AI-powered chatbot and a live chat. The platform has a communication channel for teams within a company and a channel that links the employees with its HR department and other departments.

On average, the response rate on the platform is over 35% within the first 12 minutes. The platform has been in the game for a long time, and a few improvements need to be made. However, so far, they are still among the top companies.


This a mass text messaging platform that increases the rate of response by making use of text message templates. These may include custom fields such as appointment time or date and first name. The service does not limit the group size of its customers. Whether you are 20 people or even 10,000 people, the platform will get the text to the members quickly and efficiently.

Jobvite text.

Jobvite was initially an application tracking system. It later ventured into text recruiting in mid-2018. The recruiting platform has features like mass texting, scheduling messages, and sequencing messages that can be sent to different candidates simultaneously. With the chatbox, most conversations are held in real-time. The platform allows employers to track all the text exchanges with candidates, and hence they create a candidate profile that enables employers to get a lot more from the interactions.


The company has a high rating on Capterra. This gives employers the confidence to use the platform to generate their feedback and attract the best talents.


Most text recruiting firms deal with all types of jobs and look for employees in any industry. However, TextUs focuses on staffing firm employers.


It offers features like mass texting, chat boxes, and ATS integration. The platform has a very high conversion rate, similar to all other venues in the industry. It has a 97% read rate and a 39% conversion rate. It has a 5/5 rating on Capterra. However, this is not the best way to rate the platform since it has fewer reviews than most outlets. This platform works just fine and has been improved numerous times to meet client needs.

Hey, market.

This is a text recruiting platform that uses the most recent technology to communicate with candidates. Candidates can use chat boxes, SMS, or AI- programs to share with employers. This platform has a high rating of 4.5 and has a conversion rate of over 33%. The platform gives employers statistics and a sequencing feature to help assess the candidates.


Before choosing a platform, have a strategy that meets all your recruiting goals. Then you can choose which platform is best. While recruiting employees, using text messages to communicate and update the candidates is efficient when combining them with communication skills. You can build strong relationships with prospects, and they can quickly seek to work for you since you can handle everything with professionalism.


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